The Essence of A Black Woman

25 07 2007

You may have seen it before, but….

special attention to Duksey, Kissyfur, petesmama,

You can see the essence of a black woman when she walks into a room.
Her beauty is like a flower that blooms.
She doesn’t need a man to be strong,
Because she remains a woman all on her own.
She overcomes challenges that stands in her way.
The inner strength she has gets her through the day.
She continues to triumph with elegance and grace.
While being a double jeopardy because of her sex and her race.
She is a goal oriented woman with style and confidence.
She never forgets where she comes from and for that she is blessed.
She has faith in God and not ashamed to acknowledge his presence in her life.
She can testify that without him she could never endure any sacrifice.
This black woman of beauty is the mother of all.
And for that we should be proud and stand tall.
Everyone around her can feel her presence.
For she is a Black woman of essence.

Written by Kathy L. Martin

Really touching indeed…



8 responses

26 07 2007

Firsty!!!! eat your hearts out people.
edmo this is indeed touching thanks,and gues what i see me in there

26 07 2007

Thank you Edmo.
I’m gonna start my day feeling extra-licious.

26 07 2007

This is something i could claim for myself. Problem is… are all black women the same then? i see myself handling a given situation differently from the way my best friend handles it… some times very noisily and sometimes just going about it all very smoothly and efficiently… “all in a day’s work” so to speak.

But it’s the noisy bit that i am really getting at. And truth be told, there are quite a number of noisy women out there that make you wonder where this “Black woman” actually is!!! Or should i say her essence?

27 07 2007

i have copied…and pasted and saved.will print later!

27 07 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Atleast you like..

extra-licious indeed…. sounds nice[-a-licious.]

well, you caught me off guard there,
Many Black women are not appreciated for what they are truly worth…
which makes it hard for them [or their essence] to really be appreciated.
on the whole i think that it is fair to say what you have said. Reasons being there only appreciation comes from their children which sometimes reduces as they grow older, wiser, and the like…

Make me a copy and advise me how i can come pick it up!!
Beautiful Poem as well

2 08 2007

Im late! but one day u might just read this

10 11 2008
Black_Woman’s_Essence « B2B’s…

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10 11 2008

Since you re-brought this, let me claim the socks

It’s a good one…has also made me think diffrently from what am used to/norm which is Woman!!!! Bring me the food…Tht’s more like it.

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