3 03 2008

Well, to be honest, i didn’t expect to really leave Tumwi eating out the dust from my expectant awards, but hey… Major Congratulations to Her, Him, and the rest of them who managed to get a look-in at the UBOB-Awards…. These are my first awards, so i will not make the mistake of putting me’self anywhere’s unless i can’t really help it!!

These are the categories that we at the Back2BasiksBlog came up with…

Sockies of the year:

Dependant on the number sockies on mine, Baz’s, Cheri’s, Tumwi’s, Tandra’s,

Most consistent blogger:

Dependant on keeping with his or her tag line

Most frequent blogger:

Who always manages to blog more than just the basik, and keep us entertained

Most regular visitor:

One who’s comments are usually on almost everyone’s blog

Deepest blogger:

That who always manages to find some deep shyte to blog about… e.g Politiks, Relationships, self-drama, his or her cat…

Lousiest blogger:

For major inconsistency, and making us get ticked off for being interesting and never ever keeping in-tune with the word post

Most hilarious blogger:

Nuff sed…

The one with the most bloggers on the blog-roll..

The blogger(s) who we all don’t know about…

The blogger who everyone thinks is the hottest: i.e. in terms of looks at the U-BHH

The blogger who everyone wants to go on a date with

The blogger who sounds like his or her fiction is very truthful

The blogger who everyone would want to pick his or her mind

And finally, the most opinionated blogger

Please put up all your nominations and we all see for ourselves who we think is what or where-ever…

I shall start with mine.


Magoo closely followed by Miss Tandra-licious

Keeping with her tagline,

Both Sy, i.e being a Mommy, Aivan’s nadayada words on a blog drama, and Miss Tandra’s born out of a conversation, though…. She was soo not the drama a while ago

Most regular blogger

Has got to be The Insomniac of Ugandan Origin

Deepest Blogger, I heard he stopped, but I heard Iwaya, was deep…. So too was/is Dante

For Lousiest Blogger

I would put, Lucy, PetesMomz and Kissyfur for going off the boil.. and when Heaven was doing exams…. too

Most Hilarious:

Well, Baz and Me’self for being hilarious would take the cake(s)

Cheri, must have the most on the blogroll

The blogger who we all don’t know about is Chris Baraka…, oh and Antipop, oh yeah plus Minty

Everyone really thinks Cheri, Dee, Duksey, and yeah Insomniac are hott

About dating, I am guessing Aivan would fit the bill… excuse the pun too

And yeah, Again Aivan’s posts seem to be closer to real life than fiction, especially when he puts the word fiction as the category..

The blogger who we would all want to pick his or her mind is…. Wait, there are two:

27th-Comrade and yeah

Sy-Bella, ok and The Phantom…. Plus er Mr.B2B (naah, just blowing a trumpet here)

The most opinionated blogger is kinda tricky to say… Cheri, Carlo, Duksey, and again The Insomniac of Ugandan Origin keeps coming up… She’s everywhere

See y’all on the other side with Tandra doing the sockies thingie… Yeah, Magoo, your game done tripped!!

mbu these boots ……



39 responses

3 03 2008

‘ang on…where these peeps being praised be?

3 03 2008

And damn, why the heck do people want these boots and socks? The boots stink, have fungus in them and the socks are well ventilated, more hole thank sock!

3 03 2008

And damn, why the heck do people want these boots and socks? The boots stink, have fungus in them and the socks are well ventilated, more hole than sock!

3 03 2008

Haha on giving yourself an award. Haha.

Gwe, but for real, the blog awards were rigged. I bought everyone off. I tried to send you a ka-envelope, but it wasn’t basik enough. 😉

3 03 2008
Mr. B2B

@TheIntelligensiaNetwork i.e31337t
They are right there at the first annual Basiks awards…

@31337t again
You are just a newbie, you wouldn’t understand…
ask Cheri, Duksey, Heaven, Magoo, Tandra, and yeah me’self too..

as above

i think i almost received that envelope…
It was truly A_little_less_basik_than_most!!

Rigged huh, and i was there wondering why??

3 03 2008

I know Chris Baraka. The guy is fake.

3 03 2008

“I categorically state that the elections were not rigged.”
There, I have done my duty as the electoral commission.

3 03 2008

Thank you Sam for that comment.

Mr. Back2Basics, I would put Samantha for lousiest blogger.

3 03 2008

And I would put Chris Baraka for the most boring blogger.

3 03 2008

You missed Kenyanchick on lousiest blogger. She chucked us. And Dante is deep? Wow!

3 03 2008

Most hilarious, I would put Baz and Esquire.

The blogger who everyone would want to pick his mind, I would put Rev, Iwaya and Esquire.

Most uninhibited blogger, I would put Dennis Matanda.

3 03 2008

For the blogger who everyone would want to pick his mind, I would put Ivan. The way he blogs on anything, even the most ordinary and making it sound interesting in quite a feat!

3 03 2008

Most hilarious, I would put Baz and Ivan.

3 03 2008

Lol…B2B, u had to give yaself an award? And Magoo won sokies award???? Where is Tandra..these polls have been rigged.

True about the hilarious blogger.

Who is chris Baraka? And I know Minty! Even Antipop!

Petesmomz, KC, Jay, Lissing Mink, JKB, Kanyana, Ninsiima, Minega, Ray, Echwalu…man, there are so many bloggers who deserted us!

Wat, I have the longest blogroll? hehe

I am opinionated???huh?

3 03 2008

Oh, I picked Esquire’s, Ivan’s, Rev’s, Baz’s and Magoo’s collective head! Really interesting finds. Believe me, Einstein left an heir!

