if i ruled the world…. [homage2Nas]

13 01 2008

If I ruled the world…

That track by Nasir Jones… aka Nas Escobar, Nasty Nas, Nastrodamus, evokes memories of a teenager who had all this attitude…

I listened to this track recently in a friend’s ride on a polite road trip to a relatively happening eastern town in Uganda.

He [Nas_Esco] starts off by asking us…

“Life, I wonder…. Will it take me under??? Imagine smoking w*** in the streets without cops harassing??

Imagine everybody flashing designer clothes, bankrolls……

Lacing your click up with designer clothes… Imagine no rubbers… and the like….”

When Nas was penning this track, I think he had Mr. B2B in mind…

Why might you ask…

If he ruled the world, Lauryn Hill singing the hook, she’d free all her sons… Black diamonds and pearls….

When I first heard this track, I must have been all of fifteen years old… or around about sixteen or seventeen…

The way he expressed himself, and asking a whole lot of us whether he…

“U can have all the chips, be poor or rich, still nobody want a ni99a not havin sh**e”

If we’re still living for today, and all these last days in time!!

Well if Mr. B2B ruled the world… I’d er….


Make sure I look up all my rivals [read enemies] and bring ‘em to task… i.e. not beating ‘em up or some drama like that, but rather sort ‘em out socially, morally, and yeah financially….

I guess that would create me another bunch of rivals…

Sounds interesting…


Organise a really serious change of mind…. I.e. instead of making peeps work to get paid, make ‘em get paid first and notice how their attitude(s) would ever change….


Relieve the world of the word stress….Make a mandatory party whenever the word stress turns up… [appreciation] Make the world learn to appreciate each other, especially the small basics….

Which are these u might ask….

Small words like please and thank you

these that make you not take the world for granted…


Make blogging the second highest paying profession right after being the World_Ruler.. So that when I retire, I can still get paid….. LOL!!!


See the world…. Starting with my country Uganda….

Then straight to Maui, The Bahamas, The Coral Reef down-under


Make a worldwide law that does not condone child molesters, and force them to go to the gallows without any form of hearing, trial and any such forum to make any scrupulous lawyer exploit the system…


Re-design the World Ruler constitution to only allow a maximum of two terms, which will require a mandatory Time-Off Session that will allow the Seating World Ruler spend time with himself….


hmmn this one is tricky….

Well, let’s just leave it at that for now, coz ruling the world is actually looking as challenging as I expected it to be…. Need to do a little more reading…

Soul2Soul’s Back2Life is in the playlist, as is Nas… obviously



14 responses

14 01 2008

like… i am No.1….hey!!!! i think….

14 01 2008
Mr. B2B


This firstie thing is getting to your head..

15 01 2008

if i ruled the world,i would be like the king of swaziland. i would make sure all the hot males belonged to me. and i would have them paraded before me in their nakedness. i would …..mr b2b sup holla back

15 01 2008

lol… foxylamb. an interesting idea though…

blogging as the 2nd highest profession… lol… i like that.

totally with you for the travelling bit, but head straight to the moon after seeing ug.

16 01 2008

i hate to tell u this but am beginning to miss the old blog colors. dont get me wrong, these ones were nice in the beginning but i prefer the dark colours to these girlish one u just pickd. there, i have said it. holla back

16 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Well hott young males huh!

Straight to the moon huh!
That’s Deep!
Travelling would be lovely

Girly colours!
You can’t be serious!

17 01 2008

dead serious abt those colors. holla back

17 01 2008

dead serious abt those colors. holla back

17 01 2008

I do actually habour delusions of world domination and if i did everyone would have to grow atleast 1 brain cell

17 01 2008
Mr. B2B

you is so not serious!!


Welcome by

1 Brain Cell…

17 01 2008

Ditto Sybella… I lovced the older template better.

Kati Mr.B2B I second that motion of making blogging a highly paid profession. Making it a proffession alone sounds cool. Check out my business card.

Cheri L’amour
Uganda Blogger Society
+25641 123456

17 01 2008


17 01 2008
Lesi Lesi

Keep dreaminggg!!

Didn’t someone tell you that parties can also be stressing?

The please and thank you are a must!

I would have a swimming pool in every compound. Remember Mulaasii!!! Not that i understood what he was singing but the sights were quite…..

I think it relieves stress more than anything, that’s all

18 01 2008

Stress Stress can u relieve me?

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