28 01 2008

As you look back at all the things that you have really done in your life(s) you will agree with me that there are a few things that will surprise you when you do that whole “looking back in retrospect”

Work with me…

When I was around 6 years old, the gentleman who lived next door to us, was almost 100 years old  (I think).. he was one of them Senior Citizens… as I remember correctly, he must have been at least 65 or so years my sincere… he told me that he had children and at that time (must have been in the early 1920s), they were taken away from him because he had to go to “war”

He always used to ask about me and my sister, coz we were the only “black” kids on the floor and he actually had never “interacted” with other races… he was “humbled when he found out that we were just the same!I just used to like his taste in sweets, chocolates and ice-creams…

As I grew older, I met a bunch of people who were/ are really interesting!!

My first friend who never ever said squat about my “fancy” accent… he never walked away from me when I told him that he speaks in a very “funny” way… You see Francis was munyankole just like me kwonka, he had grown up speaking the language, unlike some “unlucky” chaps like me who learnt “Queen’s English” in the land of the Brits….

The truth be told that Francis was a very humble gentleboi… he used to winder how come I could not speak Runyankole, yet I kept saying my surname was of Kinyankole origin!!He told me that he liked the way I used to “ask” a question whenever I got stuck in anything… believe me that was a lot more of the time that you could imagine….  Francis left “our school” after that year ended, and went to Switzerland, coz his mom had been “appointed” to some juicy position on the United Nations work force…

I met him recently, and he hasn’t changed…. Ok, he still speaks runyankole with exquisite precision, and was just as surprised as I was to find that his English is now even more “impeccable” than mine used to be, and he was “dumbfounded” to find that I actually speak a lot more runyankole than he remembers!!

The main issue that he said stuck with him was our interest for knowledge… he said that he still remembers me walking up to the Numbers Teacher in P.4 and asking him why whatever was what it was!!!

In the older classes, of P.6 right through to S.3, there were also a bunch of other chaps who never ceased to “impress” me because of their uneek attitude to class and how they managed to not bother attempting to try and open any form of academic material… these chaps used to look at me and my “don’t_give_a_shyte_attitude” and wonder what it was that I really wanted from the whole school set-up scenario!!

Little did I know that they were slowly but surely adopting my attitude and carefully deteriorating in their academics prowess…I thought it was cool to be laid back and go straight to the next class without too much effort, i.e. achieve a grade mark average of 50% by just getting 50%!!!

As time went on, the part where you notice certain things that certain people like about you keeps coming up! You tend to notice that as much as certain people have certain effects on you, there are certain other people who are constantly doing a few things that you find exclusive to you and only you!

At first it seems kinda weird and you want to be really selfish coz you feel that it was you the “originator” and want to be the only one “maintaining” that status-quo…When I hit post High School drama, it became really hilarious to have certain peeps always hanging around you and your proggie because they always seemed to want to join in! as much as they were already cool, the main issue became the fact that they saw some stuff in you that they liked.

Little did I know that there was something in them that I liked as well…So when you do realise that you do “influence” one or two peeps in a certain way, you tend to appreciate the fact that your natural demeanour exudes a certain flair that makes it cool-ish to er,

wear you hat backwards, and feel cool,

to cut your hair in acertain way, and not get weird stares…

to er, speak with a certain type of English…. and  be looked as cool!!

Then you suddenly want to wear nicer shirts, and speak with a little more decency than you used to! not actually “spend” too much time out on the town, but chill-out homebase….

The essential point of this post being that whenever you are being influenced by a certain somebody, there is a very uneek almost 90% chance that you are doing something similar to that same person who is actually influencing you!

You tend to notice that there are some things that actually move the other person! 



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28 01 2008

n like back at one…

28 01 2008

waiiit…does this mean u n me shdnt hang??? this stuff of adopting “dont give a shyte attitude” simanyi!

28 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Why don’t you just wait and see…

28 01 2008

so, in essence, what is your take on education as a whole?

28 01 2008

You move me……you give me courage I didnt know I had.
lets quit the lyrics, for real now, how have I influenced you?

28 01 2008
Mr. B2B

Thanks for dropping by (again)
My take on education…
Well, it is very helpful, coz it gives you a springboard on what to base your direction careerwise
and it allows you to meet a bunch of interesting people across the world

Where the heck have you been?
Your influence in my life has been to “always go out and get what i really want”
truth be told…
i didn’t know i could push for certain things, till…
er i started hanging around you…
Deep huh!

29 01 2008

poor mislead souls… influenced by Mr.B2B… oba at that point you were little b2b then changed the name with time… lol…

29 01 2008

dont know about y’all but i easily catch bad habits from people compared to the good ones, wonder if some one has caught on my bad habits.am yet to hear if i have influenced any one positively. mr b2b, u always told me that i had a hidden thingie waiting to come out,. i think its finally being born and i totally love it. holla back

29 01 2008
Mr. B2B

mbu little B2B
I had no idea that i was actually an “influence” in all them people’s lives…
But looking back…

29 01 2008

i just typed something and then lost it. will comment another day.holla back

31 01 2008

i haven’t read the post, running around but about the other thing,am smiling with you!

31 01 2008

secrets, aya!! we also want to smile,nawe

31 01 2008

Never thought about this that deeply, but i guess your right now that i think about it.
I see you’ve rolled me. Thanks. Been meaning to get round to starting mine but never seem to get round to it. Soon, very soon.

2 02 2008
Lesi Lesi

Glad to be enlightened of this angle on things! Quite deep but then, that is what back to basics is all about, isn’t it?

16 02 2008
dark chocolate

Possible Impact??? For the time I have known you ( the LONGESSSTTT!!!!)…you spell out GROUNDED in many aspects of life…I believe many people want to be JUST LIKE YOU. Truth is I believe you found yourself at an early age…and even as I continue to take the winding road of life with you there..you definitely have a positive impact on mine and remind me on how humble I must always be…after all YOU ONLY LEAVE ONE IMPRESSION WITH EVERY ONE YOU MEET 🙂

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