31 07 2007

you ever wondered why you got out of bed some day when all your shyte goes awry…

maybe coz it has to do with yours truly ending the month with a lot of drama…

to the drama. hoping none of you relates to it.

you see i have just been pleasantly surprised by the fact that people actually read my drama. When you first start blogging, you actually don’t really care who reads your drama. But as for now, hmmmn

Well, not that i am overwhelmed like Naija aka In_My_Mind..

The thing is that every now and then i relate a lot to what many of us post. it could be that particularly interesting post by Kissyfur, or it could be the response to my tagging by Duksey. Or even whenever Heaven drops me a line telling me it was interesting. Heck even G dropped me one appreciating me for coming through, then there’s petesmama, and now Tandra..


Mid_Week_Blues happen to the worst of us.. espeshlee when you have a tonne of things to really recap on huh. A coupla weeks ago, i found out about some family shyte (tricky ground here, considering if you read This_Whole_Tagging_Thing you will know that i love family…

This ruined my month coz now i know that the following months are gwan be rough/tough/crazy/fucked up/bullshitty/lazily distracting/stressfull/basically fake (i didn’t need the thesaurus for this one)

You must be wondering what this shyte is that makes one have mid_week_blues…

Ladies sometimes go through it… aka fullstops [no offense, but not all the time though] and it makes them cranky, snappy, easily annoyable, [horny* hmmmn might touch a few nerves here] generally fickle, Geez, if i go on, i might get a tonne of comments…
Not to fear. the thesaurus is waning again!!!

For guys, i think it’s called… Moody.. the part where your girlfriend does not click the hell out of you. the part that makes you just want to be alone, maybe listen to coldplay, or grab a smoke, espeshlee when you don’t even smoke, knock back a drink by the bar…. [alone, so that you could get hit on by that cute Head of HR @ the local Newspaper] (LOL, i just had to)
also make you just want to go home late and not have to eat with your family, and just go and sleep without your very supporting wifey (nada in my case) asks you whats cracking and then you just blink at her…

Then another can of worms falls out…

Mid_Week_Blues need to take a hike and be gone till November just like pregnancy, when the stress is loads but when the baby comes, everyone can’t stop smiling…

anyone wants to share with me!!

Listening to “Breathe_No_More……By_Evanescence & also How_To_Save_A_Life….By_The_Fray”

Next on the playlist is “who_can_i_run_to….by_Xscape & also set_a_drift_on_memory_bliss….by_PM_dawn” efficiently followed by “Supastar…..By_Floetry_ft_Common & also A_Long_Walk….By_Jill_Scott” and i just put on “The_Scientist to play back2back with Yellow, both by coldplay”



10 responses

31 07 2007

Sorry man, u may have to pay me to stop the firsties! sofar i have been a pro in perfect timing.I bet Mr.Magoo hasnt yet got his hots this side of town.
naye i will comment tomorrow

1 08 2007

Believe I sometimes get them, I mean mid-week-blues, I get so restless then..

1 08 2007

So what is your excuse for being “moody”? Coz a woman can blame hers on hormones going haywire. What do guys blame theirs on?

You’ve got to watch against these moodinesses because it is at such times that one does crazy things … things that they are likely to regret later on… things like having a one night stand that turns into “fatal attraction”!!!??? or “alibi”?. all sorts of scenarios really!!

i wonder what the significance of November is?

2 08 2007

today has just begun on a fake note for me,man…can’t help at all!

about how old are you?never heard any of those songs or even seen the artists’ names!what genre are they?

2 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Let’s wait and see then when Magoo joins the band wagon…

Well, i see we are many who just have to complain somehow huh!!!

Geez, i had noidea it was down to a single reason!! I thought coupled with being ignored, or not paid any attention causes drama and then some..
About the regretful things, still keeping my eyes and ears wide open ok!!

Appreciate the thumbs up, but hey it’s only mid-week-blues, when Friday drops round, i’m guessing it will kick MWBlues to the curb

You don’t know Jill Scott, or Floetry, or even PM Dawn??

Firstly Coldplay are a British rock group who have a unique style, The Fray are a different kind of American Rock group, nice shyte as well. Evanescence are those wierd_as_hell_but_i_can’t_stop_listening_to_their_shyte_as_well type rock groups, and their quieter stuff is really nice to listen to, like Breathe No More

Secondly, Jill Scott is possibly one of the loveliest RnB artists to listen to, she sings like she is talking to you, and your best friend at the same time… Floetry are almost like Jill Scott with a unique form of poetry in almost all their songs…. and PM Dawn are in the same mould, of 1990s singers… Xscape is Typical late 1990s, early 2000s RnB, almost soulful

[Heaven, i am 25+]

I think you might have heard perhaps 2 or 3 of these, but you don’t recognise them….

2 08 2007

I just drop by coz i feel sorry for you. hehehe. Its a lonely world out there.
The blues I get are generally caused by anicipation for he weekend.

3 08 2007

Edmo! Friday is here and i feel good today ! you?
…and thanx for the lesson on the songs. i am sure i’ve heard some of ’em.
have a happy friday!

3 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Feeling sorry for me huh!! Didn’t ever feel that i needed remorse, especially from you and the whole Sirens Bloglist…

Friday is here, the sun is out (finally) and the MWBlues were kicked out no doubt!!
Appreciate the Thanks for music…

5 08 2007

U do know u didnt actually tell us anything, dont u?

6 08 2007
Be Silent

Am i too late? Nah don’t worry it don’t stay for long

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