18 01 2008

Just a few words i had been writing out that keep coming to my head when i think about her, no Tandra, this did not take 24 hours, but actually a few days….

Patience; well I think it applies to me more than her, in a way

Letting it Out; finds it hard, but because of the above, it is all in due time

Romantic; Well, er… aren’t they all?? LOL!

Humorous; Seriously LOL!!

Rocker: Same Same

HipHop; More Me than her

Reader; Deeper than the usual.. though sometimes…

Intelligent; Really Impressive….

Deep Eyes; Nuff Said…

Responsible; Well, this just happened. Or it seems it has been so for a little while *don’t know what i meant to say here!!

Unselfish; I love this part…

Self-Control; Needs a little work, but is not too hugely out of control…

Religious; I love this and would love to learn from her too

Honest; I am learning a lot from her here, she’d be surprised

Chaste; Been there. Learning as well

Courageous; All the more learning, though it has its disputes, coz hey WhoDaMan?

Humble; Mad Skillz you have here. Could be confused for Snobbish and very private, but the look translates into the truth…

Expressive; once again, I love this part too..

Good Listener; Even more than she seems

Very Personal; Learning from her a whole lot.

Focused; Hmmmn should i… ok no! Always has been!

A Little Impatient; Er…. We both know with a hint of under, er what’s the word??? Under-… the one where you really take away more than actually meets the eye! Understatement!! Ai, i need your help

Un-expectant ; Well this one is a shocker…

Somehow Organised; I er… really can’t say can i??

The List is a little incomplete… i will take a little more time on it sometime in the coming week, and just wrap up a really complete post so that you can really understand her…

Playing out is D’Angelo’s called “Brown Sugar..”

Hmmn coincidence… it reminds me of her too,

and yeah The Fray’s “How To Save a Life”



12 responses

18 01 2008

Firsties yo

How do you like me now? I even get firsties elsewhere.

18 01 2008

Eh, these fairsties where supposed to be mine…

But wat is this mr. B2B…I follwed yo link at my comments section and got this…http://buttercookie.wordpress.com/edmokmg.wordpress.com

I’m confused

19 01 2008
Mr. B2B

What makes me wonder is that you and Tandra just go around being Firsties…

But hey, drop a line on the Post!!

I deny anything
it wasn’t me!

19 01 2008

eh….even me i want to be written about!! 😀

21 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Nuff said

21 01 2008

ummmm….at the risk of seeming very blonde(which am not by the way)may i ask what this is about?…seriously?

21 01 2008

lol@ heaven….lol

kati B2B..namez please…

21 01 2008

@ heaven im with you there feel like i’ve walked in half through a movie.

21 01 2008

hmmmm…someone is obviously in love….

even the song reminds u of her huh…

22 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Hmmn, here goes…
evidently your blonde tendencies are slowly, but surely coming out!
More like who, not “what”

I’ll write about you next!

halfway through a movie huh!!
guess you would appreciate the beginning then..

wait for the pre-quel to this!

22 01 2008

sup mr b2b, names please, i want to meet her. and if she is still in your dreams, dont worry. holla back

9 02 2008
~words~finally~ « Back2Basics…

[…] words? Well, anyways, since I won’t post a picture of her on the B2B-Blog, I will complete [~Words~] by going through […]

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