[Humbling] well to me at least…

13 12 2007

I’ve had time off the grind to do a few things of my own, including reading and preparing for exams… having a little lie in, spending time her, that whole Me_Time, and basikly a laid back chill-out session. 

I had very interesting conversations with me Momz, and Dad…. A lot more interaction with family was time well spent I must admit… the part where each one has the time to vent and demand that every one focuses on him… then the next person and on and on just like Erykah Badu… 

In the run up to me exams, sometime last week, wait…. No the other week, yeah, I been off a whole three weeks…. Geez, feels so much better… 

Ok, back2basics…. 

In that run up to the exam(s), a friend of mine was in a similar situation… only that he was, well, at the risk of sounding full of myself, not as prepped as Mr.B2B was…

He had called his Plan_A, and she was in the same hustle as I was, and coz of her hectic work schedule, her time off was solely dedicated to catching up with ‘em books….  

So he then calls his Plan_B…. er.. yours truly

I, on the other hand, was yeah hustling like the rest of y’all, but I could manage to find at least 2 hours over 2 days and help out my er friend… 

He turned up with his Questions in tow, a massive calculator, and a very blank head… 


So anyways, we proceeded to ask each other the real basics about his examination…I helped him calm his nerves…. He said he’d done it 2wice before and was afraid of not passing it the third time… We went through a similar examination, [must have been a past paper question duuh!!]

He asked me a few too many questions, the answers to which I had actually forgotten… 


Never to look alarmed, but admit my ish and tell my friend that I had actually forgotten and asked him to pull out his reference book. 

That part of not pretending to be a superman, and Mr. Know_It_All, made me realise what it seems like to be a real serious Helper and Solver of Problems, especially akademik ones… 

The rest concerning social, personal, managerial depend a lot on prior guidance, sometimes relying on your gut feeling, asking around and also drawing a line…. 

What I learned from my friend and me being to actually teach him how to stay on the grind and do a coupla numbers to build his confidence, and generally switch himself on for the paper…. 

Not do a complete change of mind, but actually just a simple enhancement of what he didn’t know he knew…. 

Anyways, this post is basikly a simple appreciation to my friend for asking me to be a point of reference, on an akademik front…. 

Not only this, but actually just as being any point of reference is supposed to make you all the more Ego-Tistical, it also allows you to look deeper within yourself, and realise that you do have a few good pointers in you….

A really humbling experience You’d be surprised, that the topic in question was Accounts…. 

LOL, and the friend in question was The_One… 

Listening to…Moving Forward, by Hoobastank… and Billy Ocean’s When the Going gets Tuff



13 responses

13 12 2007

im like a firstie!!!!

very humbling indeed.

13 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

is that all you do,
chill at mine…


Yeah, t’was very humbling indeed!!

14 12 2007

Talk about the blind leading the blind.

14 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

i wonder who does your accounts….

Mebbe i could become the Ug Bloggers Accountant!!


14 12 2007

Thank God I dropped out of school so I no longer need to worry about accounts. At least for now.

15 12 2007

I changed a life, my one good deed for the year!

16 12 2007

you know im crazy abt you,right??? ;;)

17 12 2007

lol… @ tumwijuke… altho it just might be true…

i loved accounts… u can both come for tutoring, if u still need it that is.

17 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

At least for now
Hoping it doesn’t come back to haunt you

Next time i shan’t be bothered!!!

In English??

I shall no doubt make an appointment!!
That’s if Tumwi will be there!!

17 12 2007

Dude…. You assured me there wouldn’t be a next time

17 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

Well, incase you never ever noticed…
There’s always a next time….

unless its death!!

18 12 2007
Lesi Lesi

“The One” has an empty head!!!!!

You sure we are talking about the same person??!!

You just may have sealed your death warant!!!! LOL

But seriously… it is truly humbling that someone else is looking up to you when you may be full of self doubt!!

It can be quite a boost too! For your ego??!!

Ivan, there are only two sure things… taxes and death!! The rest….

20 12 2007

I have found out a lot of times you speak loads of english and look confident people will think you know what you are talking about….then run like hell and read about it…lol

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