26 09 2007

Goals do not usually change…

Or do they??

Just the other day, Tuesday to be exact… I am late in the ride on the way to work, and the cause of my lateness, [my_sister] the usual suspect is here downloading her usual stories on Mr.Back2Basics….

my_sis: dyu really know how to tear apart that little remote controlled car @ home and put it all back together???

b2b: actually, I could do that when I was 15… WHY???

my_sis: coz really what the fcuk are you gwan do with all that information?? Can you set up a small shop that will go into the business of opening/dismantling/breaking up/ all those remote control rides for little boys and then fix them all up and get paid???

b2b: why would I do that??

my_sis: precisely my point

b2b: oh ok!!

my_sis: in my case, we all know how lazy I am….

b2b: Hell yeah!!

my_sis: don’t push it ed…

b2b: ok cool, so what would you rather do? Pay someone to organise all that shyte for you??

my_sis: that didna take you so long??

b2b: oh ok… Proceed!!

my_sis: I want to work only so hard that I will be able to afford someone to do the basics for me.. Can you dig that?? Why should I work so hard to know so much shyte, when you can have someone working for you on a Saturday afternoon on some shyte with a deadline Monday? Sound so cool huh???

On the whole she had a dope point?? She says that rather than hustling with so many details, all you gotta do is making someone prove their reliability and working for you all the time??

Considering the fact that she works in a huge a** bank, I guess she understands what reliability is all about huh ??????????

She does have a point!

I think I am like Ai, petesmoms and a few other peeps who tend to know so much info that might never ever be used for something that will yield a dime?

Time to re-organise my goals…..

Or should i say re-prioritise the existing ones huh??

Listening to…

Get_Money… By_Notorious_B.I.G feat Junior_M.A.F.I.A

Nobody_does_it_better… By_Warren_G feat Nate_Dogg

and Sky’s_The_Limit…By Notorious_B.I.G 



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26 09 2007

Firtiessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah baby yeah….

26 09 2007

How about getting yourself a fat juicy account hmmmm!!!

26 09 2007

Need to do the same except I don’t know much

26 09 2007


27 09 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

welcome Back..
you haven’t seen a firstie in a while!!!

Geez, the fat juicy account will only make the Bank a fortune while i will be earning only interest…
but on the other hand, if i pay peeps to make me a dime…..

Welcome back, you’ve been MIA for a little bit…

i think i know whatchu mean…
i dropped an email to you’re private email inbox…
hope you do not mind Sam



or you just can’t comprehend the words that are coming out of my mouth??

27 09 2007
leos child

on that note am changing my priorities today .

27 09 2007
Lesi Lesi

Hey, that supposedly useless info may come in handy when you least expect it. I, myself, tend to be full of it … the miscellaneous info, as i like to call it. And i am not going to stop collecting.

Actually, it is something i am rather proud of and like showing off!!!

You know that saying about one man’s meat being another’s poison. This is my meat!!

27 09 2007
Lesi Lesi

How old will you be by the time you have worked hard enough to accummulate the dough to pay others? And then you do … what? Believe you me, you will work harder anxiously worrying about your money in the hands of others than while you were collecting it!

You may not know it but these rich peeps in town work damn hard for their money! Its only Mike Ezra who seems to flash money around without working for it or worrying about where more is coming from. By the way, what does he do? Or should i ask what did he do to accummulate all that dough?

27 09 2007

Dude, I honestly think that info can come in handy… when I’m high, do you have any idea how much credit i can get for some of the shit i know?

28 09 2007
diary of a g

ur sista, is she younger than you? cos if thats her plan she better start stackin her ones n stay on the Grind cos its easier said than done

but I used to love dismantling my toys too..its good creative skills lol

feeling ur playlist

28 09 2007

Yo lil sis can actually use the “F” word at ease. And u let her???? Boy, u should be spanked!

4 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

@Leo’s Child..
welcome back..
hope they change positively with you…

For real….
i might be a little over a gap of 4and a half years from now if i put my nose to the grind stone…..
and about Mr. Ezra, i heard it’s just a front for someone who likes to stay behind closed doors…

then i also heard that he sweet-talked a loaded old lady and when she died……

plus the part that he avoids attention..

he must be laughing with his cronies about what next to do to get a certain newspepper
to write something about him!!!


And yeah, i will obviously feel better worrying about my money than someone else’s money!!

Welcome back again!!
you took a wierd hiatus from mine!!

is the party seriously on!!!

hey mate…

you been an intermittent visitor….
That playlist always knocks me out as well G!!

and my sister has started her plan and is asking Mr.B2B for advice…. then again, i am asking her the same thang!!

i am on the grind as well…

she is just a whole 12 months my senior by the way G

Hey Girl,
you been away for a bit!!

My sister is a year older so she can speak how she likes!!
And the F Word is a sign of anger which can be controlled!!

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