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4 09 2007


Remember that advert of a certain soft drink that goes down well with Uganda Waragi! No offense to anyone who hasn’t tried it, but let’s just say that it is a good mixture in a home made cocktail plan when you have some friends coming over and some of them actually like to drink.


A while ago, on the way to the workplace, I had this tiny argument with my sister about Image/Goals/Influence and the like…

All this was in light of a professional discussion that made me realise that how you present yourself can make or break what people think of you.

Picture this.

Dude sees Fly_Girl. Dude’s dressed in the dopest/ mostest/ coolest ill-fitting T-Shirt and the smoothest jeans that have ever been made…Dude’s oozing confidence as well. Fly_Girl’s looking hott, she knows it and feels good, but also feels Dude’s confidence. Dude politely strolls over to Fly_Girl and sez…

D: Hey

FG: hi yourself

D: I’m Dude, and I think you totally look fly

FG: oh (blushing surprisingly)

D: Er, what’s your name?

FG: Fly_Girl

D: Oh that’s cute

D: Before you say anything else, I don’t care what you’re doing right now, but you seem the type who likes poetry, calm waters, beautiful sunsets, music by Maxwell, musiq_soul_child, Fantasia, daughtry, floetry, goapele, jill-scott, india.arie, mos_def, usher, kanye-west, maroon5, evanescence, and the like

FG: Geez…

D: so, am I right

FG: heheheh chuckling lightly (blushing again)

D: let’s go grab a soda, perhaps with a plate of pork-chops

FG: Oh, no can do…

D: Y (the hell) not??

FG: I’m vegetarian

D: oh, so what else do you like??

FG: cheeky fellow….

D: Aww Cmon

FG: Oh ok….

They proceeded to have a wonderful afternoon together and ended up learning a lot about each other and then some. Then they kissed…

[That’s another post.]

Now picture this:

Dude’s all set for an interview, dressed to the NINES!!! He feels good, coz he looks good. Fly_Girls already given him some re-assurances including the fact that that suit was made for Dude’s Body. And helped him polish up on his eye-contact cum presentation skills… and yeah given him both that magical kiss to boost his confidence and also that smack on the A** that makes him tingle!!


Ok, you wasn’t supposed to know about that A** Smack!!!

[That’s not another post]

He turns up at Interview Room one with all that confidence that comes with a killer Image. Dude had had a decent haircut 3days prior to today. Shoes polished to that kiwi shyne. And yeah that magical tingle!

Head of Interview Panel: Hello Mr. Dude

Dude: Good Morning Madam

I just have to point out that HoIP was a striking woman who must have been in her late 30s. (According to dude) and Dude sez, he has a thang for Striking Older Women.

HoIP: So Mr. Dude, do the honours and tell us about yourself

D: I am a young confident Dude who is interested in joining this org, and taking it places with all my knowledge, skills, and confidence…


D:Yadi Yadi Yaag

HoIP: blah blah blah


D: and so, that is why I believe you should hire me Mr. Dude.

HoIP: Oh, unless any of my fellow panelists have anything more to add, I am convinced that we can proceed to talk about a dime!!

The point in question is,

Thirst is nothing/Image is also nothing

All the above acquisitions (if I may say that) and then some do not only come out of a killer image, but it must be backed-up by the attitude and confidence to go….

No wonder the other chic wanted me to continue chatting her up @ the BBQ on Sat, yet I wasn’t dressed fresh… and she was older than me! Striking too!




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5 09 2007


So is this really imaginary or are we talking about you???!!!!!

Personally, reeling off that list of musicians is a put-off. Really, is this a test of how many musicians you know or is it what i like?

You have got to balance your act very finely else you may come across too aggressive and i am not sure that is a plus!

How about …thirst is something and image is something! (Utterly clumsy but i think it covers it all)???

5 09 2007

ahh…me i have seen the point of the post….there in the last sentence…..

6 09 2007

All along I thought image was something. Attitude and confidence. Ok. I have learnt that one.

6 09 2007

Image is everything. But obey ur thirst!
And About the BBQ????hmmm where was I thru all this drama considering it must have been happenning in my kitchen?
((Kissyfur picks up the phone to dial Inspector Derrick))

6 09 2007

i like ur presentation here!

