26 11 2007

The part about splitting from the office when everyone else is hustling [that makes them want to hi-tail it out with you] is the fact that you have just finished this mind-splitting project that makes everything in normal life all the more simplistic…

isn’t it amazing to just wake up earlier than you normally do only to remember when you’ve done all your biz in the loo that you are on leave!!

it gets better when all the peeps you usually leave in bed are asking if you are alright?: asking how come you ain’t suited up for the grind: asking what you’re still doing in the sack…

as if they really cared anyways…

only to yawnily say between smiles and the like that you’ll be Work_Interruptus for the next 14days….

For all y’all still tripping trying to shyne the Boss’ Booty…

Take my advice…

December’s the nicest month to take a short break from the Work-Place and then return only to go back on leave officially for the real X-mas Break…

Listening to..

Ocean_Drive by [lighthouse_family]: and Brand_New_Day by [hiphop_allstars]



13 responses

27 11 2007

Ok. Rub our faces in it. As if leave never ends.

27 11 2007

make sure you come back with enough stories for us

and really….it looks like am the first!!

27 11 2007

shyaa!maama Peter ovudde wa?

27 11 2007

i know it took me that long to notice

28 11 2007

Well, since you chucked me I wont say, “This is gr8! We can enjoy the holiday together.”

So I will just say, “hmmm!”

28 11 2007

Am so jealous, infact i wont be talking to you coz of my nugu.Leave, avnt taken leave in ages to relax all ma leaves were for crazy xams.Blame it on a bitchy boss.Anyhow my leave is gona be in jan, for 3weeks wow! yeah from 1st so i can drown in watever on 31 Dec

28 11 2007

lol…. duksey & petesmama…. it does end but he is supposedly having a blast at the moment.

it feels so good to not have to set the alarm for the morning and just sleep in….

28 11 2007

mr b2b, it aint really leave if u have exams involved in this period so get up and read for your exams. ok. holla back. come spend some time with me.

28 11 2007

Ahhhh, I feel you. I took a week off work for Thanksgiving and am taking another week for Christmas. After reading your post now I can’t wait for the Christmas holiday.

30 11 2007
Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita

Lucky you!

3 12 2007

You MIA?

Enjoy your leave, man.

5 12 2007
Queen of My Castle

UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

How are you? Good? You should be after such a long break

13 01 2008
if i ruled the world…. [homage2Nas] « Back2Basics…

[…] the World Ruler constitution to only allow a maximum of two terms, which will require a mandatory Time-Off Session that will allow the Seating World Ruler spend time with […]

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