17 08 2007

“Nothing in this world that’s worth having comes easy”

Does it have to be so much of a hustle?? Makes you wonder whether the stuff you get easily, is worth having…




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18 08 2007


I know…..

20 08 2007

My biggest heartbreak was caused by a girl I got without even trying. 3 years later, everytime I chance on her, my greeting is, “Can we try again?”

So there you see, how that saying is shaky.

20 08 2007

I would think anything you work so hard for isnt worth having!

20 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

You finally made it

Well N8, it does have its reverse effects/psyche and all… but then again…

You still feeling her!!

If you do get something you work hard for, i believe it’s worth it!!
Basically, nothing really does come that easy huh???

Think about it

20 08 2007

just remembered that song: easy come, easy go by some local artist!

i have always been warned that if it comes easy, it just isn’t it!…and i believe it especially because am a chick!

20 08 2007
Be silent

What i think i should throw out all those big things i got within a sec of asking…

20 08 2007

can you imagine, i have to copy paste your page to my document to read it beforw i can commemt, now personally i am and i get attracted to people coz they are open minded and not prejudiced and snobbish and are genuinely nice people, both guys and babes…
as for not necessarily the stuff you get easy is not worth anything….it just depends on what!

20 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

It’s a little tricky huh
So do tell, what did you do?? or ahem ahem!!

Throw them in my direction and i shall take them Back2Basics…. LOL!!
Ok, lame humour ain’t my thing…

We should hook up!
i’m sure we would blend in each others +ves and -ves so well
Not with all that open-mindedness…
Oops, am i allowed to set my self up in blogsville

&yeah, depending on what!!!

this one deserves a hit from you!!
and your firstie roll ended as well…

Are we allowed to hook ourselves up???

21 08 2007

@edmo, man, i jst let the firsty pass by but actually i was the first to read this yester but mondays are murder,Tuesdays too,infact i often glimpse through on those days n comment on Wednesday if u have noticed.
Ok so people are all for hard comes,personally i think there is no rule in this game,its all probability.One of ma bros chased a chick for like two years,got her but then stuff is still howly. I think it should be average really.Its all in the attitude people.
Eh,hook ourselves up!!!!
@ heaven,I love that song,makes me laugh alot

21 08 2007

Does the thing you get after a long time (as in waiting period, exercising patience) qualify as having been worked hard for? Because i would regard it as of value.

Incidentally, what stuff are we talking about here? Material stuff or the “feel good” stuff? Because there are stuff we get easily from what we consider as friends, which i would consider valuable by virtue of the fact that it was given to me by a friend.

As regards what Magoola says, i think it is because she came so easily that he didn’t appreciate her value until he lost her. That is when it hits you that i really should have fought harder. But not knowing the circumstances under which they broke up, i really can’t speak authoritatively.

So i think it is a matter of realising the value of a thing independently and not necessarily how hard we work for it that determines it value.

Sorry it is a rather a long post!!!

21 08 2007

It could also be that having worked so hard at something, you dont want to admit that the effort wasn’t worth it after all???!!!! And that you, in all your wisdom, actually made a mistake!! Hard to believe isn’t it, let alone admit!

22 08 2007

Yeah true, but sometimes even the simple things are worth so much more than what u hustle for. So at the beginning of the saying, add the word “SOMETIME.” It’s not an order.

Ditto Lucy, yo template aint easy on the eyes. To read, I have to highlight the text then It’ll look clearer… Helep

22 08 2007
leos child

think anything worth the wait ,hassle ,effort and the extra attention deserves it why would anyone spend so much in different terms if it aint worth the salt. even if you fail you gotta admit it aws worth the effort atleast you know you bothered.personally if i toiled wateva i bothered for has got to be worth it.new here love the template beautifully calm.

22 08 2007

yea, i agree wit the saying that “nuthin good comes easy” is dis my first tyme here?

22 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

hmmm long post(s) are all good…
Well so far at least!

But generally speaking, was highlighting the stuff that we really feel and don’t let get away, coz we spent a whole load of time, effort, especially effort into getting this…

Many regard as getting that special person who you feel, and find hard to replace!!
coz you spent a while getting her!!! Oops or him!!!

Then working with what you said about, Magoo!
Guessing he took somethings for granted, and he made it evident to her so now even if she feels him how, she can’t succumb to that Philosophy.

I am with you too.
i guess i should have made it clear, coz a lot of the time the little things matter more.. So trudat… Sometimes…
And about the wording/clarity….

Sorry, but getting it clearer, would necesistate moving it around…. use your scroll key on your mouse and the ctrl button at the same time ok!

@leos child
First off Welcome to Back2Basics….
Beautifully Calm as well
And yeah the fact that you really put in time/effort for anything, it is a dope feeling when you do get!! And remember how hard you hustled for it!!

you been here before…
Remember you from G’s blog..
But Welcome All_Over_Again!!

23 08 2007

@Mr. Back2Basics….. OK Teacher. Sankyu teacher for teaching me.

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