20 09 2007

Have you ever noticed that a lot of the time the whole world revolves around women?

Seriously speaking, everyone pays a lot of attention to the girl child. Then paying less attention to littleman… just look around and ask yourself!

Who is the one they go to check out!

Who is the one they wonder about?

Who is the one they over pay a lot of attention to?

I am talking about from the time they hit like smiling age… that makes it about just under 2years… y’know, when she has only two teeth in the upper gum, and none in the lower one!!! Ok I must admit, they do look kinda cute at that age huh!

Ok so do the little boys, but hey when they hit the age when they can reach into the toilet bowl, the rest is history. That’s the most attention that they are going to receive from anyone… just a serious hiding, aka kiboko, and then the whole world runs to the little girls….

That’s not the issue here!!

Many a time the reverse happens… you know when the little man has become Mr. Operations Manager @ Standard Chartered Bank!!! Or worse, Mr. Financial Accountant @ Shell_Anglo_Dutch Co… Should I throw the spanner in… he becomes Mr. Regional Consultant for Virgin_Atlantic_Group, or even Group Managing Director for AIG_In

The Mr in question only shares that with yours truly.. i.e. the title Mister. [Everything else is a different issue. Seriously speaking!!]

Look at it this way, Bwana hits puberty, gets more hidings from the authorities in question for tapping little girls a**es (LOL)!!

No offense Mrs.B2B

And yeah, he gets into trouble for trying to see how far he can go without falling off the tree, or what happens after he manages to swig down a few crates of beer… oh, another one is when he goes ahead and disappears from the house for a little over a weekend without anyone knowing….

So before tandra, H!, and klara say that I haven’t posted anything sensible…

The post says [full-of_ourselves]

We, men are a hard bunch of cats to really understand huh! The main reason does not come from communication alone….

You can communicate all the way to his bank balance, his brand new VW_Golf_IV, his parker pen, his favourite pair of boxer shorts (anyone here???), oh also his pals, and then his sister(s), and yeah his decision making!!

One thing that we gents will never understand with ladies is their in-decision leading to/ from mood swings…

For us gents, it’s the thing called ego!!

Infact lemme stress that…

It’s EGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This word has it’s different words from the thesaurus, but just saying it as it is makes it as simply as clear as it should be!! What The fcuk is it?? (excuse my French)


ego is actually a feeling that a man (only guys can feel this) gets when he is satisfied when something he has done has yielded positivity! Is that clear… like when he has just scored the game winner in a cup final! Or when he has just brokered a deal that will make his hunnie/ wifey/ girl/ number_one afford to buy that brand new cellphone that she oh so wanted so that she could go brag to her friends about!!

Two things make a man’s ego blow up…

Are you still reading this shyte!! You might make my ego blow up…

Back2basics again…

One is Money!!!

I wonder if I really have to explain this…

Most gentlemen who had it hard in their early childhood, and eventually struck the tap that flows with prosperity are usually endowed with a Self_Made_Man_Kinda_Attitude

Aka big ego(s)

Two is yeah…..


This might cause Mrs. B2B to yell, WhatTheFcuk [again excuse my French…]

How do women give men a big ego

I er… personally usually just have attitude, with a reasonable ego… [Translation i.e. no money and no women LOL!!]

On the flip side, men get huge ego’s when they have to compete to get a girl’s attention. (again anyone here, cmon) we, have to make sure she smiles, not knowing what she is thinking, or even if she is really bothered at all….

When he’s made her his, [i.e all the necessary convincing, buying this and that, listening contently, done the nasty, bumped uglies, and then she wants him loads] , the guy’s ego really does blow up coz other guys’ girls start to notice and then he becomes a player…

Then they say that coz he has a huge ego and he is full of himself!!!


I need a trip back2basics myself!!



Listening to, Smoothe Operator…. By_Sade, 21 Questions…By 50_Cent, Ironic…By_Alannis_Morissette, Just In Case…By_Jaheim, Slippin…By_dmx, when i see you…By_Fantasia, and a lovely Jazz Piece by Jonathan Butler…



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20 09 2007


20 09 2007


20 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


real comments would be a bit more presentable than just tthe obvious ones….
Yadi Yadi Yaagh

20 09 2007

1.Banange waliyo Mrs B2B?!…she a blogger too?

2.trust me B2B we also have our share of the tough hand when growing up because we have to be groomed to be someone’s good wife. ask some mothers how hard it when raising a daughter and how much they bite their nails at weddings wondering whether their daughters will manage.
need i add also that my mum waloped the hell outta me when we were growing up?…ok maybe not as much as my brothers but for them they deserved it more.

21 09 2007
Mrs Back2Basics

Hey B2B…(note that I have not called you the Mr.B2B that you have been to me all these years)…I am proud that you actually pointed this out. True to it all..this is the silent truth that many women out there realise but will not dare say much about…
Want to know why?.

Since I am a woman, a phenomenal one at that, I will try and point out the feminine outlook on this issue but you bet your a**e that I have my ego in check as well….so read on with this detailed comment

You never realise that you are actually working indirectly for MY GAIN…

You put in the extra efforts and keep struggling to get that bank balance to match mine,

You feel obliged to get that new VW…and I INNOCENTLY look to you to drive me around or ask to borrow it from time to time…Just so I DON’T hurt your ego and buy my fully splashed out 4WD.
( by the way..what is that all about.do ..LOL. All this to ensure that I do not jet off with the next brother who has the latest ride ( does that make me cheap because I love trendy stuff and a man in check with his needs / does that point out the fact that as a man..you are full of yourself but equally insecure that the next brotha will beat you to the chase?? hmm.) ,

You are the one with the pants ..NO DOUBT but I try to avoid fighting the invisible boardroom battles (with you trying to look all corporate with MY Mont Blanc that you borrowed last night..to prove a point to your mates that you have extra cash to spend…forgetting I was awarded that pen because I actually excel at that job I do..that pays that salary that maintains my bank balance that you are still struggling to match….)….

