Does it really ever matter??

1 02 2008

How I met Down_Stairs_Kyana was kind of weird.

You see me and her had met in the elevator a couple of times and basically just smiled at each other. We used to notice each other somehow.

[sounds corny huh]

There’s this time I had stepped out of the elevator and she noticed that I had dropped a handkerchief… I only noticed in the office a few minutes after and I had given up on it. For the obvious reasons being the fact that growing up with morning allergies, [and going to a certain primary school which necessitated carrying a showing a clean hankie at the gate] taught me to have at least 2 clean hankies…


Truth be told, DSK is quite the looker. But before I make any investment(s), I usually scout around to find out a little info. Just the basics

(excuse the PUN)

How she relates with people,


Does she appreciate dry humour?




And the occasional guffaw!!!

Also, her take on politiks [best be minor],

The usual open-ness when talking about the basiks, [again excuse the PUN],

and yeah, a certain sense of style…

Whatever then.

So my findings were kind of weird…

Is she is really cool with people?? Check!!

Does she appreciate dry humour?” Check!!

Does she like politiks?? It’s minor so yeah Check!!

Is she open?? Yet to Check

Her style… Lovely, so Check

The main issue here being does it really matter whether you,

[A] do a background check, Or

[B] you go finding out along the way

In my previous experience(s), I never ever did a background check.

SWG, was a breeze. Every step of the way was a new journey…

PMB, hmmmn she was kinda weird, very new approach to living in my eyes…What most people would call eclectic.

So anyways, when DSK turned up trying to put the game on Mr.B2B, I did what all gentlemen in my position would do… I let her do the chasing!! I must admit, at first it seemed really interesting.

Then after a few randomsies, calls after midnight, impromptu visits at the office, and then appearing out of no-where when you and your mates are having a guy’s night out set of drinks Madam!!

I knew I shoulda done an extensive background check…

You remember that track by LLCoolJ called  [Around the Way Girl]

This post is long over-due… i meant to put it up around the time i was watching me’self  i actually have no real reason why i delayed, but whatever… just read the darn….



14 responses

1 02 2008

yeah….anha! anha! anha anha anha!!!

does it really ever matter?

1 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Your point being???

1 02 2008

hmmm… so you don’t like being chased?

1 02 2008
Mr. B2B

more like not like being “stalked”

1 02 2008

C’mon every man likes being chased, stalked, etc. It’s very flattering. As long as she isn’t a psycho chick or a peeping Tom.

And no, it doesn’t really matter at all.

1 02 2008
The African King

I know what you mean, brother.

2 02 2008
Lesi Lesi

It gets a little (actually quite) irritating when someone acts like they know what your next move is going to be, just because they did a “background check”!

A bit of a check is ok but an investigation is quite intrusive, is my take on the issue.

I mean what is left to be discovered then?

4 02 2008

a background check doesn’t have to be extensive Lesi but it is advisable. u need to know something about the person before you plunge into a relationship and not from the said person.

or half way through, when you are hooked, you discover what it feels like for the back of his hand/fist to have some hard contact with your body or much worse. and had you known not bothered to even start it.

4 02 2008

background check, verrrrry important. I learnt the hard way.
Takes out half the fun in getting to know the person though

5 02 2008

checking out the person, i believe is good only to a certain extent. so u check him or her out and u see one thing u dont like, u will never get to know this person because u will be biased by this small thing. small i repeat.and at the end of it all, its yr loss. dont get me wrong on the checkin out, but if u let this small thing make u look the other way, then trully u r not giving this person a chance to impress you. sup, mr, holla back.

6 02 2008
Lesi Lesi

@ Sybella & Kissyfur
Do you really believe you will ever find out the abuser just from a background check? I am not refusing a check on a few things like family if possible, where he hangs out, some likes and dislikes, tribe (if it matters or not).

But i do think that some of those major issues may only come to light when there is just the two of you, reason being that people are always careful to hide that nasty/ ugly bit of themselves such that a check may not really uncover them.

Best we can hope for it that those nasties are becoming extinct! (I know i am dreaming but without dreams, then where would we be, right?)

Not being sexist but it is usually the men who do those background checks. I think it is good for you Mr. B2B to know what it feels like to be at the receiving end of a background check!

7 02 2008
dark chocolate

Hey Mr. B2B…its DC and I have to admit HELL YEAH!!!! —IT SURE DOES MATTER. I believe there is so much importance & truth in revealing someone’s background. Be careful what you try to dig up because it may just break you…..perhaps not..may be liberate you ( all in will help manage those expectttttaaaaatttionnnnsss – B2B you know…)

7 02 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

you would be surprised…
about chasing, stalking and all that drama!

yeah i am with you, it don’t really matter…

@African King
Ok Ok…

That is some sorta extensive background check…
knows your next move!!

Well, i guess you learn from “experience”

if you don’t see it coming, then usually you adapt and become a lot more cautious…

Well, i hear you…
experience does do that to you!

@Lesi again
Well, i usually am way too laid back to be the recipient of a background check, but hey…

i am only too willing to do all the “explaining” me’self

but you seem to have a strong point!
but you also seemed to be sexist!

7 02 2008

LOL,a brother got suffocated,thats what they always say.Poor kyana probably thought she was being romantic,caring and!

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