28 07 2016

Coming back to blogger huh| Information overload | relevance

Un-interested at times at more often than not ~>>really indifferent.

Words, texts, pictures and at best useless pieces of unnecessarily mentioned lyrics of our lives that we seemingly feel the need to share at the simplest awakening.

So begins my extremely rare rant.

One of some form of disdain and repugnance at the volumes of material that is being spewed at any keen reader nowadays. What is the worst thing about it is not that it is not selectively chosen for you, but the fact that it is actually selectively chosen for you. Trends analysis is the money spinner on the internet of things now. We all seem to revolve around knowing possibly the latest piece of information about something without being able to relate it to your current situation. Being relevant in a conversation still holds water in some parts of the world, but alternately so does it not overly make you be known as someone wiser, but only be seen to be wiser.

In my quickness to give an unequivocal barrage on how the information superhighway has elected to dictate what we secretly want by using exquisitely fathomed algorithms that at the speed of light rotate #back_and_forth (shout out to Aaliyah RIP) and bring you items you are most likely to click so as to make it easier for you to seek out what you find and thus increase your trustability of the aforementioned algorithms at play, I have realised that I should go ahead and relax and lessen my deep-seated detestation of having too much information and appreciate its usefulness.

Knowing that Janet Jackson turned 50 this year may not enhance my teenage wishes of her singing to me her raunchy song “if”. But knowing how she wakes up early every morning to hit the gym when on and off tour are a deep sign of respect from me to her knowing that she is always trying to stay both in and ahead of the game by keeping physically fit.

Knowing that a consultant’s appreciation of Google as a search engine and an effortless communicator of all things relevant and irrelevant enhances my belief in the if you want something, you need to go out and get it mantra.

So let me calm my seething mind down and not only appreciate that the information overload is indeed that, but is also a chance to increase my patience and learn to filter through things that interest me with a lot more ease than heading to the public library. If not delegate it to the team.


20 07 2016

Struggles lately, hustles

Maintenance of my trust-levels…

You know that lady / guy friend of yours who always seems to be switched on and conversant with so many things going on in the world until you ask them to do something for you and they guarantee that they will do it only to see the deadline come and go… They usually are in your list of word-keepers. You know them, those colleagues/ friends of yours who have been reliable since time immemorial huh! The ones you can call on at short notice to first of all share a situation and thereafter create a handle on the situation to everybody’s relief.

Well, I used to be one of those people…

Not extremely trusted per se, but well more often than not I came and have consistently come through for those that not only requested but indeed needed some form of assistance. Lately though, I am starting to notice that many if not most of us consider ourselves good people.  We run the popular marathons, we contribute at weddings, and we tithe and generally try to do the right thing when we have the opportunity. Yet most good people also lie quite frequently.

How often, for example, have you lied in order to get out of a social request (“I’d love to come, but I’m busy that night”)?

How often have you lied, or asked your children or co-workers to lie on your behalf, when you get a phone call from someone you don’t want to talk to (“Tell them I’m not here!” or “I’d love to chat, but I’m late for a meeting”)?

How many couples regularly lie to each other for fear of hurting each other’s feelings or getting into a conflict (“I’m not mad; I’m just upset about work” or “Yeah, I’ll be home in a minute”)?

It seems to be really interesting just how far we can go for self-preservation!

I am not one to judge or even complain about it as what goes around may sooner or later come around, but just attempting to grapple at it with just one hand and not take it too personal.

I think I get it and allow me to extrapolate a little. (a big word finally hehehehe)

Keeping one’s word allows you to set your trust-able levels to be matched all the time by yourself and in the eyes of the asker, give a good level of confidence in you to do what you said you will do with no flinch in your mindset no matter the hesitation. However, and this is the crux (another big word hehehehe), maintaining high levels of trust are always a remedy for some form of tricky situation whereby your failure (even if minute to all levels) will be seen as a huge catastrophe yet you are above all else human!

So to manage this, incorporate the words;  maybe, maybe not, no, not this time, it seems to be looking tricky in your vocabulary to endeavour that you are still seen as human and not a full time closer that may cause you to have a clean streak of pluses and one negative that takes all those pluses back to zero….

