20 07 2007

i think i finally get it…

I actually don’t give a shyte about her… i am so convinced that even if she beeps me, comes by my house, uses my sister, entices me with a Classic Tri-Nations Rugby tape/dvd, plays me the nu LP joint, organises a Sade Concert for me alone (hmmmn this one is tuff) , tells me something is up, kisses me right there (hmmmn also tuff), quadruples my present Salary, takes me on a vacation to Maui, Tells me she is Pregnant(hmmmn need a minute here… Naagh, i have jammed), i just don’t care about her….

Sounds like i am asking huh!!

i do, i do, i do

perhaps if she just comes and stands right there in front of me without saying shyte, i might pay her some attention…

have you ever met your match???


I need like two Hoo Haa Boss(es)

I really need..

Well, needless to say you get it!!

i have never walked away from a challenge, though there was this really tough cookie i encountered way back when i had the red and black lumberjacks,with the hat to match, i never knew HipHop would take it this far….

[Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade] was the dopest line in that track
Oops, just popping on some Ol’Skool BiggieSmallz joint… [juicy]

Perhaps i need another Biggie Joint…. [sky’sthelimit] maybe, or even [nastygirl] or even [hypnotise] (wait i thought that’s how i got here in the first place) hmmmn i found it… [TenCrackCommandments] yup!!!

sorry,i meant how about [onemorechance]…..

Enough of putting_that_hunnie_first_shyte

it’s my time…

i warn you to stay outta my way….

Yadi Yadi Yaaagh



2 responses

21 07 2007

LOL! Are u sure?? None of those woul;d work?? Just playing with your head..
BTW Thanxs for dropping by mine…

27 07 2007
[more_mental_than_physical]… Perhaps?? « Back2Basics…

[…] Reminds me of her…. the Bla.ckr.ose who made me get finally_touched… […]

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