13 08 2007

I am not referring to just the romantic kind where sparks fly and fireworks explode. But rather, the kind where you feel closer to a certain group of people than others. Have you wonder about that? Do you immediately feel chummy with some colleagues you just met but have problems with others whom you probably worked together for a long time? How do we connect?

Sometimes, it is akin to being hypnotized by the person. There is a certain attraction and you feel drawn to the person or group of people. Then again, there are people who have major problems mingling and socialising. If you are one of them, then, you should one day wonder how come no one wants to know how i am doing, or even ask yourself,how come i keep changing friends on the regular..

I have to drop a Hip Hop line… when you talk about your friends….

[…tell them your in love with Nas, and not his money… ]

Meaning, he is what you talk about, not his nice car, tell them how he listens to you, not about his 32″ flat screen TV with DVD player and surround sound system..

Yadi Yadi Yaagh!!

The whole gistof this post is basically… When you do get attracted to someone/somepeeps,

are you attracted to them period???

or you are attracted to what they’ve got??


in my case, me and my hommies/homegirls, well, it is somehow wierd, but most of my friends easily hit it off with all of my other friends…


Let me answer my question…

He (incase of guys) they are usually Rugby, Soccer, Basketball fans, generally sports afficionados, also they like to chill out a lot, are basically trust worthy, very helpful, have no problems with chics… (ok a little bit tricky here), are cool to hang with, and are deep chaps!!

She (incase of hunnies) She usually has a nice a**… Ok, i have to get rid of the physical… Nice smile, (a general one here), usually independent minded, sometimes hesitates, likes humour a lot, a good listener as well as expressive, nice a** (ok, i just had to)… really patient person….

It looks like i’m describing me Ex(es) huh!! But considering me and them are still chummy, i could say that most of my friends (female) are independent-minded, love good humour, and have nice a**es


There are so many more… just like a certain TV Tagline… SoMuchMore…

on a lighter note

Meantime, I have this crazy friend who kept repeating the law of attraction to me. I told her that if she keeps repeating that she is hott, I am going to puke soon.

But on the other hand, she does have a nice a**, I should prolly____________!!! Maybe I should recommend (read PIMP) to her to one of my friends instead?

Now, leave a comment below and answer the question in the title above.

In the playlist is…

This_is_why_i’m_hott… by M.I.M.S, Big_Girls_don’t_cry…by Fergie (dope track, imight have to do a subsequent posting on this), BrownSugar…by_D’Angelo, Butterfly…by_CrazyTown, Lips_Of_An_Angel…by_Hinder, and finally Kiss…by_PRINCE

[Is there a familiar direction i am going here????]



11 responses

14 08 2007

Numero Uno!
what to I look for…hmmmmm, Nice Ass??? hehehe
I dont really know, i believe i will know when i see it.

14 08 2007

It’s called aura!!! That just about encampasses everything and you would be surprised at how much we do communicate without words. At least it works for me!

Then there is the angle of mind set determining who is “safe” to be with and who is not! In safe read, that you are able to let your hair down and know that you won’t be the talk of the town for it. It’s instinctive which i suppose brings us back to the “aura”.

And whether you like it or not, the eyes do matter. What they speak at first contact determines the rest: they may size you up and dismiss you out of hand or say “Nice!”

I believe that is where it all is, in the eyes!! It speaks volumes!

14 08 2007

im with kissyfur…its just a combination of things i guess… plus u have to spend some time with a person to be attracted to what they got. U cant tell from one glance what things they got…lol…gosh feel like im on ophrah!

Ur qn raises those.. do u miss someone or the things u did with that someone kinda qns.

15 08 2007

Hiya, been offline for yrs…just seen yo comment.

That’s a tricky qn. Thanks for giving the idea for my next post… Lol

Don’t worry, u’ll get some credit forit.

15 08 2007

Something else just occurred to me. The level of comfort one feels with oneself has quite a role to play. The more comfortable one is with oneself the more people get attracted to one. Such people usually are not petty and interact way above the basic!! No offence here Edmokmg!!

Because the fact still remails that there are people you hit it off with immediately and there are those with whom no amount of work will mellow the atmos (personality clash? what ever that means!). And it is a different kind of friendship from that which grows with time!

15 08 2007

What attracts me to a person? hmm! For me, I actually cannot put a finger on it. I meet people and there it either clicks or doesn’t in the first minutes i spend with them. I am not the kind who meets someone, doesn’t get attracted then suddenly gets the mix after sometime. At least a tint of magnetism surfaces at that first moment. So i guess my answer is howly

15 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Still on the look huh!!
Surprising that is

Geez, the whole “aura” thing is sorta spooky… makes me wonder?? Though communique without words sure draws me in!!
And the “eyes” part is pretty uneek…

WhatAmaCallit??? LOL
Do you miss somethings about him/her
Do you miss somethings that you did with him/her??

Guess a little bit of both, with a tad bit sliding across to the former…

Tricky question huh!
Will wait for the next posting… (and the props)

That is so damn true!!
i see a lot of people being drawn to those who are so comfortable with themselves…It makes for smoothe intergration.. (wrong word, but similar meaning)

u missed the firsties by a mile!! (LOL)

and hmmmn can’t put a finger huh… Maybe what Ale wrote the 2nd time around sheds a little light yep???

are you feeling those tracks???
Yeah i am…
Are the rest of us???

16 08 2007

you are crazy. You somehow respond to yourself. Hope you don’t ask yourself questions and answer them verbally.

For me, I am attracted to people with the same interests and who are down to earth.

22 08 2007
leos child

i am attracted to nice looking partners really i am into eye candy never really known why.but then again when i hit it off with the first time then thats kool if i dont then i probably never will because most people really have something that appeals to you at the start.so if they dont run run . ok thats what i think.

23 08 2007

You don’t have to be rich to be my girl
You don’t have to be cool to rule my world
Ain’t no particular kind I’m more compatible with
I just want your extra time in your….

16 11 2007

kmg , so u r chummy with me coz of my cute ass. very predictable male.
in my view, all is not lost if u r not chummy with some people like u r with other people. some people may surprise u if u give them a chance. just find some common ground to start from and u will move a mile i tell u.
just give them a chance. listen to them and to what they are saying, if after that u still dont find them appealing leave them as they are. strive not to damage their or your morale. holla back

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