13 07 2007

When was the last time you felt and did something for the first time???

Have you seen that movie… same title… with Cage and this chic who’s aunt (very hott aunt i must add) was married to the very old and very loaded Ted “CNN” Turner…

It could happen to you…

Anyways, (note2self… i need to re-arrange my thoughts when posting coz i always seem to get sidetracked)….

Geez, i there i go again…

The whole point here being the fact that you have this serious need to freak one of hottest cousins…

Did i get you there???

This does not initiate anything mental or social… as in the words of one of my mostest hommies (yeah i know you are reading this Player-ess)

The whole fact being that this should not revert strictly to the serial freakmeister… but honestly speaking …

Shyte i got seriously sidetracked…

What i am trying to get out of the way has nothing to do with my cousin (however hott she is), but it has everything to do with… read carefully

Extra-Marital Affairs..

Are you supposed to think!! Are you supposed to Act!!

Are you actually supposed to do anything…

Bridget Fonda is her name…And her aunt is called Jane Fonda…

Anyways again the whole sidetracking plan keeps coming up! So you must be wondering what happened to me!!

let’s just say




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