16 10 2007

Have you ever turned up at the lunch place only to be pleasantly surprised that today is a serious discount because it is the Manager’s Birthday???

Or even worse, have you ever prepped for a laid-back night out and then you realise that you are not feeling the rest of the evening coz you actually just want to go home and sleep!! Then you’re home boys|girls wonder who it is you left at your house!!

Have you ever turned up for a nasty interview, and it actually messes you up and then you get this call on a very stressed out Thursday (usually it’s a Thursday incase you’d never noticed) and the caller (lovely voice by the way) candidly tells you that you actually MURDERED the interview and should turn up on Friday at 3.00p.m to negotiate terms and conditions!!

Have you ever just wondered why that cute kyana who works downstairs is always sneaking glances away from you and when you look there, you find her biting her little finger in a very, er…….er…… different way (I used the word different coz seriously, the appropriate word would be too suggestive, I am a modest Mr. B2B)

Or have you ever wondered why when you actually refused to do what the supervisor asked (or should I say told you) he/ she doesn’t bother to reprimand you, but actually asks you to attend a mini-meeting with him/ her and the Regional Director, who in turn is actually impressed….

Then there’s the whole drama of when you never call back whenever [they] call your phone and hang up the moment you are going to accept the call!!! Then [they] continue to do the above mentioned drama till you calmly send a text asking them how they are and you’ve just spent your last text asking them how they are instead of  what it is that is itching them to say????

Oh shyte, then there’s the part when you are dressed to the NINES in that Oh_So_Killah_Tie… (Y’know, the one that makes the Regional Director ask if you grabbed the whole set from the Duty Free at the terminal @ Abu Dhabi???

And because you’re itchingly smarter than you were for the past 3…… (Insert here any of: Days, Months, Weeks, Weekends, etc…) that you are most likely to be going for business or pleasure!!!

Geez, if only he knew… (Mukasa has my back when it comes to well chosen ties)


Since I’m on a roll, there’s the part where you ask the cabbie (Read Special Hire… aka spesho_hire Guy) to take you all the way home, yes, not just to pick up Mrs.B2B at her digs, but to do that and take her all the way to pick up a slice of that killah green pepper/onions and shyte of a pizza from New_York_Kitchen…. And then when he asks for the full amount he usually asks for, you wonder…


You ask, (ok, Ssebo for the regulars) and you wonder maybe it is coz you are dressed smarter than usual…

Then there’s….

Ok, when you turn up @ the dinghy bar and expect to find only dinghy people, then you look up at the bar and its Mr. Unusually Ice Cool, the Deputy Head of Human Resources with the new hottie in sales… or was it accounts, or was she seen as a front desk officer???? Whatever, she’s cute, bubbly with a nice a** and apparently likes dinghy digs like me….


You see, in one way or another, it has happened to each one of our fine a**es in a way we can relate to…

What do we expect from peeps anyways… and what do peeps expect from us anyways???

I for one was pleasantly surprised at the discount at the lunch digs, and put it as a note on my desk calendar, and quietly asked around if the Assistant Manager’s birthday was looming…

I was also deeply ticked off when I had planned to chill with my home-boys|girls just to told that they was tired…  so was so many other peeps!!!

I was also surprised when I found out I was on the Round_Table!!!

Killah feeling!! Not being a beggar, but a chooser!! discussing a salary scale…

That cute kyana was pleasantly surprised when I asked her out… (who dyu think I went with to Dinghy_Digs, and she liked it as well) [that’s another post]

Mr. Regional director was also shocked that all I wanted to do was go directly through him and tell him that coz of his bizzy schedule; he doesn’t address the goings on in the office and how I also find it hard since my expectations keep changing!!

About [them] insisting on making you worry to death, yet all [they] wanted was to assure you how [they] just thought of you…. (nice huh, but hey…. I think of you every, er….er…..again insert day, week, weekend, month… you get the drift) but hey i don’t make you worry to death…

Then when am I never going for business or pleasure, it’s usually one or the other


Mr. Spesho Dude just expected…. an extra amount of dime coz of the different accents, or maybe coz of the uneekness in dresscode….

You see how it keeps coming up!!

We always expect some shyte from the whole world, and the whole world expects the whole world from you as well…

I think if we made it very clear over and over again….. we would flush the whole expectatatatatatatatations which aren’t unspecified and lead to limitless boundaries…

These should rather be specified and then have a limit on those Boundaries!!

