16 07 2007

There’s this track that re-kindles my faith in the “weaker-sex” every time i hear it… you might have heard it. yeah same title as this post…

real nice smoothe beat, dope lyrics, and the whole track just gets me every time i hear it. there are a few other tracks that do the same for me every once in a while i hear them

1. Never as good as the first time. by Sade

2. U make me wanna. by Usher

3. the reason. by hoobastank

4. she will be loved. by maroon5

5. lunch or dinner. by Sunshine Anderson

6. Charlene. by Anthony Hamilton

7. mind sex. by dead prez (this one deserves its own post sometime after completing It_could_happen_to_you)

8. it’s on. by R.Kelly & Mary.J.Blige

9. 143. by MusiqSoulChild

10. feels so much better. by Johnny Gill

The one numbered 7 requires some special attention sometime so if you haven’t listened to it before, just calm down and let me finish this post so that i can quickly get there and post the other story…

You see the whole thing about Jaheim’s song came about a while ago when i was into a different kind of lifestyle…

You see one of my Exes felt that it was in her best interests to organise my life and she did this in a very uneek way. You see this particular Ex of mine was the one who got really close. She was that type of chic who knows how to understand people. She took it upon herself to make sure she knows whatever was itching me at whatever time… She realised sooner than later that me and her were not going to work out ( i was tripping on something at the time)

Anyways, back2basics…

You see me and Ex were too close as friends to be serious.

So in her best interest, she made sure she “organised” my life by finding me a girl. the first (and only) time it happened, we had a severe argument about expectation… She knew precisely what i would do… considering the fact that New-Girl was Fyne!!!!

But Ex didn’t bat an eyelid, nor did she even wave a finger… she was so calm( as usual) and walked out laughing with her fine a** attracting all of my attention (again as usual)

Me and New-Girl hanged out once or twice and sooner than later, Ex turned up and found me and New-Girl together. She proceeded to say these 3 words…

“i told you” or were they “it’s all good”

That lesson made me put that woman first…

Which woman though!! New-Girl and i managed to stay together a whole (get this) 15 months till i stopped putting her first, then Jaheim started singing and i was not listening…

If you’re reading this, and it has happened to you, and you have actually listened to That Track….

You know what it means when he said, “i forgot to be your lover”




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19 07 2007

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