18 12 2007

So I am at the eatery minding my own business at the lunch hour… just managed to sneak a seat next to these two lovely professionally looking ladies… [You should have been there Cheri, Tandra]

I am wearing my killer purple tie… [K you know what I mean]

I am ordering the usual, where this entails a whole load of greens, eggplants, some fish, a little irish and ugali, together with a tall glass of water.. I am as usual minding only the business of dealing with the mountain of food on my plate…

So then this well dressed lady walked in… Then all of a sudden I couldn’t pay more than enough attention to the irish dude(s) and the lovely fish sauce..

Miss_Professional_1 just asked her friend if she knew whether Well-Dressed-Lady was a Lawyer… Miss_Pro_2 almost choked on her chips….

“How can she be….???”

She replied….

That kyana works out at rich dude’s law firm and that’s only coz she is doing the nasty with him!!!”

“Are you sure….???” Asks Miss_Pro_2

“yeah…. Infact I heard she and him have a kid yet he is happily married…” sez Miss_Pro_1 sounding a lot more like the grapevine itself…..

“so what’s the real deal…” questions 2

[I guess you’ll get the drift between 1 being Miss_Pro_1]

“Yadi Yadi Yaagh! I heard he met her when her sister was at LDC, and then he was going to hit on her sister, then he saw her…”

So he’s married huh!!” sez 2

Yeah… wit 3 kids.” hits back 1

How do you know so much about peeps…

Er… Ahem er, Ahem..” stutters back 1

Later on, at the end of the week, I was at a popular watering hole known for its banging Old School Music…. I met the above mentioned kyana i.e. Miss-Pro_1[i was dressed very down… Very very down, Jeans, Tee-Shirt,with the usual cap turned back…]

She was talking to my chum… of like possibly the last 5 or ten years…

I saw her and did not even greet her…. I hollered at my Boi the usual half guy hug!! And bought him a beer… or was it a double Johnnie Walker??

Didn’t take more than two seconds on her case, and didn’t wait for the intros…

Later in the night, my homeboi asked me for a few seconds to tell me that the other Miss Pro 1 said she had seen me somewhere. Before he could explain, she blurted out that I was in her little brother’s class and had just finished campus He didn’t slip, but kept with her story!!

He told her that I had actually just gone to my final year. When I bumped into her on Monday @ the eatery, she blinked twice at me… I was in another killer tie[K, you should see this one]

[Absolute murder signifying intent to commit the aforementioned crime of wearing extra cool ties]

So this time she says hello to me like we’ve been in cahoots before… she goes ahead to ask how come I am wearing a nice tie yet I am on campus….

GEEZ I say….

I insisted and paid for lunch, chatted her up and told her I was interning at er…. Work!

She believed me!!

Anyways… Here’s to being under-estimated!!

Not your friend is banging away, the one done by Case… I also put in Mary J Blige’s No More Drama



17 responses

18 12 2007

like OMG! nkoye nange…need the challenge…..

18 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...

who’s Tanshine??

18 12 2007
Lesi Lesi

The gossip of the town!!!

At least give her credit for keeping and remembering her “facts”!!

18 12 2007

haven’t read the post.just here for roll call(ti hi hi hi)

18 12 2007

lol@ heaven

19 12 2007

like N.W.A said, A Bitch is A Bitch and some babes unfortunately will always be that.

hmmm… so peeps on campus do not wear nice ties?

19 12 2007

I was here

20 12 2007

@Lesi Lesi
i shall give her credit when it is due…



i hear you…
No they don’t….
Not at all..


20 12 2007

I have ha-had being underestimated. Reminds me of when I was being hit on by a school boy in Garden City. he was giving me his mum’s phone number, mbu those are his temporary “digits”.

20 12 2007

Lol at Petesmama. Temporary digits. He he he.

20 12 2007

Mr. Back to Basics, I invited you to my facebook. I hope you don’t mind.

20 12 2007

Haha. No More Drama is sooo appropriate.

20 12 2007

LOL…women,we always know everyone and their stories even when fake..

20 12 2007

LOL serves her right.
@petesmama;it also reminds me of being hit on by a schoolie who told me he is going to UK to study so proudly like it was his ticket to my you know what…

20 12 2007

A school boy keeps calling me and asking me out. Another one keeps…anyway, maybe they are looking for a mother in me.

21 12 2007
Mr. Back2Basics...


Ha-Ha’d @ G-City….

Temporary Digits…

True True…
it’s all good….
will see how to go about it…

Again True True..

That’s hilarious…
especially when it’s fake….

Where’ve you been??
A ticket to UK, i should’ve used that line….
It serves her right huh!!

First off, how did a school boi grab your digits???
Secondly, answer that and we see how to go about the rest

21 12 2007

Well, he called my number by mistake and liked my voice

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