21 12 2007

Is it always a given when I turn up and say that you have nice hair, that I am destined to ask to get into your pants???

I met her a couple of weeks into 2005, and she never used to give any body the time of day… Till my homeboi dared me!!

It’s a guy thing H!

The deal was I should manage to get into her pants. Hey, not actually get into her pants, but just make sure that it is not a hustle in case I really needed to!!

Sounds nasty huh!!

Well, u tell me…

Allow me to proceed with what happened…

She…Attitude, way up there like the dude who’s just joined BOU and feels that the world is his!!Looks real nice, and chooses her clothes well. Speaks well, too…

Listens even better.Has the wrong kinda guy on her case.

He…..Well, you should know that Mr.B2B is just plain old Basik.

Ok, sometimes cool. Speaks well too, doesn’t have any kind of guy on his case.

Recently flew the relationship coop, so you know I’m down for a dare concerning a lovely lady who is full of herself…

Catch words…. Full of herself…, lovely, wrong kinds guy on her case.

I got all this info from my hommie who does serious Re-Con whenever such cases are going down…

He sorta knew her, and is the Lawyer friend of mine from Drawing_Lines!

So he said he’d swallowed that bitter pill and drawn a million lines here!

He and her rendez-vous’ed wit me in the background… His cell went off… he went out to answer the phone, not before he told her I like ROCK music….

Can of worms…Chatted about all the recent rockers from Finger11, to LinkinPark, to Alannis, Avril, Sheryl, Bono to even more recent chaps like…

Er, whatever sounds like I’m trying to out-know Dee in that part!!

Anyways, we did the whole text thing that night, took her to a few quiet places, and really just listened to her!! Talked about the whole world. Including money, its scarcity, its negativity, sex, its drama, its use(s), education, man, a whole load a rubbish…

Then I went to her digs someday…actually all of 4 weeks after we met un-officially. I asked her very candidly, what would happen if I slowly kissed her lips…

She candidly replied…. Come and find out…

At that point is when I actually wanted to hola at my friend, and tell him that he owes me a few thangs…

It’s over… Well, as the story goes, it didn’t stop there…I sat in the settee as far away from her as possible, and she laughed and told me it is so ok to kiss her really slowly.

I did so, and gently rubbed her arm. When she pulled away to smile, I knew that Mr.B2B was nearing the objective.

Then her celly rang… You will never guess… It was my Lawyer friend, asking how she was, and when was the lastime she saw me… I got up slowly and er…..

Basically, the drama died down, and me and her never did the do…

That is till the next post

One call away, done by Chingy used to be so relevant



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21 12 2007

Eh, for a moment there I thought you were talking about someone I know. Except it didn’t happen in 2005. Hmmm!

21 12 2007

Kyoka, Peace. I thought whatever I shared with you was to be our little secret?

Anyway, Mr. Back to Basics, I like such unfinished biz.

21 12 2007

…and i think you are the kind of guy our mothers warned us about…the kind that go out with us because they have been dared to!!…very bad boy!

21 12 2007

The age old game of dare!!! men never grow up thats for sure. I would sure love me and my girls to pull a daring thingi on a man.

24 12 2007
Lesi Lesi


Sounds like a deliberate move on your lawyer friend’s part! Are you sure he was not somewhere round the corner with a pair of binoculars keeping tabs on things?

That call was a bit too timely if you ask me!! Prol did not want to swallow a second bitter pill of knowing his ‘friend’ got to where he had failed and not because he was interested but because of a dare…i wonder!

Won’t go into the …slowly getting up and the drama dying down…LOL

27 12 2007

that’s the best game aman can ever play, feels good especially when he….u know!
i advise you en yo girls not to play coz the man might win even when he’s not part of the game, that’s just the ‘rules’

Happy holidays people!

28 12 2007

What is the beef for people who work in BOU?

30 12 2007

Well, for me it did happen in 2005..

I wonder what little secret…

I had no idea
Momz actually warn their little ones about guys like me huh!!

Well, i am er….

Yea, we are actually allowed that one flaw…

Boys will be…

But are you sure you wanna try this at home

Perhqaps it was a deliberate move on my Lawyer friend…

Anyways, will hit you up on the subsequent post…

Are you sure you wanna be er… played by a really hott girl???
You will never seee it coming

That BOU crap just sucks…
it’s like there ain’t no better place to go…

I don’t here peeps blowing about a big money move from UTL to Warrid Telecom!!

3 01 2008

mr b2b, u r nasty. real nasty. should i let my mind wonder in detail abt the kiss and….
ok now am being nasty. holla back

19 02 2008
Chingy MySpace Layouts

Thanks 🙂

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