[hmmn] Watching one’s self…

3 11 2007

I went out the other day to celebrate my friend’s recent engagement to his Uni sweetie of like two million years… (D I have a feeling you will relate when I say two million years)

Anyways, it always happens whenever I see a bunch of people enjoying themselves and letting their hair down it is a very pleasant site. Not only is it because there exists a presence of really interesting people, but also because there always exists a uneek set of dudes and nice ladies who basically just sit round analysing the situation at hand. They are the ones who take time to notice what each person is doing at the party. Which dude most of the nice ladies would love them to ask to dance… (no not that dance Mrs B2B) and obviously the nicest lady who the dudes would most likely want to dance with (it’s ok now Mrs. B2B)

Anyways, why I am trying to convey is really as old as the hills…

Whenever you do something kinda drastic….

Like grabbing that hottie from downstairs and carefully nibbling her ears just before her boss walks in, and quickly walking away before he seez you??

Or like refusing to do what your supervisor is telling you to do??

Or even leaving the house really late just to go pick up a few items from the late night supermarket, finding homeboys, homegirls, and instead of just having a quiet night in, you have a wild party night, and remember when you are slowly holding your throbbing headache and looking for that plate of hott katogo with a cup of porridge that you have a real serious meeting that somehow just ended the moment you woke up.

What about when you want to do some preps for a client of yours and the the boss asks you to do something else, and you accept coz you know the client’s deadline is a whole weekend away, then the client calls and kindly asks you to forward the date to tomorrow afternoon…

The question I need to raise is……..

What the hell was I thinking??

If you take the time to look back retrospectively…..and try and learn from whatever you do more than once and have the same consequences… then you need to ask your self one question

[Do I feel lucky]??

Cheap shot at humour, adapted from the motion picture, The Mask played by Jim Carrey

Anyways, just take a brief look around and wonder what the fcuk happened last time we [I], [they] did this…. You see, the dudes and nice ladies at the party have gone through a few of the different scenarios I jotted down above, i.e. arguing with MissBossLady or worse still missing that all important come prove yourself meeting.

So basically the whole idea of watching yourself arises when you need to wake up, but the body is weak… That is not the only time when the it arises… you manage to stop yourself in due time before anything really crazy happens??

You and kyana downstairs, are both working late and you go check on her on your way out, then you end up touching, kissing, and most definitely checking on her…. Till you start to watch yourself, and stop not because you are a coward, but just because you feel something fishy. The moment you are at the elevator, who steps out, but Downstair’s Kyanas Boss Man saying he forgot his 2nd cell phone and some important notes…

Then that is when you realise that Watching Yourself does genuinely suck, but saved that day….

Listening to only three tracks…

Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai, Recognize by The LOX, and Be Like That, by 3DoorsDown,  ok and one really nice one by  R.E.M called  Losing My Religion


Moving on…  Went for me first BHH… 

Pretty interesting characters…The usuals…

The One, DeesNutShells, Kissyfur was unusually quiet…Duksey, smiling sweetly as usual… Her guest, hmmmn! H!, impressed, maybe… eddslah, spend atleast 3 minutes next time, 27th-C… uneekly himself, Tumwi… Camera toting, hilarious as hell though.(Lovely eyes if you actually noticed), Tandra , loves the discussions… The_Phantom, the family man all over again…, baz… WhoDaMan… More next, er, …. time!!



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3 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

You would have thought it was obvious… that all important appointment coming up so i should watch it … but do we ever??!!! I guess that is what makes life interesting … its called living on the edge!

Some people do it deliberately and have refined it to an art… others find themselves in it and don’t know what to do next.

Trick is how to handle the situation once it has happened. Are you going to mark it down to experience and move on or sit and agonise and regret for ever??!!

But we, being the human beings that we are, will do one or the other on different occasions, depending on the importance of the appointment, or the kind of image we want to portray and if it is being threatened, or when we are trying to reform and are falling back on old bad habits… whatever!!

So… do watch it, but at the same time, do be kind to yourself will you??!!

3 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


other than that…

it’s virtual insanity…

4 11 2007

LOL… i hear “its virtual insanity”… U sure all this is true?? lol ((wil be back later)))

5 11 2007

Mr B2B, hmmmm!! Watching oneself… sounds such a saviour but it kills the spontaneity. Sometimes one just needs to let go and adventure. I hate the times I have to watch myself coz it makes the spirit feel caged.
Meanwhile this thing downstairs…how about a complete post on that drama, you may force me to drop by your office just to check it out.

5 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Yeah it is true…

and LOL too.. [Virtual Insanity]
patiently waiting.

i am with you as well.
i hate watching me’self…
it does kill my notorious spontaneity!!

All the Time!!

Hmmn. dropping by me digs just for that!!
i will drop all that in the post. it’s just waiting for a Publishing Date!

How come you ain’t throwing down anything about Ug-BHH last week???

5 11 2007


5 11 2007

The Adventures of Mr. Back to Basics always make my day. It reminds me of the time I had gone to visit my ex who was supposed to be dying of malaria. However, when his brothers and sisters left the two of us alone, he began nibbling at my ear, etc and as things were getting hot, I told him to stop. Just then, his elder brother walks in! Phew! He could have caught us if I hadn’t stopped him in time.

6 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

seriously Sharon….

where’s all that attitude??

i guess i know who was cursing!!!

6 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

Yeah… do tell about this kyana downstairs!!! I am also inclined to come and take a look!!

Looks like you are going to have a lot of watching yourself…

8 11 2007

i have had time to think about this and why shd u watch urself?? go out…do the darn thing. i mean, if u must live life…live it! get caught…thats just part of the package,yes??? 😀

12 11 2007

i think dealing with getting caught is more fun. u need to test the extent of your shame. how much will u feel if u get caught, that is ofcourse assuming the kyana isnt one of the boss’ ……. or his wife. then ofcourse u lose ur job and blah blah blah.

12 11 2007

i have enaf adventure on getting caught, i cd write a whole pocket book

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