11 07 2007

The mostest and realest issues that occur in anyone’s life(s) usually has some emotion involved, can i get a HooHaa Boss!!

I really wonder sometimes if emotions are real…

Judging by the fact that as a guy, i have been suspect to being able to turn them on/off @ the blink of an eyelid

Espeshlee if it involves getting L.A.I.D in the imminent future…. Can i get another HooHaa Boss

The whole point that comes into play is when, as a guy, you actually wonder if these whole “emotions” are actually real…

You see i recently flipped for someone all over again. The last time around i was a little bit hesitant, and as much as i could have turned it on/off as i pleased… i was amused coz that time it didn’t feel like the usual Get-In-&-Get-Out before she realises that she was played kinda setting… it was more come sit down, let me smell you, let me massage you, let me kiss you behind your ear…

Geez, i might give too much away!!

This time around it was just as cool… (this is a whole 2 years down the line) You know how your ex(es) usually deteriorate after they ditch you or should i say you FLUSH them!!!

Well if this was the Dow Industrials, she would be acting BULLISH!!

Back to the lecture at hand, she looks and feels so good… smells even better, and acts like she knows…

only one snag!! She’s older & Wiser and now she wants to be spoiled…

Game recognises Game.

So what i gotta do is act wiser_&_smoother as well

is this really a sad song??



3 responses

12 07 2007

I give you three HOOHAA!s

And yeah, Game recognises Game.

18 07 2007

Yeah it sure does Angie

1 08 2007

hey, this is some deep shit!! hope the female in question does not read this

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