5 10 2007

Have you ever been in a situation when you really like this member of the opposite sex?? Ok, stoopid question huh!! It happens like everyday from little kids at the nursery school to the people my age contemplating asking the cute chic who works in the office upstairs to lunch or the sweet girl at church always asking how your week is going… then if you add that shy former classmate now with a nice job and a larger amount of confidence gathering his wits about him and asking you to that lovely Jazz Concert at the Serena Hotel and thereafter…

Try reading the following lyrics….

“Monday, A friend of mine,

Tuesday,We played a game,

Wednesday, You went away,

Thursday, Things weren’t the same,

Friday,You came back, I wanted to kiss you… on



Sunday, We made love….

Now what are we gonna do???”

Cleverly taken from Mary J Blige’s “7 days” ‘

[off of her mid 90s album, share my world]

Oh, I loved that album and indeed a few other really [deep] songs she has penned, and performed in the later years of her interesting career… I wonder if she read this, what she would say!!!


So, if you take a second look at the above_lyrics, you will notice that they actually did it!! y’know, bumped uglies, did the do, got freaky!!

Let me make this as cool as it usually is supposed to be!!

They hooked up on Monday as friends and ended the weekend as lovers!!

Now, with the title of my post, yeah, I’ll say it for you again…


It does not really go as planned…

You meet cute, interesting little lady in the seminar on hot boring Tuesday afternoon, and you notice she sits in a way that makes you want to rub her back!

Then on serious Wednesday morning, she turns up in that killer light brown power suit that makes her sexier that you can even imagine… you don’t even know her other name…. She is very calm and composed and you promise yourself that you’re gwan say hello @ lunch hour coz after tomorrow’s final day, you won’t ever have a chance of meeting…

Then you turn up at lunch hour with all the spontaneity in the whole world…

And you find her chilling with her boss in the corner… discussing some technical issues and just when you want to go over and say hi, she gets up walks past you without saying a word….

You just know she ain’t coming back huh!!

The seminar ends, and you go back to regular programming [read job] and then words pass by…

Your friend lets you know the next week that his cousin is jumping the broom next weekend and later that evening there’s a slamming kasiki @ er…. So-And-So’s digs starting around about 8.00ish p.m… it’s on a weekday and shall end early coz the bigger plan is on the Saturday wedding!!!

So you turn up after having a bite @ er…. The_Usual’s and proceed to the bar to say hi to your friend. He says the whole Hey Mr. B2B… and you exchange the usual pleasantries…

He then says he wants to introduce you to a friend of his that needs some dope company!!!

And she turns up, and its Cute_Interesting_Lady from the Seminar two weeks ago… (looking even finer than…)

At that point, you and Your friend’s pleasantries end!!!

C_I_L proceeds to hit it off with you and you end up enjoying yourself… you laugh till your chest hurts, and being the smoothe operator that you are, you offer to take her home.

You act the perfect gentleman, till you kiss her cheek as in goodnight…

Then you kiss her again, [on the cheek]!!

And then on her lips, and you end up running your fingers across her neck, and she grabs you’re a***!! She then sez that if you don’t take her home there and then, you might be tempted to be seen in the next issue of the local tabloid…

You both jump in the cab and try to tell the cabbie the directions to her digs!! While your tongue is in her ear!! Hmmmn (anyone here??)

And then you proceed to find that her hands are as skilled at typing away at a computer, as they are at running down your back under your very crumpled shirt!!

Then you get to her digs and when you open the door, she says something to the effect that she will see you on the weekend!! No touching, no cuddling, no freak | nasty shyte!!

Then you don’t see her the rest of the week…you miss the wedding, you call her blackberry, you email her to death, and you wonder what the fcuk!! (Excuse the language)

This goes on until you realise that the whole drama of unfinished business is nothing but a wild goose chase….

She starts to avoid you, and the moment you turn up @ So-And-So’s all over again, who do you see..

Inside, you’re wondering, how come??


… She calls you after a coupla weeks to apologise, and give you the entire 411 that she was a little bit afraid, coz she ain’t never felt as comfortable with anyone in 20 minutes and is on the verge of taking him home in under 2 hours…

Then you close the deal, or do you???

[Unfinished Business]

From A Mister’s point of view!!

In the play list is Smooth Operator by Sade (Obviously) | don’t tell me, by Madonna | everyday is a winding road by Sheryl Crowe | 7days by Mary. J. Blige | Be careful by Sparkle, | something about you by new edition, and also got me waiting by heavy_D



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5 10 2007
dark chocolate

I have waited for you to come clean with what went down that night…

Guess you have my life tale written all over this blog..because B2B I have my trail of unfininshed business (and you best believe me that its haunting)….

That does not mean I like to move around hitting it off with every attractive guy I meet , it just means that sometimes…it is easier to walk away…especially after the seven day trail of events ( I love your play list and I think Mary J’s 7days just says it all….)

Unfinished business…so true to itself…..enjoy the moment, close your eyes, turn your back and keep silent ssshhhhh!!!

5 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

What went down that night hmmn
the business was actually finished…
but that whole drama of leaving it hanging is not a recommendation i gaurantee you!!

but then again, i am that person who doesn’t like starting something and not finishing it…

is it really that easy to just walk away after day 6, or day 7???

the music list is murder…
it always knocks me out…

but again i’ve just read the last paragraph again DC… enjoy, close, turn back and ssshhhh


5 10 2007

I love unfinished business. Got so many and I prefer it that way.

