[the thin line]

16 11 2007

The following might sound tricky… well, you be the judge!!

Just reminds me of that earlier post

The thin line(s) between love and hate, hmmmn 

The thin line(s) between love and lust….  

Both of them seem a little deep….

Well, the whole issue started in 3rd Person Plural… 

Truth be told…                                       

It all started when Thingie told me that I and she should hook up.  I and Thingie met in the usual circumstances. We used to go to the same places, and we knew the same friends, but we never ever, yeah ever said more than Hey!! To each other… 

Then there’s this one time when the whole [crew] had a few things to do and so it was just me, Thingie, RegularHottie, KnowItAll, and QuietGuy to just hang out together at QuietGuy’s digs.

 Y’all don’t know QuietGuy. He’s one of those uneek dudes who is a dope judge of character. He is the type of chap who always has something dope to say, but he will only drop it after some “deep” observation. He is almost like Gill Grissom from CSI-Las Vegas. He somehow knows how to know exactly what to say, though that was a rarity in itself; Needless to say the chics used to dig him…

Geez, they still do.. each one wants to break his silence…. 

That’s another post……..LOL!!

Anyways, me and QG, RH (she is still fine as fcuk), KnowItAll, and Thingie were all just chilling out. (@ QG’s digs BTW) and somehow me and Thingie found ourselves having to say more than Hey Thingie…. 

So we covered the basics, i.e. what she likes, what she does… blah blah… So we proceeded to talk, until she said I was QT…. [cute] Anyone who knows Mr.Back2Basics knows that this shyte makes me shy….

 Lucky for her, that is when QG stepped in and whispered something into her ear…[This dude is that type of chap who takes his time to understand what little things people need to do so as to make other people notice the former…]

No wonder this dude is currently a senior relationship manager in a Banking Institution…  Whatever, he said made her do whatever was necessary to grab my attention.Thingie and I then proceeded to go through a relationship of sorts. We never ever met for anything other than sex………. We never talked like how we talked at QG’s digs. The most amazing part is that after a while, she grabbed a boyfriend, and I also started dating someone else…

I don’t know how to say this, but we had a [for lack of a better word] uneek relationship.

What happened after a while was that we hooked up after a break up of sorts, [putting a timeline here, almost 15 months after she got RichGuy, and I got Nice_Girl] is that we hooked up in a dinghy, ok, not so dinghy bar and finally had decent conversation that wasn’t leading to her place… 

The Unspoken Word finally came out…

She proceeded to give me the Ups & Downs of her goings on with RG…

When she asked me about NG, I asked her why I should holla at all… 

She said…. Dude,I have a deep connection with you, I feel like you understand me, I appreciate the way you listen to me, I like the way you give me attention… 

It was then that I realised that there was/ is a Very Thin Line between Love & Lust

Point in question was who was in Lust/ Love with who??? 

Thingie just called me yesterday [at that time], and told me her daughter is almost three months old[now she should be 6 months]. She was calling to wish me a Happy Bday. After all this time she remembered…





24 responses

16 11 2007

could it be….could it be? could it possibly be?????? yes…yes… yes…

16 11 2007

When u said “the unexpected word came out” i was expecting something more melodramatic….sigh….

As far as i can tell…there really is not any question about the love/lust or love/hate thing going down here.

it was just a portion of your life that you went through that you occasionally “run into”..-15 month break.

i do not think liking the way u connect, or u pay attention or appreciating you has anything to do with the qn of who was in love/lust.

i’d say u were both in lust. it ended. You moved on.

Or r u planning some reunion?? come on…. spill 😀

meanwhile…QG…hook up??? lol
didnt know the cute thing got u…..

16 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

How come you be a firstie @ mine every so often nowadays???
Get some work done…

@Tandra Again!!

Here goes..
“Un-Spoken” not un-expected…
i actually just liked chilling around her…
really did… but she was a very reluctant lady!! so i let it ride..

but when she called to wish me ahappy b-day..
Was touched…

And hey, she is getting married in March… when her little girl will be almost 9 months, so no no no Tandra…

No Hook-Up Looming

16 11 2007
Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita

I can so relate with this story.

16 11 2007

I guess it happens to all of us.

17 11 2007

well… actually the line is very very thick. we just disillusion ourselves thinking its thin.

Grissom is so the man!

17 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

i guess the line has tobe there for you to relate with it…


Yeah i hear you. But depending on the cosi-ness…
you might realise there’s a line after you’e crossed it..

