30 12 2007

I er…

found this

It sounds a little scary, Just click away and see for yourself

Ok, it doesn’t sound scary, but just shows the difference between men and  Women..

Is plagiarism allowed on blogger, or can i just call it research??

P.S: [destination_zero]-end  is to be published after this



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30 12 2007

u just wanted to make us curious…didnt u?? can see thru ur evil plan, u boi

2 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

What are you saying?
Just wanted to share what i found on somebody else’s blog!!!

2 01 2008

sure u did..u phrased it in a way we juuuuuuuuuuuuust had to go over to see!!

thanks for sharing, the real basix!

2 01 2008

hmmmm…… what is scary about that?

unless you are that ‘he’….

2 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

The Real Basiks are true

I said it did sound scary…
then came clearer by saying it doesn’t sound scary
and for the record, i ain’t that “he”


2 01 2008

so what is a man’s point of view for such a scenario?

since you said it shows the difference…

2 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Guys don’t hustle about such drama..

They just prefer to take their time…

if they stay around, then yeah it shows some form of committment..
if not..
Actions speak louder than words

2 01 2008

Happy new year
Meanwhile couldnt find the scarey bit….
yeah give us the man’s point of view, he was most probably thinking about nailin her not the love stuff she waz tnkin

2 01 2008

hmmm…. actions do speak louder than words, but we can’t read your minds and that’s why she was wondering about all that coz she needs a confirmation and not just assume what he feels. a lot of times lust can be mistaken for love.

2 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Hapi Nu Year to you as well
The scary part was just to entice you to go to Foxxy’s Weblog and read a beautiful piece of well-written truth

About nailing her, is that such a bad idea!!

If she loves him, that’s kewl

If he loves her but just has a problem saying it, well

Kewl as well

if a guy, who [in most cases] finds it hard to say what’s on his mind, then you will have to either wait for him to show you… then tell you, eventually!!


Hope that he responds in ways that you can tell are positive…

Guys aren’t like chics (Oops, kinda obvious)
They don’t really communicate in the same way

In other news, the post at Foxxy’s is really nice huh!!
and yeah, the difference between Love & Lust have been addressed before in an older post on Mr.B2B’s

4 01 2008

mr b2b, staying around has never and will never be a sign of committment. the guy could be using u as a bus stop. waiting for the next bus to come along. that is why its important to say it. be it a negative or positive view, better that way. getting down and nasty is an action which we both know doesnt mean anything if the people involved dont feel eachother and like minty said before, guys do it with both those they feel for and those they dont feel for, so really actions in this case…. holla back.

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