5 10 2007
dark chocolate


enjoy , close, turn back and ssshhhh NO!!!!

dc explains:

enjoy what ever goes on..after all it will remain unfinished business.
Close your eyes…taking in the moment and exhale,
turn your back away from it all (it may have happened too fast and you would hate to get into those awkward moments) and then…

keep silent (essence of the unfinished business) and sssshhhh —-> MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE (some things are best left that way)

5 10 2007

damn bro!
it really is…some unfinished business.

5 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

Seriously unfinished business… but question is, is closing the deal bringing things to a natural conclusion?

… Or is it revenge now, with plots to do the dastardly deed and flee as she had fled?

Can you really feel the same again, even if you got the chance to be cosy again?…

Or am i reading too much into a situation???!!!!

5 10 2007

I think I can relate to Ms. C_I_L

It’s sometimes overwhelming to feel so connected and comfy with a man that you have just met, but that usually is not a reason to stop calling and start avoiding, IMO

As for your unfinished business, I’d say just let her be. Maybe she has some emotional issues she needs to attend to. If she’s really interested, you’ll know 😉

8 10 2007

LOL, this one is good.I feel you on this unfinished business,I have been there.Personally what makes me never finish the biz is wondering what next.I get so freaked out to venture sometimes coz am tnking every story has the same ending;stress, depression, heartbreak;you name it.

8 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

I like the shhhhhh bit of things… if we were all to talk, there would be world war III raging by now!!!!

Though i am not sure about the moving on bit of things. Is life that easy?

But then again, whoever said life is supposed to be easy!!

Sounds like a catch 22 situation to me!!

8 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

unfinished biz…
Ahem Ahem!!

I like i like your advice…


yup bro, i feel you
but truth be told, when she called me back, i was sooo surprised, and when she asked me to her house, it was even worse!!
so when i did turn up….

a natural comclusion, well not so
i believe that a natural conclusion is either felt, or explained really well…. amongst each other…. Ask Mrs B2B…
me and her are all gravy…
3 words, NoMore Drama!!!

No, u ain’t reading too much into the situation Lesi!! Not at all…
i was actually (surprisingly) comfortable with her again…. and very relaxing!!

Welcome Welcome!!!

Glad you dropped by, hoping it ain’t just coz of the Unfinished_Business!!!


So you been in Miss C_I_L’s shoes before!! I guess [or rather hoped] you and him eventually did hook up for a bit i guess…

Thanks for the tip…

Hey Girl,
where’ve you been???

Jobbo’s killing you i guess… When’s your leave period starting!! Need a break as well!!
maybe we could hook up and we chat about the Unfin_Biz…

Yeah i feel you about that part of hesitation, chic’s amuse me when they do that…
then they turn up and then they realise that they actually like me!!!

Seriously Speaking Lesi!!!

world war 3! whi would start it? you, or them!
sshh is good….

and then moving on is also not easy!! but it has to happen…

Drama Galore!!

8 10 2007
dark chocolate

I never look forward to the sshhh bit but guess what…its always the easier route out..especially when you are not sure of what tomorrow holds and you are keen to take each day as it comes.

I’m down with QMOC….if they are interested, they will find a way to let you know.

8 10 2007

When are u gonna close this deal?

Dark Choc? Are u the person in question?

8 10 2007

Oh. I see.

8 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Now see what you’ve started!!
i should tell Mrs.B2B

How you been!!!
And yeah i did close that deal…
I always handle my biz…

8 10 2007

what is this unfinished bizness? who is she? who ? do tell?

8 10 2007


8 10 2007

According to this post, the deal hasn’t been closed. Perhaps there is a part II. I just love unfinished biz. Sam and I do.

10 10 2007


10 10 2007
dark chocolate

Ed….Mrs.B2B need not know…because what she does not know wont hurt….

10 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

i will divulge all in due time…
just like the Barbeque Drama…

it will all come out…

how you been Lucy??

@Ugandan Insomniac aka Tumwijuke

Thanks for dropping by, but you seem to have had a few issues with Bizness that wasn’t finished…
do we see a trend here???

yep, there could be a finished business post…

this time it’s you who hasn’t said squat! nada! zilch! zero! zip
Cmon then girl….
what are you gwan call it???

12 10 2007

I know all about unfinished business. The trick is to leave it unfinished so you can see if there is more to him than . . . well . . . finishing the business. Will the follow-up lunch be mentally stimulating as well or was it the drinks talking. Will day 7 culminate in something you both want or will it be a hit-and-run. Being a woman I’d rather you “woo my mind into stimulation” right before you “woo both my pants and socks off”. Ducking and not calling? He was hitting second base before I let him. Simple.
Glad to know this blog.

12 01 2009

B2B. I ALWAYS ENJOY UR BLOG. SO HEE IS MY TAKE. I HAVE A POST LIKE 4 POSTS AGO.ITS ABOUTA CONVERSTAION BTW ME AND A GUY THT STARTs TO FINISH OUR UNFINISHED BIZ.SO SIMILAR TO URS U WONT BELIEVE.now i wish i had walked away like ur own girl cos i feel in the end id be hurt….. a lot has happened. u can read subsequent posts cos i write abt him sometimes…..but he’s hard to read so i wish i let sleeping dogs lie.well we are still on it …ill let u know how it turns out.

26 07 2010

🙂 interesting

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