3 01 2008

Well, the whole idea with It being a guy thing is kinda simple!!

You see, a few days ago, I was in a conversation with a fellow Blogger about this whole dating thang!!

You see, it is kinda tricky so lemme just lay down the facts straight!!

1. Guys like chics, (We all know this)

2. Chics like guys (sometimes it’s hard to notice this coz of many chic’s deep fear of rejection)

3. Guys many a time don’t know how to approach a hott/ nice/ good_looking/fyne/ generally deep chic without er, going into mid-sentence blank nada, dram, aka bullshyte…

Or he will just forget for a teenie second and look at her oh_so_dope_chest!!

I need back-up on this one here!!

4. He eventually flops with his lousy approach and fails to change,it, coz of his ego thinking that it is a chic_thing!! (maybe!!)

5. He then gets desperate and lowers his game type to accommodate all types of chics…


6. Until he gets introduced to RegularHottie from [the_thin_line]

Then he realises he has to up his game!!

He then has to step-up/ upgrade/ style-up/generally pull_up_his_er_socks


So when he is dared to approach Ms. Full.of.Herself from  [destination_zero]

He has to no doubt test his game so that he doesnot mess-up! The bigger picture from er, RegularHottie!!

Anyways, read-on



When I found out it was Lawyer from [Drawing_lines], I was impressed…

It got me thinking, maybe he had already set me up!! He is a lawyer innit!! And he does want to take over the world…

Anyways, she chatted with him for about 5, or 6 minutes….

I meanwhile went to the fridge looking for a cold drink!! Went through her ROCK Cds. Was quite impressed at her dedication to the cause!!

Looked at her snaps on the shelf….

Yeah all in 6 minutes…

By the time she hang up and shyte, I was hating my lawyer friend….

He made me feel like one of them chaps on Punk’d, or even worse, like Mickey_Bricks and his gang had just pulled a short_con on moi!!

I then calmed down, and gave her a really soft kiss on the fore-head , and said I had somewhere to be…

I left Ms.Atti’s and called Regular_Hottie and blew all my mutwalo airtime… basically 50 or so minutes, okay a kewl hour

I then realised that yeah yeah, if you’ve got game, you’ve got game!!

It just depends on which hott chic is messing with your head…

The situation thus changes when there’s this one hott chic who moves you!! Not only in the physical, but yeah yeah, in the mental, spiritual {you actually don’t know this till you interact with her] and money-al, and the like!!!

Do I see a confession here!!

Er, well,

Some other time. Don’t got any music on the playlist, though i did find Maroon5’s album called [songs_About_Jane] interesting…

one by Talib.Kweli called I_Try… feat Mary.J.Blige singing the hook was playing…



9 responses

3 01 2008

On that album ‘Songs About Jane’ each song has a line about sex. It is an awesome album and that is not the only reason.

4 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Yeah Dee!
i feel you on M5’s first effort…
t’was a dope album, ok, awesome

That is the main reason i have never ever lent out my copy…
i usually make a copy for who-ever really appreciates them..

4 01 2008

Dee..u didnt..have to justify it…LOL

stingy dude…err…so dude…can the never be undone..u know they say never say neever!!!!

Kati basix! thanks for ur take!

4 01 2008

soft kiss… only? and left?!

and you are supposed to be a player?

5 01 2008
Lesi Lesi

You and regular hottie!!! I wonder what girl from downstairs would have to say to all this.

At this point, i will declare that there is no line or if there is, then you both seem to be on the same side of it all along… I do believe you just fessed up and was toying with our brains to see if we would catch you out.

Happy new year!

7 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...


U need an education on “How To Be A Player”

The plan was working and yeah it did work…
To see if i could get into her pants at all, if i really wanted to!!

She used to call me a lot, after that wondering of it was something she said, or did!!
Untill, Lawyer friend spilt the beans…
Now she has a lot more repsect for me, and less for Lawyer_Friend..


Hapi Nu Yr too… 2 u
Girl from Downstairs is Just a friend nowadays…

Again, Mr.B2B DoesNot Fess up!!!

8 01 2008

(about the post)Nze me am just laughing just….geez what am i saying?…

and i want that Maroon 5 c.d…p’se?

8 01 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

U little meanie…
for that matter…

“u want”


9 01 2008
Lesi Lesi

See… i told you that call was too timely for my liking!

At least it worked in your favour! So are we going to hear more about regular hottie?… as in going steady? LOL!

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