24 07 2007

Really Really…

I assure you…

We were just chilling the two of us, and then there was this silence, then this silence prevailed.

I was at the bar (a very dinghy type bar i must confess, the one which sells only UBL products, and also only Pepsi Products, plus have a diverse menu, but manage only to sort you out with a few measly chips and lousy pork)

Back2Basics… Already Geez…

Thing about this place is that it is conveniently located in the heart of a Parking Complex (yeah a joint where peeps come to park their cars/ride/wheels/whips/vehicles/Ravs/bishi’s must confess haven’t used that last one before) So in between the nasty_daily_two_and_a_half_hour_jam, peeps like to take swig of their favourite UBL product, or Soda… Notice that this place’s measly chips&pork have a good reputation with the chaps at our local  National-Water&Sewerage-Corp, plus the mandatory trip to the Pharmacy for some Charcoal,Magnesium type tabs..

So, @ this digs, there are a load of marrieds, unmarrieds, swingers (hmmmn a bit nervous here) and the usual just _want_a_cold_pint_after_work_chaps like yours truly Mr.Back2Basics.

So as i was minding me own business usually, i get asked if the seat next to me is taken… You shoulda been there. Typical twenty nine-ish Rav4 driving babe, (though she sounded thirty two-ish Mercedes_bought_by_Hubby_for _bearin_a_son_type_driving babe) Whatever, she was calm, confident and like me, she basically wanted a cold pint.. yeah, she was drinking the same pint as me…

But isn’t that a little co-incidental…??? And that line, is that seat taken, it always works[bothways]

We chatted a bit about the JAM, blah blah what she does, what she does after work, whether she like massage…

and i don’t really remember how we reached her car (those really clean, waxed, shiny rims, huge boots, new Toyota mark-twos with dark windows) , and her asking me whether she could give me a ride???

AS a guy, i was inclined to say a very confidently put, yes, i would love you to give me a ride… and then some…

As it turned out so did she!!!

But referring to my previous posting about [it_happening_to_you], the whole issue about whether you are supposed to react, or are you supposed to think??

Are you supposed to put yourself in her hubby’s shoes or be like the rest of us and just shoot first and not even ask any questions after??

Need some respite?? no!!!

just some remorse perhaps???

Did i get you there????

<Not to be continued>



3 responses

25 07 2007

Im on a Role.
Edmundo, I sense a deeper story here. got lost at ur office today, did u move???

26 07 2007

oh so u guys know eachother eh! kissfur u shld av called the brother,those surprise things can be disasterous

27 07 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

@ Kissyfur..
what deeper story…
game recognised game!!

@ Duksey
Yeah i happen to be unlucky enough to know Kissyfur…
But she came through the next day.

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