Mild Attempts – Version 37

11 07 2016

Last week I received the regular monthly tweet update about the re-ignited #UBHH (Uganda Blogger’s Happy Hour for the un-initiated) and promised myself I would not only attend it in full swing, but not give myself whatever excuse I usually give when work is pending on my desk…. “I’ll attend the next one.” As the day drew nearer, I remembered the countless emails Nevender had sent on his behalf (and on many other blogger’s behalfs) to bring the Ugandan Blogging Community together and use this togetherness as a spark to drive a certain impetus forward so as to ensure that whatever disruption happens next does not lead to another exodus of blogren (aka bloggers) from their trusty blank MS Word sheets to the shorter 160 characters of twitter and the ever-trending façade of good stuff on Marc Z’s global friend forum Facebook.

Long sentences aback, I was slowly realizing that turning up to the 5th straight (or is it 6th) UBHH would not only suffice in itself for me as a former regular blogger just like Solomon_King, Heaven, Kakoma (formerly known as SleekDawg) and use this meeting of similar minds to reignite/ rekindle my own deep relationship with my own blog Back2Basiks.

Cliché as is fits, I am indeed going back to the real deal basics in my writing approach.

The one size fits all phenomenon may not work anymore for my joint and I will not endeavour to maintain the consistency. All I know is that at the time when I was a consistent blogger, with my co-written stories and my deep sharing anecdotes and memoirs of days gone by would always allow me to have my life in a certain form of constant “check” and maintain a well-beaten path to madness versus sanity and clarity versus conviction.

So as Arnold said in Jimmy Cameron’s blockbuster thriller… “Nigga I’m baaack”

Where to begin though….


thirteen 3 somethings!

28 10 2015

I have not dropped a blog post in over a year! And worse still, this one is based on something i stole via Blu Jewel‘s joint! She had this list up and I liked it enough to allow it to re-engage me into somewhat starting to blog again!

3 things that scare me…
People with nothing to lose
Excessive Police brutality
Losing my eyesight

3 people who make me laugh…
Bernie Mac (R.I.P)
My family

3 things I love…
my family, TheKemz + Muhumuza
an occasional stick of roasted swine

3 things I hate…
the fact that corruption is deeply entrenched in my country
crimes against children
hateful people

3 things I don’t understand…
certain types of politics
people who are keen on pulling others down
deep-rooted negativity

3 things on my desk…
two mobile phones
glass of water

3 things I’m doing right now…
this post
replying an email
Plotting response to comments in a report from a client

3 things I want to do before I die…
spend a good amount of money on my family to ease the drama when times were tough
have a daughter with her
travel more

3 things I can do well…

3 things I can’t do…
speak French
allow myself to be treated poorly
allow any harm to come to my own

3 things I should listen to…
my gut

3 things I shouldn’t listen to…
certain heavy-metal rock groups
bull-shyte in any form
those that seem to want to mis-guide you all the time

3 things I watched as a kid…
Transformers the cartoon

You can go ahead and do your own, but in the meantime, i will most definitely tag a few old school blogren…
WalkOnBy, Sybella, Tumwijuke, Waru etc…


3 02 2014

“…I am learning the difference between being firm and being defensive….

… I think I do not argue that much anymore, I debate instead….

… I love that in this place I am letting my work speak for itself as opposed to having to fight to be recognized….

… Things are generally different, and different in a good way….”

Carefully copped off of Brentaka’s Joint


11 05 2012

The following is a based on a hilarious discussion that we had with a dope and fun-filled conversation concerning my previous joint…. Tryna-get-it with an equally dope and fun-filled person a few years ago. Funny how I never wrote about this when I was more frequently on the Basiks-Joint hmmm! Well, you see (why do we always begin this way?)…

Looking over the initial approach that anyone, and I do mean anyone who has any interest in anything usually uses, be it soccer, a girl, a woman, a drink, an exam, a business idea, or even just welcoming you into a room, really does make it seem like the world revolves on the beggar mentality… You know the one where they say “a beggar cannot be choosy, huh?”

I for one have numerous arguments about that. You see (here we go again), where I come from in my country, it is imperative (recently added to my vocabulary) that subtlety and tact are and might always be the highest form of respect for anything. An example could be when the cat that used to be a kitten walks up to your feet and starts to play with them by rubbing softly yet firmly on them. Attention grabbing is smooth huh! The cat usually only does this when it is hungry and you have just about finished with the cooking process and today’s delicacy includes your neighbor-hood famous minced meat special…. The cat has the eyes of a cute little baby, and is meowing its way into your heart..

The completely contrasting example could and will be when the lady or gentleman for gender balance purposes in question completely knocks you off your feet and you find your herewith knocked-feet walking over to the lady/gentleman in question…

The immediacy of the actions by your body take over, and only when you reach the shared space with the hottie do you realize that you had not negotiated well with your brain and your mouth to arrive at the first opening lines that will not make you seem like a beggar or act like a wanna-be!

