22 01 2008

[The world makes room for people who know where they are going ]

Don’t know how to look at it, but this quote made a tonne of sense to me!

no tracks necessary in the playlist!



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23 01 2008

waiit..the qoute made sense to u..the one that u “crossed out”?? the one thats in red??? oba tis the “qouting seven thing”?? just asking….LOL…

oooo in like your face!

23 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Can you believe this chic???

23 01 2008

lol… tandra but she has a valid point, its crossed out like you don’t wanna know.

23 01 2008

the world indeed is like the road from mukwano arcade going to the bus park, if u stood and waited for people to give u space, u would spend the whole day there. but to make way, one has to move forcefully in the crowd till one gets to the desired destination.one has to forge through and that is just how life is. holla back

23 01 2008

its crossed to mean the author is being sarcastic as foxylamb has explained

24 01 2008

i cant believe a lit lesson just happened…LOL ((falls off chair laughing))))

24 01 2008
Lesi Lesi

“…makes room…” somehow depicts a parting for one to occupy the space whereas foxylamb describes a pushing of one’s way thru. So which is which, candybox? Or should i ask foxylamb and Mr. B2B?

24 01 2008

the lit lesson still in progress?…let me think of something really deep to say!

LOL @Tandra…You really are onto something,innit?

24 01 2008

*ti ti ti ti tiiiiiiiiii*

and finding nothing deep to say(in relation to the post, that is)she runs off…

25 01 2008

No playlist today, yay! Not that I don’t like the playlist thingy, but eeeee sometimes!

26 01 2008
Mr. B2B

“crossed out”
meant that it is usually taken for granted!

tru dat!

Well, not so so, but as above for Sy!

@Tandra Again!
Can you believe this chic???

I can just omagine what would happen if you and Tandra actually hanged out together!!


@H! again
Read prior comments!!

ok, ok!
i get the point!

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