A little Plagiarism Perhaps…. [My_Take]

26 02 2008

So basically, exactly how does the Real Man ish come into play?

After reading his take on the main issue, I realized and looked around at my friends, peers, older chums, cousins, uncles, colleagues, workmates, and friends of Pops (all the gents that is) and noticed that the way life works out in the beginning really affects how you end up as a Man…

Work with me….

As a youngster growing up, I was afforded all the little time of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Playtime with the neighbours, total chill-out sessions when my friends came to play football, but all that changed when I er, hit the later stages of primary school.

I was taught to cross the road by me’self, taught to polish me own (and everyone else’s) shoes, wash and iron me own (and everyone else’s) clothes, not to yell at me sister, because she is a girl, always say please and thank you a lot more than I used to especially to a girl, let my sister walk through the door before me, not tell very interesting stories to my sister and her friends, because she could possibly remember them word for word unless it was about Riviera!!

Anyways, all this was done by not only me Momz, but me er Dad, was there telling me to behave and listen accordingly to Momz, other wise we would have that simple but everlasting conversation with er, the enkooni that would somehow always disappear from sight whenever there was no drama, but would always turn up in the face of trouble. That enkooni was/ is known to have had a very uneek relationship with both my behind, and my back at any one time of the Holiday Season, especially when a new football was being kicked around in the house and somehow broke a coupla bulbs….


Looking at what The Eternal Bachelor said, about Man A, and Man B having their own drama-tikalistiks

The issue I would like to portray or should I say share…



Is that growing up as a guy, you are always corrected by kiboko (Like Joshi), and that is supposed to make you reflect about the real issue…

Treating women however is different, because we are proved by society that the Real Man is one with all them Honeys… y’know.. the one who knows what chics want especially between them sheets…. (sounds familiar)

After being a so called Player and realizing that all that chics ant is to be appreciated a lot more than they usually are…

I have realized that a Real Man as much as he might want to care for his woman, and keep her happy has to have a careful mix of both Yeah Care, and a certain degree of not Care….

Am I making sense…

A real man makes all his issues known and keeps his foot on the ground all the while paying close attention to his kyana’s most basic and demanding needs… not just succumbing to her every whim, but carefully making sure that she knows what he will or will not do in the name of respect…

So in response to his er erstwhile somewhat true post, the fact that she makes him watch Coronation Street yet she knows it isn’t his cup of tea is a no no! Providing for her should be a need, and not a given… if he doesn’t want to do that, then he should re-evaluate his life and be real about the situation. If his job sucks, he should be serious and take time to find what makes him happy, because as it goes, if he is not happy it somehow affects her, and the cycle continues..

So in all honesty, the fact that Men can be disrespectful, and selfish, can make them all the more Manly, not being a Wuss and handling his bizness, then that makes the whole world a better place…

So to crown it all, a Mature Real Man is one who has taken a little time to know what he wants and how that can be put into what “she” wants… not just only dealing with only what he wants or what “she” wants, but at a closer level!!

Nuff sed….

-B2B- Thanks Carlo for your take… i put Breaking Benjamin’s “Dairy Of Jane” into the laptop and had startling reactions!



10 responses

26 02 2008

these here booots!! imma read…

27 02 2008

i like this real man… a man with balls and a mind of his own and yet sensitive to his ladies needs and wants…

would that be you?

27 02 2008

also like the post, thanks…

he is very much like ‘my him’…

27 02 2008

Nye people can tie!!! MBU “he is very much like “my him”…eh! since when did this become blowing ground for your..er.. “him” eh??? huh?huh?? huh?? wat????

27 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Boots whatever!

i’m still on the learning plan…

@Sy (again)
I liked the post as well

You mis-spelt the word Naaye!

27 02 2008

took me a while to realise this was a different post. dumber and dumberer. And obviously Tandra and Sybella have a play ground now. Her needs over his I say.

27 02 2008

I tagged you. Yay!

28 02 2008

You also misspelt ‘naye’ B2B. And this is more like it. But then again I’m still not sure this man exists. Need some convincing. Guess I should ask Mrs.B2B eh?

28 02 2008

When anyone finds this man,plse let me know… nice post thou

28 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Dumber… would just cut it
Tandra and Sybella seem to love games…
especially when Tandra is playing sockies!

Hey, next month i shall drop you the necessary tagaliciousness post

Well, i see you came back for the real deal huh
Mrs B2B wouldn’t really know, or would she?
i would also like to know her take

and yeah it is Naaye, isn’t it??

Hey you, where’ve you been?
Welcome back

This chap, well in my eyes i can’t really tell, but if i get reference from the ladies in my life, i shall drop you his digits…

@who else
oh, no one else!!

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