6 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Firsties Finally!!
It isn’t imaginary at all… 3rd person reporting familiar in any way?
The music list was a trip i admit, but i quickly diverted it from spoiling the flow! Aggression, hmmn [nice pointer]
But so far FG’s still around…


Hey, where’ve you been.
Appreciate you passing by mine!
Image with nada doesn’t guarantee a repeat meeting, both personally and professionally..
Glad you passed by

Obeying my thirst No_Doubt!!!
Lips be sealed on that BBQ_Kitchen_Deal!!!

6 09 2007

Some more about the BBQ,thats what i want,can’t you just get to the real story.Was that your game or wat???

6 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

the next post will be about the…

Ooops, there’s one that i have been itching to post.

But will do the do!

6 09 2007

but you… chatting up older women and encouraging each other…lol! nice post…thirst is nothing ? i think thirst is evertything and image follows suite

7 09 2007
Be silent

Yeah i am with Duksey some more on the BBQ… I need to meet Dude am an old woman…

7 09 2007

Sometimes Image is everything~!!!

7 09 2007

Still tryin to recall the advert but eeeh!! can you remind me?

7 09 2007

It has to be a fine balance: Image, Attitude and Brains. For me it is a brain game more than an assessment of what you’re wearing. Just turn up clean and with your wits about you.

7 09 2007

Hmm… first time over. I think I know you. Your point in question is wrong. Image is, well… a lot. And that line of calm waters did not help said image, I don’t think. I don’t want to be racist but… I’m curious, in that last million-dollar statement where Tandra saw this (elusive) POINT (that I spent seven precious minutes trying to find), do you mean striking as in “Slap! She is fine!” or “Lightning, strike me and escort me to heaven”? I like the way you write. Bless!

8 09 2007

I swear, call me daft, but….

Lemme re-read the post

8 09 2007

Ok, I get it now….Image is so everything. Sometimes it’s what draws one to the drink or the car! I’d never run in the direction of a Datsun and leave BMW 5 series looking at me… NeyVah!!!

And Age don’t matter…. I am in my late 25’s. U? U must be below that surely….Do I qualify as an older woman?

8 09 2007

Oh, I remember it now….Obey your Thirst….. Sprite…..Of course I shd, I’m crazy about basket ball…

8 09 2007

4 comments in a row….that gotta be a record!

8 09 2007

WordPress told me to slow down…that I’m posting comments too quickly. Lemme stop dirtening (is that the word?) yo blog Edmo.

10 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


Here goes…

Thirrrrsty huh!
LOL as well…
Well, i see this argument will not end just now… But yeah image does play a part after the thirst does the necessary…
And, yeah chatting them up is so cool. Very Cool!

Ok, first Duksey, now you…
i will do that post in the very near future, before the events that transpired take a leave of absence.

That is precisely the point…
~….sometimes….~ it matters, but when it does, it requires both some confidence, and attitude as well…
thanks for passing by AGAIN kla

Geez, dude
Image is Nada, Thirst is everything
hola @ Cheri, she remembers the words so well!

how be PeteyBoi!
guessing he had his wits about him when he floored you huh!!
Will keep whatchu sed in mind!
Clean: Check
Atti…: Check
Brains: Double Check

When’s the meet??

Shirel huh!
Welcome Welcome to B2B
Truth be told, you might know me… my hommies call me edmo… Would love to continue this here, but i will drop the rest @ yours…

[All this was in light of a professional discussion that made me realise that how you present yourself can make or break what people think of you.]

does that clear the air…

and, hey Calm Waters are felt… not the image issue.. k?

Slap she is fine!! that’s much better! for me at least!
Appreciate the appreciation Pea. Bless as well.
And now you, 1st Duksey, then Tandra, now BS and Pea…
Geez, the BBQ post is next k?

did you??

Oh, i see finally

Turned 27 a few days ago… any surprises…
And i do drive a Datsun… Pimped out all the way!!

Any same sentiments for Rugby!

Slow down already, it’s all gravy
You haven’t spewed any dirt here!
It’s all good to Mr.B2B

read previous comment

Thanks for passing by AGAIN!!!
and welcome to PEA!!

11 09 2007
diary of a g

Its true!

13 09 2007

A few years back I was in UG to visit I remember how much the guyz praised the waragi, i didn’t try it and i know this post wasn’t even about waragi itself but just the mention of waragi triggered memories

12 01 2009
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