19 11 2007

bad boy mr basics,
u do things with people just 4 just? bad…

19 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Hey B,
Where’ve you been??

ok, i firstly, i don’t do things with people just for just..
i actually liked her, but she didn’t show me in any way, so i was acting very cautious…
So, when she did get a boyfie, it had to er…… end

So, yeah, you can call me bad, as long as you learn from it and don’t keep crossing ’em lines…

19 11 2007

Am I becoming slower than I usually am? I don’t get the thin line. There is no thin line. Part of love is lust.

20 11 2007

mr, who cares about the line? thin or thick it still remains a line embedded in our minds. infact every one has a different line drawn wherever. wht am, trying to say is every one will cross or not cross that line whenever they have had enaf of either side. some times one crosses with out knowing. forexample. u start out appreciating her ass and the rest of her body. pure lust. after a few conversations u realise she is likable no matter what physical scar she shows you. it just wont matter anymore.
am confused about the baby though, is it yours? or for RG.holla back.

20 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Again… Thanks for passing by mine..

thanks for the education.. i am actually with you. part if love is lust. [didn’y used to look at it that way]

but i never used to see the line till i crossed it. guess that’s why i am saying this…
No, you are not getting slower Tumwi

Nice Name!!

Thanks for also passing by B2B’s

Ok, Ok!!! Strong Points thrown up… Iy just don’t matter anymore esp after this ish!

But RG is the father of the little girl. it shows evidently! that’s if you have seen her!

20 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

I can see you have stirred things up again Edmo!

Thin line… sure, all along you thought it was lust, sex, an itch and meanwhile thingie was getting serious!

What i dont get is, if she was serious how come she went on to hook up with some other guy?

Was she trying to get a reaction from you and failing that, crossed another thin line when she thought she was toying with rich guy to get at you and then actually fell for him?

The plot thickens… especially when she remembers your birthday. That is quite telling, isn’t it?

21 11 2007

drama, drama.But dude, there is no thin line actually, its rather thick coz when the lust sets in the love is howly.Its always hard to have a decent conversation(in the emotional sence) after jumping on eachother straight on. Lust jst crowds your better judgement.
But anyhow that plot sounded exciting while it still lasted… Oh! and am back-ish

21 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


Howdie Girl…
WelcomeBAck-ish!! Was actually waiting for your take…

And now that is is here!!!

I think i am with you, and Tumwi…
There is no thin line! i used to be like that till i crossed it… well nowadays i don’t cross such lines anymore…

It [Lust] does just crowd the decent judgemental faculties…

and you were spot-on…
had a good time with Thingie…
she knows that much is true, and it’s all because of her….

21 11 2007

I can honestly say I can relate to this…

21 11 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

i hear you!
i honestly do…

Wierd huh

Thanks for coming by… [again]

21 11 2007

To be honest, I think lust is an honest expression of love…how do you show someone you love them if not by tearing clothes off whenever u c one another….

Lust is just love of the bodily kind… lol

24 11 2007

Bad manners!! You!

26 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

What is this with lust and love being the same???!!!

The two are definitely not!!!

Lust can be an expression of love but lust does not automatically mean love!!!

Lust can remain lust untill it runs its course and then you start looking for the next object to lust after. Or it can develop into love but that is not a given!!

So Edmo, I am about to hijack your post and insist there is a line. You can argue about its thickness or thinness but it is there!!

Same thing when you set out to laugh and find yourself crying instead!!! Or being mad at someone and then in the middle of a tirade, you burst out laughing!!

Crazy? But then which life is not!!


26 11 2007
Lesi Lesi

And love is a lot more than just between the sheets or on top of them if you don’t have the time to get in between the sheets!!! Whatever!

Like the times he is being a total pain and what you really want to do is to strangle him but because of that thing called love, you find yourself standing it all!!!

Edmo, by your confession, you did not even reach anywhere near that! So where is the love??

3 01 2008
[destination_zero]-end « Back2Basics…

[…] 6. Until he gets introduced to RegularHottie from [the_thin_line] […]

23 09 2010

Well well…of lines and their girth, huh 🙂 I have a feeling that this story continues, doesn’t it Basiks?
And have you people seen 27th in the papers today?! He’s going to go outside countries soon, the press say He’s a whiz kid, and it took them this long to find out, sheeesh…Basiks tag 27th in this post (wink wink)
and I still can’t get over the line scratch that…the part about ‘the chicks wanting to break uneek guy’s silence’ poor guy, he must be feeling violated, or maybe slightly buoyed 🙂
good job B2B

23 09 2010

It actually does go on…
Good eye…

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