9 02 2008

You know how they say a picture is worth a coupla thousand words?
Well, anyways, since I won’t post a picture of her on the B2B-Blog, I will complete [~Words~] by going through the…

Just read on then…

So, I met her at this party.

Sounds kinda cliché huh? She was chilling in the kitchen, I think she was looking for something to eat… well, so was I… I actually was looking for both Ice Cubes for a drink that I was just about to conjure up, and didn’t want to drink it warm!!

And a bigger plate than the one I had been offered, so that I could load it up with all that lovely food. Anyways,

So, I saw her and realised I had seen her like almost 800 days ago….

[That’s just over two years ago Tandra]

I asked her if her name was what it was … and she looked at her friend with her “eyes” like who does this dude think he is? I didn’t sweat it, but quickly told her where I’d seen her, and blah-zi-blah…

She er, sorta seemed like she wasn’t used to being “approached” in the way I was er, “approaching”

Truth be told, she does have very beautiful “expressive” eyes…


This post is supposed to explain in a few [just_a_few] more words the most unique things that I find about her…

Well, for starters, she is “special”…I know you might want me to er, “elaborate”…

I think Dante would understand when he says Carlo is “special” and so would Dee, when she speaks highly about her Lover!

Then, she is “strong” with this, I mean she has this whole “independence” thing that seems to have always been around/ within/ about her ever since time immemorial

Another thing that amuses about her is the fact that she is always calm about ish! No matter how much drama comes up! Well, not that any drama has come up yet, or has it!

In other news, the fact that she does have a really cute a** helps the fact that she is really good to look at.

[Like Dr. House said, she’s easy on the eyes]

Oops, I was saying! I got the plate quickly, and loaded it up!

Failed to find any cubes, but found some cold “coke” in the fridge and used that to “cool” my drink! Joined in the discussion that she was embroiled in! Noticed she didn’t drink! And ended up chatting with her, her friend, and the other two chaps in the “discussion” about whatever it was….

Eh, yeah Regular_Alcohol_Consumption, it’s vices, gains and general hazards…

Won’t go into the nitty-gritty of what was discussed… Just want to say that so far, she is a uneek addition in my life, and though her “independence” is er… all-over the place, it helps if you have a little help from someone who actually likes you back as much as you like her, and then some!!

Thank you so far…





13 responses

9 02 2008

banange Ed, thanks…i was actually counting!! silly

yeah, i rock!!!!!!

9 02 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Can you believe this chic??

9 02 2008

Boy have you got it baaaaaaad.lol

10 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Well, re-iterating what you wrote on your blog…
I er….
plead the 5th amendment!

12 02 2008

Tho thprung!

12 02 2008

~You are in love ~ finally.

12 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Where have you been?

i can so explain…

Well, er…
again, i plead the 5th

13 02 2008

man, your officially whipped. and thats not a bad thing

13 02 2008

feels good to be in love doesnt it, mrb2b,am glad for you. holla back

13 02 2008

mr b2b, my comments keep disappearing whats up? holla back

14 02 2008

Mr. B2B, I see cupid finally hit his target… U’re in love!!!! 🙂

14 02 2008
Mr. B2B

ok, Woman….
who said it’s a bad thing?

Howdie you
Jus wondering why Cupid is a guy!!

15 02 2008
Lesi Lesi

Everyone has concluded!! But i want to ask… are you? In love that is.

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