The Real Back2Basics Awards….

11 03 2008

Anyways, after some careful checking and re-checking our bank balance(s), we realized that hiring PwC-Uganda wouldn’t really work out properly… So we got
PKF-East Africa
to do it instead…

They prescribed a uneek financing plan whereby if Dee can allow them to audit the UBOB awards, then they shall do us a Free Extra Service by even hooking us up with some ladies down at African Woman and promote all the female bloggers in Uganda…

Here are the results

Sockies of the year:


Most consistent blogger:
(Dependant on keeping with his or her tag line)

Edge of Innocence formerly known as Nadayada,  aka Aivan, and formerly known as Coinhasfish200 blah-zi-blah

Most frequent blogger: (who always manages to blog more than that basic, and keep us entertained)

The Insomniac of Ugandan Origin

Most regular visitor: (one who’s comments are usually on almost everyone’s blog)


Deepest blogger: (One who always manages to find some deep is to blog about)

Iwaya and also Ish

Lousiest blogger: (for major inconsistency, and making us get ticked off for being interesting and never ever keeping in-tune with the word post)


Most hilarious blogger:


The one with the bloggers most on the blog-roll..


The blogger(s) who we all don’t know about…

The African King, aka Chris Baraka

Though there were a few shouts for Antipop, and GayUG 

The blogger who everyone thinks is the hottest

Female: Cheri, tho this was strictly for arguments sake, tho’ Duksey is also hott

Male: Mbu Mr. B2B , though personally, as a guy, i really can’tbe saying who the hottest male blogger is….

The blogger who everyone wants to go on a date with

Iwaya, and Rev

The blogger who sounds like his or her fiction is very truthful

Tumwi, and Aivan

The blogger who everyone would want to pick his or her mind

The Edge of Innocence, plus Rev, and Tumwi

And finally, the most opinionated blogger

Tumwijuke, so as you can see….

she’s all over the Real Back2Basiks Blog Awards….

so it is almost a true reflection of all them, organised awards, at The_Kampalan….

There were some other nominations that really didn’t need PKF to come in…. like er the earliest at the U-BHH, and also the blogger who never misses U-BHH, and that was won hands down by er Dee


Had promised to do this by end of day yesterday, but PKF-EA offered us a discount by doing an exemplary broking deal with African Woman




18 responses

11 03 2008


how come magoo didnt make it??? is al i wanna know…. hottest male blogger…questionable ((falls off chair laughing)))

11 03 2008


11 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Boots are a given to you Tandra…

Welcome by!
What dyu mean huh!

11 03 2008

This looks about right……

11 03 2008

Okay, I wanna shake off that “hot” tag but it seems harder than ever.

That thing with Magoo was a joke people!!! Carlo, Dee, BS, Duksey, Tumwi take the hot crown. Bambi.. Even Mr. B2B and Rev!

And Magoo. And Baz. And Foxy. And GUG.

Shit, I just may have to put my blog roll here…

11 03 2008

I so totally disagree! Cheri has 55 blogs on her roll, Rebeccah has 80. Or was it 101? But then again there was no criteria for elections. And also these are B2B awards so you can award who you want. But, isn’t it cheating to give yourself an award? I know you’re hot but . . .

11 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Ok so be it…

I hear you

You have a point…
it’s just that i didn’t click on her feed to see it the blogroll…
She does beat Cheri…. i will mosdef change that

and about giving me an award, that was just crap!!
of course i was just playing…
i will not take that seriously, coz i am definaitely not the hottest male blogger….
I will change that too

11 03 2008

Nawe Carlo…wont I win anything?

11 03 2008

I would like to thank the academy… ((takes a bow))

12 03 2008

am not talking to you anymore. if the bribe i gave wasnt enaf, u should have asked for more. sup mr b2b, holla back

12 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Oh Oh!!
i feel you on the hott heat debate with Carlo!!

Please accept your award at the next Ug-BHH

What bribe…
now you are sounding like Tumwijuke and her so-called envelopes which i supposedly didn’t recieve, hmmmnn

12 03 2008
Mr. B2B

oh geez, i have remembered, the part about you being the newest kid on the block award…
as in best upcoming blogger award huh!

Well, the truth of the matter is this FoxyLamb…

the following bloggers also started er blogging (or should i say the opened their repective blogs) in 2007:
Mr. Back2Basics

so if i do, ask around who the newest blogger on the block is…
What the heck, who is the newest blogger on the block?
and of these, who is the most-est upcoming blogger??

There you have it!!

12 03 2008

it all looks dandy… but is carlo your igg of sorts?

12 03 2008

Dee does deserve an award.
As for you b2b you just have your eyes on this sister hmmmm…
@Cheri; quit explaining, does it really matter eh!

12 03 2008

I think we should get Dee a watch with the time and date set all wrong. That time keeping shit pisses me off! 😀

21 03 2008
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24 10 2008
zip/zero/squat/nuff already « B2B’s…

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28 10 2008

I feel some honours are missing… Please try hard not to be like PAM Awards…

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