So as you have to put in extra effort to act all full of yourself….hon, believe you me I am fighting the hardest battle here all in the name of support …

I believe that is called compromising…which will keep the relationship balanced (ying yang)..and I will still be loving you even if you make a little bit more ( a few decimals closer to what I actually make…) and need to spend it all…(in the name of more money…SUCCESS..more attention…then come the babes ..but in actually sense more problems)…to convince yourself that you have your ego in check…and only to realise..I will still be here…keeping it real, keeping it TOGETHER (that is why I am a woman)….and you….well..what can I say…so much for being full of yourself and boosting your ego…huh…??

No wonder y’all be broke most of the time….

21 09 2007

No comment. Suffice to say that my world IS all about me.

21 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

just seen your new WordPress blog!

welcome Aboard!

and yeah, growing up as a lady must be issue(d)… nail biting indeed huh!
other than that H!, guys issues are never ever brought to the table… that is why we are so full of ourselves!

Mrs. B2B isn’t yet on blogger, i will try and convince her smart a** to join in, when she gets er….er….time.


long post. i thought you didna have time for my blog…


is that ish all true? really really true…

if it is, then why are the oh so well-paid mommies not saying nothing!

suffice to say you are a man-eater…
too bad you don’t get satisfied!!!


how is the little_man!
he needs a huge shout out from Mr.B2B!!

and yeah, it does suffice…
it is about YOU!

21 09 2007

eeeeeh okay? so whats up? like really… and no, i dont think its true, i grew up babysitting 4 little boys and we even went for their first concert and all, its just that girls are vulnerable…more compared to guys but that dont rule out the fat that they need to be ‘boobooed’ over…but stilll…
B2B talk to me…..

22 09 2007

Have not read anything so convoluted in a long while!!

So who do i accuse and who do i defend? Sometimes its a question of insecurity. People who are insecure tend to be the loudest… to drown out the niggling doubts whispering in their minds!!! And they can be either men or women.

Even the man with the biggest ego has his achilles heels!! Mention the size of a certain part of their anatomy negatively and all the money and women will count for … zilch!!!

So the next time you see someone who is “full of themselves” you can start exploring where their achilles’ heels are!!

24 09 2007

Egos!!!!!! That is a tricky one.

See, a person may just be seated somewhere but their whole body language screams “ego”!!! Or it could just be the person has a prob with their sitting arrangement!!! Or is it in the eyes of the beholder?

Because someone else may be gazing at this particular person with all the admiration they are able to master, wishing they could be like them!!!

So what do you say?

25 09 2007

Banange Edmo..first time on ur site and you are whining about being neglected. I knew there was coming a time when men would start feeling like they were endangered species…you are one of the early signs that that time has come. Hey how about starting a boy-child movement or better still to suit ur egos a Boys-will-be-boys- movement!!!

26 09 2007
Lesi Lesi

Now i see your point B2B about being full of ourselves!! And I say if what Mrs. B2B has just said is a sample of what she is like, then you are in big trouble living with her!!!

Talk about being full of oneself!!!

26 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


Baby Girls need to be Boo_Booed huh!!

Talk2Me as well Lulu..
i had always thought that all babies need to be boo_booed…

Girls being brought up really carefully and boys with the extreme opposite never really helps either, coz when they do meet @ the later stage in life, then the who cares versus the shown attention doesn’t cause nada but Mis_communication, fights, and broken homes YESS!!!

but on the whole, i ain’t bargaining for loads of attention, but rather a slight shift in the attention span parents give their baby boys coz they are future leaders of the home!!!

Clear Enough!!!

This could go on and on!!

convoluted huh!
being honest i had to look that word up in the dictionary!! it means either:

1: involving


2: hard to comprehend

with 1, yeah you hit the nail right on the head Alesi!
it is involving to realise that parents who raise kids pay attention to little girls coz they are yes, vulnerable

but it is usually women [ok yeah and many men] who are insecure thus making them act a bit out of context

with 2, again you hit the nail on the head, coz men are hard to comprehend, coz they are used to no attention… when it starts coming in leaps and bounds, they find it hard to adjust… [though these days it happens surprisingly]

@Alesi (again)
Egos are a result of confidence being matched with results Alesi, so as one’s results rise, so does his/her confidence and then the EGO!!
then the admiration starts to rise from peers, mates, haters and yadi yadi yaagh

welcome to Back2Basics…

appreciate you passing by!!
i really do!

so, about the comment!
not that i am whining, but hey women are always vying for that extra amount of attention!!! [yep, extra and then some]

so for me to just point out a simple fact doesn’t really warrant a whole new Movement…

Or does it???

@Lesi Lesi
welcome to the other side!
the side where i somehow convince you to understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!!!


About Mrs. B2B…

she will read and drop the whole shebang when she is not too bizzy!!

lucky for me, all that attitude somehow fizzes out when she’s around Mr. B2B!!

ok, not all of it, but just a little at a go, making her much calmer than she sounds!!

12 01 2009
-basik- « B2B’s…

[…] times, you relate to what someone writes and it hits you in such a calm way that you have to, just have to really write out your own […]

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