28 02 2008

I was gwan wait until Friday evening to post this, but WTF…

Lemme get it outta my system just like Tumwi, and Kissyfur did..

Six new things… well at least 5 of them anyways…

I was just responding to the fact that I been tagged before by er… Kissyfur, PetesMomz (wonder where she be nowadays?), Master of Nadayada, and er who else was it…

Anyways, the tagging thing has been re-kindled (LOL, has it ever been used this way, Re-Kindled) by er…. CandyBox_Neurosis (Nice name huh), Dee’s Nutshells, Master of Nadayada (again, hmmn can’t get enuff?),

Whatever then…

At least this time it is only 6 things…

Beginning with!

I am a very Extrovert-ed Loner… that means that ideally, as much as I can hang out with the whole world and allow them to know a bunch of things about me, on the other hand, I would rather be by me’self every once in a while…

Slowly coming to

I still love sports, especially rugby, basketball, and the mandatory soccer… I always take the time to know the scores of the teams that related to me, my bro, my sis, my rival teams too (tho’ these days, I just don’t give a shyte), and even my girl’s team, tho these days they are playing crap…

Steadily coming to

I am patient with most things in my life except on repeat delays… I will wait for whatever it is usually even up to 3 crappy times, after that….

Weirdly strolling to

I like waiting for people to pleasantly surprise me… I don’t usually have any expectatatatatatations about peeps, but once in a while, I take the time to try and guess and match certain people’s characters…. The few times I have done it, as I have said, I am pleasantly surprised!! Up until the part when “they” open their mouths…

Unexpectedly arriving at

I tend to always look back on the little things in my life, (and the bigger ones too) and try and learn why (if anything went wrong), it did, and if it went well, appreciate it and give thanks to him

Consequently ending/ finishing/ concluding with

I am a foodist… that basically means if I like to eat something, I will wait patiently for it, and when it comes and settles in front of me, you might not have my attention for the next 5 or 6 minutes… this goes along the lines of Chocolate, Certain types of Pizza, Well Cooked Gizzards, lotsa greens, orange juice,

Ok lemme not get carried away…

My six peeps are Miss_Tandra, Sy-Bella, Cee-Kay, Heavenly_Whatevers, The Foxxy_Lamb, Duksey, all are ladies….

There seems to be an abundance of them on both Blogger and WordPress, coz according to The Insomniac of Ugandan Origin, it is the female gender that don’t keep things in too much, and have no problem releasing their thoughts..

should have tagged her too, but ….


What to do when you’ve bin done-tagged…

Firstly, Link back to your tagger
Then post these rules in your tagged-drama-submission
After that you share six things/ habits/ quirks/ whatever about you in your tagged-drama-submission
Consequently, tag six [random] people at the end of it
And don’t forget to tell each taggee via comments that he/she done bin tagged

If you don’t know. Now you know Ni99a…

Cleverly tripped from Notorious B.I.G’s smash hit “Juicy”



10 responses

28 02 2008

anha…anha…anha!!!! booooooots!!!

28 02 2008

there’s a lot of “waiting” and “patience” going on dude. what happened to dont think…just do?

28 02 2008

I could easily say you and i like chalk and cheese especially on the patience. I don’t do patience well. I need and must have instant gratification

28 02 2008

may I have your permission to add extroverted loner and foodist to the list of words that describe me???

29 02 2008
Mr. B2B

Boots, socks and firsties…
There aren’t any words for this, so chill-out!
Next time i won’t even let you know…

@Miss_Tandra (again)
Usually, the just doing relates to me Tandra…
i will and most usually just do, whatever needs to be done, all the while waiting for other peeps’ drama…
and yeah, that whole patience thing is slowly improving, except after the 3rd crappy time of drama!!

I used to be like that then i realised that peeps are all full of themselves…

Welcome By…
Yeah, it’s all good, i recently done plagiarised a whole dramatistikal post!
so, sure knock ’em out…
Didn’t know there were other peeps in both the Extrovert-ed_Loner Categories, and Food-ist too

Thanks for dropping by then..
Will no doubt pass by your joint!

29 02 2008

repeat delays… so understand that. but still some things are worth waiting for even after the 5th delay…

a foodist… lol… need to go try out the brownies at spurs… heavenly!

29 02 2008
Queen of My Castle

LMAO!!!! This was quite funny, and insightful as well. Read Kissyfur’s and found myself looking in a mirror, read yours and found myself pondering the delicate relationship between men and food. LOL I feel you in the whole Extrovert-ed Loner.

29 02 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

some things best be worth it… esp after the 5th session

Hey you…
it’s bin a minute huh!
Cheers on the kudos… Funny/ Insightful
about Kissyfur’s, well i went and re-read it after whatchu sed..
i think you’ll find my drama there too
and yeah, the whole extroverted-loner thing is more and more me everyday!

4 03 2008

mr b2b, i need to learn how to tag hellllllp holla back

5 03 2008

wordpress keeps chewing ma comments.i have given up on trying.Just know that i had something smart to say but after 3trials i gave up.

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