Here goes a mild attempt at technique and approach to smoothly, non-offensively yet impressively find your way into that hotties erm… XXXXX.. For lack of choice, or should I say for presence of too much choice, I shall leave the choice up to you who is very so kind to keep B2B in a genuine quest to achieve the 40,000hits mark by end of August this year….

1: relax… In my rugby playing days, the epitome of calmness was when in the 5-yard area between the try-line and the attacking players, you do not show that you will kick the ball to touch, but rather pass it deep to the full back who not only has a more powerful boot, but also has the calmness and nerve to see the best area to kick the ball to without making a grave error…
Watch what he/she is doing…

2; After you have built the courage and …. (losing the post a bit)

To get into a woman’s pants effortlessly and enjoyably, let it be known that it is in most cases, not your decision, but rather a woman’s decision. She knows whether she will want to take you home later that night, or afternoon (lols). So the ever-rewarding technique is not to smother her or shower her with gifts and presence and get the goods and split, but rather pique her interests so deeply that she will be begging you to at least hit it once. Now getting the difference between the two is what is known in the real world as Game… It is known amongst women as the [No-Move]-MOVE!! Hilarious innit!

The idea has always been to get in them panties whether she accepts it or not, but making her want to pull them panties down in front of you is what we are talking about here. The time to just chat with her about her ishy day and make her laugh about it too are considered World Silver medal considerations….

Noticing that she likes to wear skirts once in a while and trousers more considerably is part of the issue. Listening to her chat about world politics and not be bothered with stock prices is a class act. And yeah, in between, being a genuine and real person is the trick. Women have that uncanny and amazing ability to smell fakeness and lame-game a mile away! Heck! Make that two miles and counting huh!

Because of this, if it is a conquest that you are looking for and an amazing chips-funga with the cold bottle of pepsi to go, you must be a little bit tactful and a whole lotta genuine coz as we might forget, we must cater for a few of the feelings involved as women do “feel” a little more than gents…

But most of all, we must not lose track and imagine the deed before it happens and we must keep our eyes on the prize, especially if she knows that you appreciate the “hunt” as much as she does, coz it makes her feel worthy of the “hunter” knowing that she will be devoured with lots of pleasure…

Those are the words of a true player…

Oops, a former player!

tryna get it…

3 04 2012

Looking back at all the posts, words, mini-attempts and full on thoughts that I have laid down here at the Basks-Joint, I always wonder what it is I was (still am) trying to find…

To answer this question, I slowly backed off the B2B-Joint and took some time to assure myself that if at all it comes back, BE SURE I will make a careful approach to making my opinions, humours, thoughts et al known only and only if it came back by itself…

The “it” in this case refers to the “interest”, aka hunger or as Luceeee and AntiPop will claim the word “mojo” and if Maxwell was in here, he’d call it his “muse”

Well, I am not sure what to call it, but a couple of days ago, I picked up the i-pod after my brother The_Dizzle had spent some time with it and I played the tracks in the playlist on random selection….

So on comes the title above, done by an African Hip-Hopper named Proverb…

“….tryna get it, hola at me if you with it…”

So to answer my questions, and give some semblance of an answer, I suggest that I re-learn how to write and express a few crazy and zany ideas that will most likely bring back the though provoking-ness that we at the Basiks-Joint were known to bring out…

Take the issue of decisions, my cousin asked me why some fellaz find it hard to tell a chic that they are through… and would rather give a few hints… I answered her by asking why is it that a chic will find it easier to wear a short dress and wink at you in passing and hope that you get that she really likes you rather than just blurt it out in your face…

Or take the issue of my homegirl who is moving to a sexy new job which will allow her more time to realize that she has so much more potential and opportunity to realize both outputs and outcomes that are in detail much larger than her input!

Weird huh!

She took the time to ask herself WTF it is that she really wants to do after the birth of her 3rd born and only daughter! In her words, “the womb is closed”, so because of that, she needs to evaluate what she really really does want to do… With that she even want as back as when she had just turned 16 and then shared with me her deep interest in owning and managing a fairly large butchery based on her own piggery!

I was like SERIOUSLY!

But looking at the intent in her eyes with which she explained herself, I could see that the word is not going to be ready for her when they realize that she was even more serious than herself…

So, with those few words, Basiks…..

tryna get it



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