22 08 2007

The following is an earlier post that i did when i was undoubtedly a novice, well not that i could still be, but generally…


i asked myself why people do BLOG at all….


This is in relation to a split 2 part episode of bloggers… Translation… This is a Basik insight into why people blog.


Any light shed??


No… ok…


i have discovered in the past 3, months that i have blogged away, that people blog for a few reasons…


i will let you read my earlier attempt (below) and yadi-yadi-yaagh…!!!


Later, i shall attempt a more-detailed explanation as to why a few of us blog… it will highlight my nicest blog-postings… (Yup, Duksey, H!, BS, D-O-G, Kissyfur, Ai, Cheri, petesmama, Tandra , Lucy, and Klara)


Well, there are more, but these are my usuals i hit on a Monday Morn….


have this feeling the reason will most prolly cut across the same corners…


Go on then….




Really why do we???



July 3rd, 2007 at 6:48 am (More_Basik_Than_Most) · Edit


the whole idea of blogging is honestly for what reason!!


i am here tripping @ my desk wondering how everyone i haven’t seen in the past coupla days is doing!! and then again not really giving a hoot how a whole bunch of peeps who i see on the regular are doing!!


the whole essence of a blog (weblog to the un-in-carnated) is really a whole miscellaneous experience…


2 very close homegirls of mine are regular bloggers… (yeah i know more than one person who blogs) they usually just write the good_bad_&_the_ugly shyte that they go through every 48hours or so!!


i personally have no such ideas of letting in roughly a billion chaps in to the mind of the Edmeister!!


supposing they get bored!!


or even worse, supposing they get interested!! somehow i think i have just let you all in into one of my few insecurities!!


loner, sometimes


life of the party, sometimes as well!!


most times, i just don’t give a shyte!!


still have noidea why these peeps blog away!!


one realisation sinks on though!!!


“if you can’t join ‘em beat ‘em”




just do the proper role!!!



21 responses

22 08 2007

oh Jesus Christ of Nazareth i think am the first!!!

Magoo:how do’u like me now?

22 08 2007

you is Edmeister?


22 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Just wondering…
Your 2nd time to be first on my blog!!

Also, the Ed_Meister is er…..hmmmn….ahem…..
Meet you @ BHH to give you the 411…

Besides, when is that!!

And yeah, enlighten me with a few reasons why you blog!

22 08 2007

But you heaven!!! This was to be my firsty.
So y do I blog?? Lets see, I spend most of my day trying to think of intellectual stuff, ideas, words blah blah so I blog to get out of that world and generally be silly, have fun and get away from the stressful world of my career. Little wonder I never bother with posting on real serious stuff, I don’t even want to bother with full words or grammar, slang works just fine coz I do lots of that in ma other life. One blogger told me that they expected me to be much older but reading ma posts I sound much younger but guess what, the way I sound in ma blog has more to do with that getting away. When it’s business, expect that other woman, on ma blog, that’s when the pinky takes comes out to play.

23 08 2007

I blog coz im bored most of the time at work.
And its therapeutic too I guess. talking to a shrink for free.

23 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Comment: from Lucy

back 2 basiks…lets get down to my basiks, i blog coz i anna meet people and make friends and i dont go sooooooo deep into whats with me… it is abit much, but i give as much as i can., and of course i like to talk about the things that affect us everyday and about me generally. so i guess for me it is a let out, instead of eating chocolate and dying or not being able to voice what i really think or feel about some stuff, i write… most of the other deeep stuff’s in my jounal though!

23 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


The pinky tales come out to play huh!!

That sounds so true.

Yeah, i noticed as well.
But truth be told, you bin blogging while longer than that…
Release Therapy…
[Just like Ludacris]

With you all the way as well

We need to take a peek at like 3 or 4 pages of that JOURNAL!!!

Is it anywhere near “Where_Beauty_Lies”????

23 08 2007
leos child

coolest thing ever really and also keeps me busy.

23 08 2007

am also here….i hope to be dropping by so often……A good page you have here….

Keep the fire burning…nnonono..the spirit burning is a better version

23 08 2007

ciao…will be back

23 08 2007

Been nice being here…Had fan..thats for now

24 08 2007

I blog because it is the only place I can put down what I am feeling since I stopped writing journals when my Mom landed on one and got to know all my secrets.

24 08 2007

Just for pleasure & Interaction purposes, Otherwise my so cold would be so boring!

24 08 2007

interesting . i liveth so i blogeth.

24 08 2007

B2B: i just lurk around…and get lucky!
did you go for BHH yesterday?…me i got to know about it really late and couldn’t make it.

why do i blog?
i got introduced to blogging “by mistake”. first used to read people’s blogs and i was amazed at how many brilliant people are out there that can turn a simple tale about everyday life into soemthing that you just relish. there’s a place for everyone.if it is not the words the style baffles you!blogging is like feeding from a very balanced, rich meal. what reason is there not to blog?
and then when i discovered all these writers, i was humbled…and pushed to even become better.
why then do i blog?…
to learn.
(it usually takes me that long to say something simple.)

24 08 2007


26 08 2007

its a whole nu community..soo diverse… trez different!

27 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Cheers y’all

Wait for Why_???[Two]

28 08 2007

I thought it was stupid/silly for one not to have a reason why they blogged (I’m usually asked)….

Really, it’s like asking someone why they smoke, drink, do bad manners etc…
I think blogging is a way to quench a certain thirst deep inside one’s soul!

Tough trick.

28 08 2007

Eh mama….I make yo daily reads…. big compliment….dunno if my shoulders are strong enough to hold my big head!

Now lemme put up a meaningful post today! Dedicated to u Edmo.

28 08 2007

Sweets, yo post is up at mine…

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