Quoting Six Time

13 11 2007

[We are not judged by what we do in peoples’ presence, but what we do when no one is looking]

Murderous Quote I must say.Considering some people’s are naturally chamillionaires Sorry, chameleons!! Was mixed up trying to get rid of a certain HipHop Wanna Be!!

In the playlist, you’ll never guess..

Shy Guy…By Diana King, Would have done the same for you… By Naughty By Nature,

Echo…By Trapt [love this track] ,

And obviously…

Ascensions by Maxwell



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13 11 2007

Question is, who is doing the judging? Because I know i am so judged by what I do when people are looking. And they have no idea what a sweetheart I am in private.

13 11 2007


kati mr. basics… i feel that there is something u want to tell us.. first the whole watching ones self…now the..wat did u call it ? the “murderous qoute”…come clean!!!

14 11 2007

i’m with petesmama, depends on who is doing the judging coz if no one is looking, wouldn’t that mean only God would know?

clearly u do not feel chamillonaire’s music… don’t hate mr.basics.

14 11 2007
dark chocolate

Many of us strive to please anyone who is watching…with the belief that they will see our “goodness” display and believe that we are perfectly placed. I believe we are a whole load of pretenders…and unfortunately we tend to forget that…

” Beauty is skin deep and Ugliness goes all the way DEEP into the bone”

Now when we are not attentive, with little effort or concern for what that watching eye can see..we give way and loosen up to the situation. This is the time when people have come to notice the inner beauty or the bitter ugly truth of the most of us…once again we are pretenders….

so as I would say to B2B… ‘ This one is Murder!!!’ and I hear you LOUD and CLEAR ( hi-five) – given our discussion the last time we met.

I would love to say that I give no hoots about what people think and that I am the real me..100% of the time but truth is, I am human…I try NOT to be a pretender…and I try not to judge people. I take people as they are until you hit me with disappointment first hand and thus I know who you really are…

In my opinion, we should just let people be…and finally they may start to break and you can start to see what they are really about….and sooner than later…you will realise you are actually getting more than you bargained for because the truth of character unravels before you as they have no clue you are watching….

14 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

@Petes Moms
Welcome Back!

er, in many cases, you are so correct, politikally, personally, and yeah all the rest…

but seriously, it is you who can do the judging…. showing the real you will eventually lead to a small chorus MamaPeter..

well, for one i know that Peter knows you are a major sweetie… and thingie as well…


the sooner you say something, the sooner i will
we had this discussion last weekend, don’t get amnesia!!


anyways, truth be told, it will come out somehow…

i am still trying to find a way to express me’self

Hello You!!
welcome by Mr.B2B’s

If HE is he one is doing all the judging, then it is all good…
but hey go back to what i hit at Petes Moms

Welcome Back Again…
Lotsa Words…

Lotsa Points


All The Way….

15 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

Tricky quote Edmo!

See, at the end of the day, you are your own judge and the question arises, are you able to live with what you did?

Because, even if the public approves, but your motives were sneaky, dubious, evil, malicious… whatever, are you able to live with the repercussions?

So i would like to rephrase that quote… what judgement are you looking for in doing what you have done?

Or better still, does the end justify the means?

Are we speaking the same language or have i gone off at a tangent?

15 11 2007

The thing that keeps me from pretending most of the time is the fact that you can lie to others but you cannot lie to yourself.

15 11 2007
Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita

My first time here. Nice blog.

I am with Sam on this one.

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