Really why do we???

3 07 2007

the whole idea of blogging is honestly for what reason!!

i am here tripping @ my desk wondering how everyone i haven’t seen in the past coupla days is doing!! and then again not really giving a hoot how a whole bunch of peeps who i see on the regular are doing!!

the whole essence of a blog (weblog to the un-in-carnated) is really a whole miscellaneous experience…

2 very close homegirls of mine a re regular bloggers… (yeah i know more than one person who blogs) they usually just write the good_bad_&_the_ugly shyte that they go through every 48hours or so!!

i personally have no such ideas of letting in roughly a billion chaps in to the mind of the Edmeister!!

supposing they get bored!!

or even worse, supposing they get interested!! somehow i think i have just let you all in into one of my few insecurities!!

loner, sometimes

life of the party, sometimes as well!!

most times, i just don’t give a shyte!!

still have noidea why these peeps blog away!!

one realisation sinks on though!!!

“if you can’t join ’em beat ’em”


just do the proper role!!!



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22 08 2007
Why_???[One] « Back2Basics…

[…] Really why do we??? […]

23 08 2007

back 2 basiks…lets get down to my basiks, i blog coz i anna meet people and make friends and i dont go sooooooo deep into whats with me… it is abit much, but i give as much as i can., and of course i like to talk about the things that affect us everyday and about me generally. so i guess for me it is a let out, instead of eating chocolate and dying or not being able to voice what i really think or feel about some stuff, i write… most of the other deeep stuff’s in my jounal though!

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