drawing lines, huh!

27 10 2007

It’s kind of funny the way a situation can change us huh!!

When you sit your O’ Level examinations and realise that you can never ever try teasing the Biology Teacher the way you used to!! HUH!!

Then you move to a new school and they have no idea who you are and what ish you have ever done…. Then your cronie who you almost got suspended with in your old school turns up at your new school and between the two of you, you just have a deep feeling that things might never be the same again.

So the two of us start all over again, you know, doing all the things that make you need to be caught red-handed and be flushed from the school and not complete you’re A’ Levels in one piece.

That is till you and Player realise that life can’t go on like this.

Between the two of you, you assure your selves that this shyte of skyving the high school wall to go play pool, grab a coupla beers, while chatting up the cute waitress and her sister in town for a few weeks has to stop…. otherwise we never get what we there came for.

Player long ago suggested that we draw a line…

The only way to do this was for him to draw it and stick to it since we noticed that we only ever got into drama when we hooked up together….

I have never forgotten that simple lesson from Player… he is currently a Lawyer who doesn’t indulge in Alcohol anymore…. He basically does coffees to high heaven, and is secretly planning to buy an island in our very own Lake Victoria. ( i didn’t tell uou shyte)


Whenever you are getting to know someone and you realise that they are a very strong influence on your life(s) i.e. socially, professionally, religiously, money-ly, movie-ly, speech-ly, drinking-ly, you realise that you tend to want to know their opinions on many things….

You tend to rather do what Player does….

In the same way you realise that the line comes around really easily with others. You tend not to want to express your self with ease lest it is with Mrs B2B (H!, Duksey don’t read too much into it) but then you really want to break out of this shell and then and only then do you realise that the whole line drawing process has been done all over again…

Because, when i met older chic @ the barbeque, i realised she was cool, very composed and obviously a bit more mature than the rest of us… same thing for cute interesting lady from the seminar..


but with kyana from downstairs, it was quite different…


you see, she is cool, yeah, but the fact that you would prefer to be someone’s friend makes you quickly draw a coupla lines…


The steps can be very scary to the person who is on the other side of the line, but then the other is just watching himself..

On the stereo playing Phil Collins’ Something_Happened_On_The_Way_To_Heaven… as is Billy Ocean’s Suddenly…



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29 10 2007

this is interesting….

30 10 2007
Lesi Lesi

Sometimes you get lucky to actually realise you need to draw that line… sometimes you don’t.

That is when you hear of stalkers and the like!!! Or people becoming irredeemable drunks, or drug abusers, or … whatever.

It is called growing up… drawing the line, that is. And it can hurt like a bitch sometimes… especially when you have to draw a line where a relationship is threatening to get out of hand and you are at the receiving end of the negatives about it! Or when your best friend is going bad and you are not about to follow them there!!

This really goes back to the basics!!! To the times when we used to scoff at what our parents told us and now it finally dawns on you that there was actually sense in what they were saying!!

Too deep, Edmo!!

Hey, I am going to miss you after 31st. And do take care!!!

30 10 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

is that a firstie!!


U gwan be @BHH this thursday??

Very Very spot on…

no doubt about the 31st….

and yeah it does go back to the basics…

30 10 2007

I didn’t know this other side of you. But then, how could I know? Good to read a new post after a long time. So, where are you going on the 31st?

31 10 2007
dark chocolate


just have to love you more for this one.. Kudos! xoxo

Not so long ago, I had to draw a DISTINCT LINE and truth is…it will either make you or break you…but even with the aftermath of the drawn line, I have learnt two great lessons:

– keep afloat and represent the person you really are deep inside…

– even as I have been on both sides of the line ( and may continue to experience this in life), I am humbled to realise that you win some and lose some…but all in all, the truth hurts….so you better set yourself free and accept the truth of the situation…( Saves a whole lot of drama & issues – back at you B2B vs. the foxy Mrs. B2B LOL)

dc to Lesi Lesi –> you have got it together and surely you are spot on!!! REPRESENT – tell it as it is!

1 11 2007

Drawing the line is one of those things you have to close your eyes and do, coz it is really hard to tame yourself.
Now about that Mrs.B2B,you know we come from those campu days so you may want to fill a sister in.Oops!you sed not to read much into it, hmmmm…Ok…

2 11 2007

We really are growing up arent we. Mixed feelings about it.

2 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

yeah how could you know??
i ain’t heading no-wheres
just that Lesi is moving up!! just like the Jefferson’s

Mrs. B2B huh!!
we’ll see..

Lesi Was on point as usual…

Drawing Lines is….er… a stage when you do er… grow up…

i feel you hear…

2 11 2007

I can’t believe that you were on me about not posting when my last post is more recent than yours. You are some kind of dry.
Now, post.

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