18 02 2008


This reminds me of the time in my life when I used to spend time finding really interesting ladies and doing all the necessaries to make sure she wants to see me again and again.

No, I am not talking about sex.

I am talking about charisma/ charm/ appeal/ interest…

I did this at the time because I wanted to know if it was important to “ladies”/ “girls”/ women if a guy like me whether or not I had any “paper” in my pocket or not! You see, about the time that I liked these all so many hunnies, a set of chaps who had a little more “paper” to go around were interested in the same girl…

Is seemed like a forgone conclusion that she was going to hook up with Mr. More-Loaded-Than-B2B I didn’t really know him, and I virtually didn’t give a shyte! I was a little intimidated by Mr. MLTB2B but hey, it actually moved me…

I used to see them together and she used to wave to me all the time. She used to turn up at my digs crying that “he” has disappointed her… I stopped bumping into her, and made it a point to always walk the other way…

In true essence, she asked to see me someday and carefully explained to me that as much as she was with MoreLoadedThanB2B, she actually felt my style, and all the little things I used to do for her/ with her and the like…

She found it really hard to be with him when she wanted someone “deeper” like me!!

I told her, it’s coz Mr More Loaded is simply that!

More loaded!!!

It seemed cliché at the time, but I met her recently and introduced me to her fiancé. He seemed a whole lot different from Mr. More Loaded…

He seemed much calmer, and I swear I noticed his Deep interest in her, not in the deep way he looked at her eyes when he kissed her goodbye!!!


don’t wanna be a player? by Joe/



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18 02 2008

Lemme first secure these socks and boots be Tandra swoops in…

18 02 2008

So let me get this straight – Once upon a time you stood a chance btuthings didn’t work out then you’ve recently bumped into her?
And your tempted to rekindle that old fire…….lol
Heh MrB2B all the best and keep us posted.

18 02 2008

Now that they are settled, Edmo, is that u in the pic? Because the game u sprayed that chick with… Mr loverman, got none on u.

19 02 2008

Ha ha.

Game over, no?

19 02 2008

i should have been first, but my silly computer wouldnt save my comment. cheri, tandra, watch out next time. i liked the part where mr says,”I swear I noticed his Deep interest in her, not in the deep way he looked at her eyes when he kissed her goodbye!!!” i didnt know guys could concentrate that much. holla back.

19 02 2008
Mr. B2B

You made it sockies “finally”
Tandra, where you @??

Well, i was actually surprised about having that chance, coz i thought she was more into his er.. dimezzz than basic, deep, simple, company, and conversation..
Y’know, the finer simpler things in life…
ok, that is before you find out that Money is a Thang!!

Me and Mr.MLTB2B are now cool, and he changed his attitude towards women…

I am not trying to re-kindle any old(er) flames Candy…

@Cheri (again)
That pic was/is just too cute…
Dude, was on a mission..
Or maybe he was just being Laid-Back, and she was er… all….er….over him
He Got Game indeed

Game Totally Over..
Not after ~Words~Finally
You dig?

19 02 2008

that pic is just… sniff, sniff… so cute.

don’t wanna be a player? hmmm…

lol… tandra you have just been issued a challenge

20 02 2008

Mr.B2B, pliz try n find unchattered territory. the gal’s taken. tandra’s still on birthday hungover. she cant be bothered to be socks(???)

21 02 2008

did u just imply that much calmer guyz dont have money? or to the point cant be more loaded than MrB2B? im just asking….

21 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Lovely pic true…
don’t wanna be a player…

Welcome back Ms TrampCard…
About “unchartered territory” you do have a very strong point there…
not doing!!!
not ever…
not in the plan…

About Tandra’s ish… i’m wondering why she didns say squat!!!


Former Queen of Sockies, well at least here at B2B…

No No No!
Such calmer guys do have moolah… even more loaded than Mr.B2B, but the point in question is whether i did have money on me or not, would she be into me??

Dyu gittit?

26 03 2008
Game-ish again « Back2Basics…

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