A little Plagiarism Perhaps….

21 02 2008

First off…

This is my friend Moe’s Blog and he’s just returned homebase… after almost 2 solid years in Norway…

The pic says a million words…



I will continue the real plagiaristic post kesho/ nyenkyakare/ enkya/ tomorrow

Whatever !




4 responses

21 02 2008

Socks on a non post…Lemme go to Moe’s.

22 02 2008

Moe’s pictures are beautiful. Thanks for the kwanjula.

I wonder what it would have looked like if he had returned home … after almost 2 liquid years in Norway …


It’s a Friday, I can’t be blamed for bad humor.

22 02 2008
Mr. B2B

i wonder where Tandra is again!!
Moe’s Pic was real nice..

Lame Humour actually works for you!!

23 04 2008
moes sister

hey moe spent 2 years in NETHERLANDS not NORWAY… otherwise i am curious who is the real back2basics… the pseudo names gets the cats curious…

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