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7 12 2007

This was a very close eye-opener for me, it was….

I was very lucky to attend a very interesting session the other day with my colleagues and a few peers with a very eloquent gentleman, to er…..hmmmn.. empower ourselves..

We engaged in a very interesting discussion amongst ourselves that human mind is larger than life… Have you watched; The_Usual_Suspects| no?? ok, perhaps The_Lord_Of_The_Rings…. Whichever part?? Or even The_Godfather??? Or what of The_Sixth_Sense??? All these are films, that were and are still based on adapted screenplays… this means that someone came up with a story from his head, and was carefully asked to try as much as possible to convert his story into a maximum 3 hour caption!! Tough huh!

Anyways, the idea that the human mind is truly amazing stems from many many things… looking around you, you will observe that the pc that you are reading from is someone’s idea…this whole blogging thing is a creation of some bored geeks, who are really loaded right now, this blog you are reading is loosely based on what goes on in the basik world, and that the shirt|blouse you’re donning is also someone’s invention!!

The whole point of our team building session was a truly interesting idea… To allow us to go back to the basics… [Sounds familiar huh]

The guest speaker cleverly blew my mind in ascertaining that one’s thoughts are a pre-cursor to a whole load of issues…


Behaviour|…. Habit|…. Character and imminently DESTINY…

Ok, that part of destiny sounded a little carried away!! But the whole issue of what you’re thinking does play on my mind a lot! I should aptly title this post Back2Basics… [Would be so truthful…]

We are in that enviable position of knowing that the more that people change, the more they stay the same… they take it for granted that things will always be the same….

Unless something really drastic comes and fcuks up the whole situation!! Ideally, when one takes a little time everyday to understand himself/ herself, and deeply find out a few personal issues that influence one’s self drive, one’s decisions, and the like then we realise that life is way too deep to take for granted…

And the worst part is we often realise it a little too late and do nada about it

One last comment that really hit me…

[Wisdom comes from pain, failure and experience]

[You_Live_You_Learn, by Alannis Morissette] is banging away in the background.. as the play list includes, [So_Far_Away by Nickelback] , as is [Blurry] by Puddle of Mudd, and finally John Legend’s [Get_Lifted].



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8 12 2007

indeed you live, you learn… love that song.

it seems leave is making you get “deep”… and insightful…

8 12 2007
Lesi Lesi


So true about wisdom… till you go through a situation, you will never know how to react, what the best reaction to a given situation is.

you are so convinced at the time you say, do something that it is the right thing to do then find out later that you blew it and that there was a better option!!!

those teambuilding sessions are … educative!

10 12 2007

Well, I agree with you.

10 12 2007
Lesi Lesi

After messing up, you will surely know not to repeat it… wisdom!

11 12 2007

errrr..edmo..must u kill a perfectly sensible post with that dreary comment at the end? now u made me all deep and thinky..reflective like..

11 12 2007

lessie, some times its easy to repeat the same mistake twice, and the wisdom comes in after many failed attempts. reminds me of a session i had once where we were told that character breeds character and behavior breeds behaviour. just goes to show the power of actions on oneself and towards others. mr b2b, sup. holla back

11 12 2007

human mind is larger than life…true story.
kale, if some one hadn’t come up with electricity we’d all be reading this blog by candlelight,and the wind w’d be blowing it about…

12 12 2007

lol @edslah if we didnt have elec. doubt we wld even have this blog…..

kakati edmo, wanted to add this..beam.building i was expecting shirts being ripped off..muscles rippling..u know..getting down to the business of “beam building” naye maaaaaaama… 😀

13 12 2007
Lesi Lesi

Edslah, if there was no electricity, we wouldnt be blogging!!!!!

13 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Time Off allows you to spend a lot of time with yourself…
so you do end up becoming er… deep and insightful…

Alannis still rocks

I hear you, all the way

True that

Dreary but all the more reflective…

No doubt about that….


@Tandra Again
LOL, but


@Lesi Again

13 12 2007

edmo…beam-tuilding maketh no sense!! i have even gotten over being reflective. i have just failed to pass by this point.

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