10 10 2007

[judge your success by what you had to give up in order to achieve it]

This is truly truly taking one back to the basics… (excuse the pun), but just in retrospect, it does ring plenty of bells… i gave up a lot a shyte for…..

today’s playlist is saturated with rock tracks like…

in_the_end by LinkinPark,  It’s_not_over by Daughtry, Anything_but_ordinary by Avril-Lavigne, Mr.Brightside by The-Killers, and yes… Still_Haven’t_Found_What_I’m_looking_for by U2 and also Maroon5’s Makes_Me_Wonder



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10 10 2007
Lesi Lesi


10 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

I am going to hit you very hard Edmo, so brace yourself!!!

Question: if i did not give up anything, does that make me unsuccessful? Or what if in giving up something, i actually felt relief, does that nullify my success?

What is success to begin with? If i have been trying to cross the road for the last hour and finally do so, isnt that success? Simplistic? Maybe!!

How about the person who gives up so much, but is still unsuccessful by the standards that society uses?

What i am really trying to say is that those one-liners are usually stress activators. I like thinking of myself as a non-conformist!

How about measuring success in terms of setting a target and being able to reach it? There in is a question that you need to ponder. I think it is a better measure because the person you are pitying as being unsuccessful may be feeling on top of the world for having achieved a set target!!!!

Too much said… sorry Edmo, I did warn you before hand!!

10 10 2007

go on spill, for what??????

10 10 2007

Uh huh…I can feel you on this one for real!

11 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Congs again…

but does being a firstie really matter

ok ok!!

just a sec there Lesi…


re-active indeed…

i was carefully pointing out that when you have achieved something you really strived for, you notice that in many/most cases, you actually gave up a few things to get where you are!!

that clear enough for you???

Those one-liners being stress activators huh!! i had no idea at all…

but what you did say down there was correct…
Targets being Set, and reaching them….

Sorry, i didn’t upload the original comments…

but you’re over being a firstie…

i will do a subsequent post about it with the Barbeque chic, and the Unfinished Bizness plot!!

welcome welcome!!!

Yeah. i know what you mean…

11 10 2007

I think your play list tells a story as well.

11 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

@ Sam
Yeah they do indeed…

12 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

I have been accused of being argumentative!

I do see the plot of the statement, i just don’t like life being simplified into one statement, that’s all!

Life is not that simple, is what i am saying!

12 10 2007

Rockstar or Rock star?

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