4 03 2008
Mr. B2B

I really don’t know nada about a one Chris Baraka

The jury is still out on that especially after Tumwi’s Confession(s)

@Chris Baraka
I insist, i don’t know squat…

Where’s all the beef for Chris coming from?

KC must have home issues to deal with….
Dante…. i was just speculating…
and the you er… went ahead and er….
Accepted without criticizing

Thanks for them nominations…
we shall do the head-count and tally and get PwC to announce the audited results

You do have a point there…
Aivan’s mind must be er…
Anyway, who really knows…

True True
What about a certain Mr. B2B

@The Butter Cookie herself.. aka Cheri…
Thanks for all your nominations…
i am with you on many of them…
Yeah, you are opinionated…
In a cool sorta way!!

Einstein left an HEIR!!
You hanged out with Einstein!!

@The Rest..
I am getting PricewaterhouseCoopers on board…
Tho with my very Basik Salary, i don’t know if might be able to retain their services…
might have to ask Tumwi for that er envelope!!!

4 03 2008

oooh… i like this

4 03 2008


Sockies… have to go to Tandra

Most frequent blogger… the T’s, Tandra and Tumwi

Deepest blogger… you are right about Iwaya

Hottest blogger… Mr.B2B, what with being hit on at U BHH

Blogger to go on a date with & want to pick his mind… 27th Comrade

Opinionated blogger… definately Tumwi

Lousiest blogger… Petesmama & Dante, hands down!

4 03 2008

So i aks what is with these boots, and then socks? Since there is a prize to be won in this category, i shall attempt to collect as many of them as humanely possible!

4 03 2008

This is going to the polls? Here goes:
Sockies of the year: true, Magoo and Tandra. They took over 27th.
Most consistent blogger: true, Sy. And Tandra.
Most frequent blogger: Tumwi. Tandra too. (Eh but Tandra is oppressing us!)
Most regular visitor: Definitely 27th. When he’d disappeared we all felt the emptiness. A hole was created. And now he’s back so he gets the nomination.
Deepest blogger: Ok, Iwaya. But since he’s gone, has anyone been to Inktus’ blog? Deep I tell you.
Lousiest blogger: I already nominated KC. And if Heaven does not blog soon she’ll be next. Oh, Degstar atusiba kiwani! He’s not really back.
Most hilarious blogger: I always ROTFLOL at Baz. I have no other nomination there.
Most blogroll bloggers: Not sure but maybe Jackfruity? This can be verified though, someone count.
Blogger we don’t know about: Phantom anyone? And who is the African King? GUG!
Hottest blogger: For argument’s sake, Cheri? LOL. Temunkuba! Especially Magoo.
Most dateable blogger: Iwaya. I’m officially asking him out. If he ever returns.
True fiction: Innocent (LOL). But I know him and I know it’s all made up (well, I think I do) but it still sounds real. And Tumwi’s fact seems like fiction. Interesting life I guess.
Blogger whose mind I’d like to pick: Antipop. Where does she find all those ‘losers’? Would she consider . . . nah.
Most opinionated blogger: Scarlett Lion. Or maybe cuz she’s a journalist and that’s what they do. But she’s got pretty interesting and opinionated posts.
Eh, sorry for blogging in your comments!

4 03 2008

mr b2b, so some of us are unrated???????????? besides i would have the longest blogroll only if i knew how to roll it out lol.but well, since there are no cash prizes, who cares. mr b2b, i blame u for having me all sweet and sour in one bit. take care holla back

4 03 2008

ok best new comer would suit me just fine. ok add promising new comer, or…something. holla back

5 03 2008

is this legal?

jus messing
would have voted but i hvent aclue of most of them, maybe one day i will cheers to the winners

5 03 2008

Im among the lousy ones? A gal disappears for a month and she is doomed like this??????

5 03 2008


5 03 2008

hmmm…interesting indeed…
Guess what people I know antipop so anyone who wants to know her pass the envelop.Am gona ask her about those losers and get back to you guys.
@tumwi; I never got that envelop, is it too late?
Ivan seems like a character in one of those thriller novels makes me wana pick his brain too.
Dante and Iwaya are so deep, kind of remind me about the kind of guy I fantasized about dating way back before I got back to the reality that it must have been the romance novels.
My man b2b we come a long way so yeah i know you are hilarious

6 03 2008

i have ha’had you!!!!
wait when i get time bulungi!!!!ama make a come back and make a post in ur comments space

6 03 2008
Be silent

He he he so much for creativity

10 03 2008

tisnt too late ,right???

the person i wld really like to brain pick is in Nathan as in awesome Nate. There be many layers there altho i suspect i wld get a dress the crush thingy is on the low low 😀

10 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Nope it ain’t too late…
though i will put up the winners at the end of today, Monday 10th March 2008

10 03 2008

there should be an award for people that have never missed UBHH.

Ofcourse the award would automatically go to Dee and Ivan…and another award to Dee for being there before anyone on all those occassions.

12 03 2008

To be fair Heaven, I have missed one BHH. And Yeah, Cheri knows Einstein. They play chess every saturday evening. And that depth thing is debatable…And people, my brain is sitting in a corner some place trying to make sense of the world..It feels so good to be back

22 04 2008
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11 09 2008

i missed this post!!!!!!!!! and i see i was anonymous then! tx for the nod. i wonder what category i would fit in now…blogger who runs around tables at BHH?

24 10 2008
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28 10 2008

Every thing must be contested, if not for the truth of contesting, for the fun of it! Wacha!!! Sshhyaa…who established the UBC (Uganda Blog Council) to determine who gets what? Was there a proposal, meetings, panels etc etc …..Temangalo should be a lesson…

19 01 2009
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19 01 2009

…uh huh?
easy does it 🙂

23 02 2009
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