But hey for the record, that dinghy digs is a real find…. And that kyana downstairs…. hmmn



15 responses

17 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

U sure that kyana downstairs was looking at you “differently” or was it wishful thinking on your part???!!!!!!

Otherwise firsties!!!!

17 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

Life can be full of surprises, can’t it? Though the unpleasant ones may be more than the pleasant one … but then, had it not been for the unpleasant surprises, would we really be able to appreciate the pleasant ones?

**She ponders, holding the chin, and leans the elbow on the table**

17 10 2007

my oh my mr b2b, before i give my numerous ‘ have you ever’s’ too , lemme say, well be back for me self of course and yeah, got your note on my ‘update’ post. how are you doing, you be lost, do use the number too. you know… and yeah, i saw 27th…!
now i got one for you, have you ever loved someone so much it hurt and tickled at he same time , like pleasure and pain at war with each other and you want to run and hide from you and them as well as you want to be there, to devour them…something like that?….uh-huh?

17 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

@ Lesi Lesi

banange firsties all over again…

yeah i am sure that kyana was looking at me with wishful eyes instead…


@Lesi Lesi
Again, i am pleasantly surprised…

sounds not too nice to go through this, but again…. how else can one learn???


hey you!!
welcome back.. i always seem to have that extra-credit and your other digits be off!!!

Welcome Back Again!!
i am all good…


Yeah on that Have you Ever????

Really like hell yeah!!

17 10 2007

dude, i just want the other story fo the kyana, just that and i will be on my way.See thats what i expect of you, and bet u expect me to enjoy it.Thats life …

17 10 2007
dark chocolate

why feel pressured because of the expectatatatatations B2B

Remember as much as you feel them people expected something from you…is as much as they thought of you.

Take for instance the chic with the APPARENT wishful eyes…. it may have been another story in her mind and she is like “I wish he could stop staring at me because I am trying to communicate with my brief glances that I am UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!”
( Big Up to Lesi Lesi for that comment)

So try looking at it from the other side…..Life is full of expectations…but you better outsmart everyone at the game..or else you end up holding back and guess what….you then feel pressured with this whole game and its cycles of expectatatatations…..

18 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Is that all you expect of Me…

Ok, i will gladly drop you that (those stories) in my subsequent post and i will aptly name it [Incompleted_Posts]

nowhere near what you expect…

@Dark Choc
I am actually not pressured DC.
it is more like a very pleasant surprise.

like the Restaurant Manager’s Bday!! and also excelling @ the Interview…

About that kyana downstairs, i never said anything to her for almost half the year, coz i thought she was uncomfortable. then i said hello, and again i was pleasantly surprised when she okayed going to the dinghy digs with me…

so yeah, DC i am learning to look at it from the other side, and i am not in the process of holding back anymore!!!!

so, expectatatatatatatation are gladly surprising to me!!

18 10 2007

oh God this was delightful read… lmao@asking when the assistant managers birthday was coming up.. i’d soooo do thtat… lol.. as for kyana downstairs… i’m sure you’ll handle your biz

i love your blog and style of writing.. really great… hope you’re having a great week so far cos you made me smile

18 10 2007

It must be one of them days…lucky u. Things seem to be going from good to better for u.

18 10 2007

The kyana downstairs has a stampede on u! That’s the only explanation there is to it….

19 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Thanks for passing by!!

The Assistant Manager’s Bday is sometime in April, so…..

But LOL as well..

Kyana downstairs… i hope she is as cool as she seems so far…

Appreciate all the appreciation indeed Overwhelmed… {can i call you something else, like Ovie…. or perhaps Whelmed????]

glad i made you smile…

Hello you!!
It was all of a three day period when all this stuff was going well…

as we speak…


@Cheri [again]
Well, what can i say, i am definitely going to show her the basics….


she is way too cool…
thanks for passing by again as well..

19 10 2007

so this is where u have been???

19 10 2007

i so know the feeling. last week there’s this fume i really wanted to buy.it’s a flower scent.heavenly!…last time i had checked it was 39,000/= so i go and find that there was one remaining…and guess what?since it was the last piece it was put on sale…at just 22,000/=

it was so bright that day…and it wasn’t the sun…it was me smiling!!

25 10 2007

where on God’s green earth are you??!

28 02 2008
Tagging_Drama… « Back2Basics…

[…] like waiting for people to pleasantly surprise me… I don’t usually have any expectatatatatatations about peeps, but once in a while, I take the time to try and guess and match certain people’s […]

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