7 08 2007

Welcome to a very personal post…

Very Personal indeed

The last time I posted was Mid_Week_Blues which obviously ended!!!

This time around, life’s a bit creative/ crazy/ new/ embarrassing/ unexpected/ interesting/ lovely/ hilarious/ amazing/ for real/

You see, I had a really unusual weekend…

The basis of this being I haven’t actually done anything for a while…As in the past coupla weekends… I end up waking up @ 10-ish… and lieing in bed for a little while.. then proceeding to do the usuals…Brush, shower, dress up in freshly ironed/pressed home clothes blah blah….


This weekend was an eye opener for me!!

I spent Friday night in a dinghy……… hmmmn

Ok, i will do a separate posting on that sometime next week!!

The highlight of my weekend was the fact that someone close to me has gone through a really interesting week.

Talk about being stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place! Or should I say A hard place and a hard place Geez..

You see, me and FlyGirl have a very very Uneek relationship. Mainly because we have come to the realization that our friendship is based on listening, adapting, and a lot of laughing….

A lot of laughing!!

Infact, as she reads this, I gather that she will have a cute little chuckle… to herself!!

Saying to herself…. I can’t believe this chap!!

Anyways Back2Basics….

A whip (incase you forgot the title of this post) is a sort of a form of attraction… Let me put it in a sentence…

“that chic has me whipped” what does that mean??? It means that there’s something about that chic….

In the reverse situation “that dude has me sprung…” sprung can also mean whipped…

I think you are getting the general gist of the matter…. You see me and fly girl have set up a [player’s_club] of sorts where we make peeps fall victim to the whip!!! Well so far, me and her are the only members, mainly coz it’s an Invite only Group!! On the whole, the whipping is happening on the regular. She has a whole list of chaps being whipped, and I myself am in the up and up…..

Last weekend going down again wasn’t surprise!! She was way way ahead of me in that aspect. She made a major whipping of some few gentlemen… some i must say i had to be seated for

I think you can get the gist of where the post is going!!

a whipping is when some one is interested in you and you are mildly amused… You are not oblivious, but just caught off gaurd when the update drops in… [that you are whipping someone]

Trusting certain people with certain issues in your life isn’t an easy thing to do, but it happens without you knowing. It only gets checked after you realise that you are taking someone for granted, and they assume that it is ok…

I realised this sometime ago (actually, a year ago) and it came about coz I used to assume that _____ would always be at my beck and call whenever I wanted to see her, buy her a drink, bump uglies, and the whole works…

Now, I am resigned to asking myself, supposing she’s really busy, or she’s not bothered, i.e. indifferent, or worse, just turns up with the expectation of a baby!!

Trusting someone makes thing hard… it makes thing tricky, it makes things unpredictable!!! On the whole I think it makes life a little bit worth living!!!

Work with me!!!

Sharing, friendship, trust all in the same sentence is a rare occurrence

Songs on the playlist….

Never_let_you_down…by_Kanye_West, I’ll_keep_holding_on…by_Simply_Red, Let’s_not_play_the_game…by_Maxwell, Just_the_way_player’s_play…by_Alphonso_Hunter,Can’t _Stop…by_Red_Hott_Chilli_Peppers, A_long_Walk…by_Jill_Scott, It’s_been_a_while…by Staind, Numb…by_Linkin_Park



14 responses

7 08 2007

mehnnn, this is a trip! so how many gurls have u sprung yet? so the problem now is dat ur mate does not have soo much tyme on her hands or wat? will like to understand dis beta. Kinda confused. here to return da luv. n i’m firssssssssssstttttttt!

8 08 2007

Add to the playlist: Whip Appeal by Babyface

8 08 2007

Hi there, thanks for dropping by. Nice.

I’ll definitely be back here. Lemme Link u.

8 08 2007

ahemmmmm! now magintu where have u been??? Dude, im still hanging on to my real comment.

8 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

i’m not at liberty to say how many?? But FlyGirl is an expert in biding her time and usually makes smart moves…
So will update as shyte goes by!! and will do a subsequent posting later inline with the Terms of Reference

You hit it right on the head….

WhipAppeal per se… LOL!!

Link away….

Wsup Girly Girl…
Mr.Back2Basics… is steadily improving….
Your only real comment is appreciated…
Don’t know where Magintu’s been!!! unless…….

8 08 2007
Be Silent

Aha i got lost with the weekend and whipping!!!!! Blonde moment

8 08 2007

Whipping?? so tell us how many chics have you whipped or the better question may be,how many chics are u whipping hmmmm…

9 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

You are mis-understanding me…
it’s a two-way street. if you ain’t whipping me subconsciously, (i.e. you don’t know that you are whipping me) then i am not gwan whip you…

Blonde Moments huh!!
Bring ’em on…

9 08 2007

me i have read this but i loose it somewhere in the middle.i swear my blonde moment has surpassed!
glad am with BS(hoping she hasn’t understood it yet)

9 08 2007

my goodness, the lettering is so small i have had to squint so hard sooooooooo hard to read it… ca you make it larger…cant comprehend what lve read tohugh it was nice…

9 08 2007

I am yet to identify the rock and the hard place… looks to me like its all a breeeezzze (fun and games?)… at least i wouldn’t call it a hard place.

I would like to hear more about the dingy…..

9 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Why am i not surprised??
Blonde-ish moments galore…

You finally made it..
About the blog size.. what you do is hold down the Ctrl button below the shift button and use the scroll button in the centre of your mouse and just scroll towards you to make them bigger, and towards the PC to make them smaller…

You dig…

What makes it hard is that a guy she really really likes has proposed to her, not forgetting to say that this guy is Loaded!! Charming, and on the other side of 60…


Ok, sorry, but FlyGirl is just that… FlyGirl…
She can’t become Rich/MarriedToOldLoadedGirl….

9 08 2007

eh banange…. i had a blonde moment too…. and i will leave my usual comment as weell….

U didnt really tell us anything, u know……

16 11 2007

players club, invite only huh – so how do i join? just kidding. well, i must commend you for writing such nice pieces. u can hold my attention for over a day

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