29 08 2007

Just wondering…

The real reason’s why people do blog is bordering on the following topics…

Pain/ Emotion/ Feeling/ Trust/ Love/ Horn/ Sex/ Disrespect/ Playtime/ Learning/ Yearn/ Journalistic…

We could go on for a while, then you get tired of hollering @ the Thesaurus… [LOL]

On the real…

The why aspect is a bit both straight forward and unclear at the same time. I personally realised that it is a practice run of sorts, and then again is a really cool way to stress your opinion (and receive deep critique as well)

I love the way peeps write and the way they say stuff. It hinges on a really deep conversation.

In my 2nd & Final posting of the Why_??? Posts, I wondered whether putting my nicest blog posts on my blog with all the texts and realised that it would inculcate/ lead to/ realise/ way too many items to read. Incase you’ve noticed previously, I am not a huge fan of LOOOONG POSTS…

So what I have done is done the whole link thing…

If you could take the time to follow the link(s) for the Most_Basic_Blogs…


3NSpeaks’ [Sexy_Communication] , petesmama’s [majorly_distracted] ,H!’s [i_wrote_you_a_letter,my_love] , Duksey’s [Ghost_Of_The_Past] , Ai’s [9pm] , Cheri’s [Hickory_Dickory_Dock] , Lucy’s [Ummm_Sorry] , Klara’s [Is_This_The_Real_Thing] , G’s [Here_I_Come_Part_I] , G’s [Here_I_Come_Part_II] , BS’ [love_the_one_you_have] , Mr.B2B’s [more_mental_than_physical] , Mr.B2B’s [put_that_woman_first] , Kissyfur’s [back_in_high_school_for_a_day] , Tandra’s [kavuyo]

These are just a basic

not the best of the best!

the one i couldn’t post as clearly as the above was that drama between Magoo and the other chic!

Mbu WhatsHerFace LOL!!

Cheri… the next move cut!! petesmoms, newbee all over again… kissyfur, deep… tandra… hav i sed anything this time around, Lucy… NewJob!, H! Holla, Klara…

















10 responses

29 08 2007

do my eyes decieve me?? A firstie!!!!

29 08 2007

Tandra, how dare you?…this was so my socks!!

29 08 2007

Tandra, where did u come from u fly???
This is free advertising, cant complain.

29 08 2007

kyokka Mr B2B sir you have also listed yourself? twice?. hmmmmm…thanks on the recognition by the way.me is smiling.

then, what’s that next move cut about?

29 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Magoo must be tripping…
and Duksey as well
You finally touched B2B first..

Chill out on Tandra’s Case

Free Ads huh!
That post was tops for me!

Smile away… i smiled when i read that post!!
was deep
The move cut part hmmmn

Help out H!

Jobbo’s all over you huh!

Take your time to re-read my links above if you’ve not done so before…

29 08 2007

Sometimes I be as if letting others get ko firsties. It’s lonely out there in firsties nation

30 08 2007

Mr.b2b,you might need to have a whole blog on the why.I loved put that woman post.
Glad to like the ghost story.Man i am dying of work and stress.

30 08 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

You’re game’s slackening!
even Tandra’s murdering you!

i do
i do need a whole blog on the why!
i’ll do that posting all over again sometime soon, with more reasons…
Loked the Ghost Story..
and Tuff Luck with Jobbo

4 09 2007

update man!!!!

8 09 2007


Edmo, what do u think about patenting the “Move cut” phrase….

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