6 07 2007

The way friday comes around these days really is a joy to behold.

one day you’re in a day-long meeting that you really can’t figure out what happened after lunch!! next second someone is yelling down your telephone that it is Friday and then you remember your homegirl who has to work the whole of Friday evening!!!


But Really, the whole idea of having a looong week is nasty…

i used to wonder, is the week that hectic?? sometimes it really is a hectic week… you remember that you have stuf in your dairy that just keeps recurring and then some…

No wonder Kyanas don’t want to bother with anything else than to get a deep, soothing, relaxing massage that will leave them really really itching for a cuddle… and then some huh…

okay and then some, but that is for another day!!

on the whole though, being with some peeps on a friday is really really lovely!!

others just can’t slow down and feel that Friday is a ruthless party-day!!

Well i do stand to be corrected, but there is that odd day when all you want to do is CHILL….

will drop more after a weekend of chilling!!



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