Er, How much?

12 03 2008


I have stumbled upon this site which shows how much we at the Back2BasiksBlog are valued by our readers…

We have made a startling discovery that allows us to letchu know that our blog is worth a cool US$ 10,726.26 only

and steadily rising…..

In UGX at the current interest rate of 1 US Dollar being equivalent to 1,750/= UGX…that makes us walk to Standard Chartered Bank with a cool…

Should i…


Naagh, do the maths people

This is just a pre-cursor to an upcoming blog post about Dimez aka Moolah aka CashMoney aka What’s in Dante’s Pockets besides the I-Phone(s) aka Currency, aka dough, aka cente aka capital aka funds aka treasury aka recources aka green aka paper aka  what i was looking till just a few minutes ago aka what i will find at the end of the rainbow

That shyte that peeps be fighting for over a coupla shoddily done jobs, and what drives close(est) friends apart….

See y’all on the other side…


ByTheWay, I don’t have the criteria they used….

And yeah, this track by Dr. Dre called “Been_There_Done_That” came to mind, as did an even hotter track done in collaboration by two of the greatest lyricists of all time….

“I_Love_The_Dough” done by Jay-Z and Notorious B.I.G before he passed on…

And one last thing, I found this last week, and I took the time to know that the most worthful Ugandan Blog isn’t mine….

Yet I can easily open an account with Standard Chartered Bank in like a jiffy…

i have just read this post and it sounds like i am bragging like she was, and so was she….





23 responses

12 03 2008

My blog is cheaper than yours, what the hell? Its those royalties from those songs you keep posting, isn’t it?

Cente…in whose pocket? Come on, nawe. Its “just” an Iphone. Its a lu-gadget that sits there saying mbu rub my belly.

12 03 2008

oh, sorry, that was edgeofinnocence that was cheap, nadayada is worth $15,242.58…I still hold the same opinion of the Iphone!

13 03 2008

lol@ ai… u hater! n meanwhile, i thot we cld retire on ya monies… naye..myt have to make other peoplez my tites!

13 03 2008

why are you hating ivan? the iphone be cool… and not cheap!

why are we walking to Standard Chartered? go to one of those Swiss or Bahamas banks where you can hide the mula bulungi… anonymity!

13 03 2008

How do u turn that to liquid?

13 03 2008

Can we just ‘eat’ the kala Mr.B2B at the next happy hour seeing that i got devastating results on this.

13 03 2008
Mr. B2B

What’s with the beef..
Edge of Innocence has no prior ratings
And yeah, them royalties are making us @ B2B fully loaded..

@Aivan (again)
The I-Phone is pretty fancy… till sometime next year, when there shall be a G-Phone for Players!!!

You stole my plan right there!!
I’m with Tumwi, Baz, and obviously 27th-C

Evidently you don’t have any idea about what is needed to open a Swiss Bank Account!

usually, your opening balance has more than just the er one comma….
So yeah StanChart will do till i er, reach the above mentioned bloggers gross-worth!

that is what shall make us here @ B2B really fully-loaded..
i’ma start charging for converting your Blog’s Net Worth to Cash, and we shall be using yep, you guessed it
the fee levied will just be a ka basik 10% of your….
you get the drift

i hear you
Too bad, i already opened the savings account @ StanChart and i am limited to only one withdrawal every quarter (Tandra, that means every 3 months)
so Duksey, you’re on your own for this one…

13 03 2008

Mine is worth the fabulous grand total of $0.00.

13 03 2008

Ivan, no you didn’t just desecrate the iPhone.

13 03 2008

@31337 : No, Dante’s specifically!

13 03 2008

@Sybella: I stand corrected. The Iphone is a cool expensive lu-gadget that be’s there saying mbu, “here, rub my belly!”

@B2B: Steer clear of the G-phone. It will be stealing network and battery life from other phones.

13 03 2008

Ivan, i see. Gosh, corrected, i think not, but since i think that is the best we shall get out of you, it shall have to do.

Then the G-Phone, it will be husslin’ at the corner while you are at work.

13 03 2008

@31337: The G-Phone will be holding up I-phones and taking them for whatever they are worth and then drop kicking them for being there wanting to be touched!

13 03 2008

y’all know the “G-phone” isn’t a real phone, right? Its all software

13 03 2008

Atte how much should I sell my blog for? How much is it worth. Cuz I will do anything for that kind of money…

13 03 2008

$14,678.04…that’s how much u can pay for mine!!!

Yay…kale I beat u B2B…

13 03 2008

@Cheri: Anything?

14 03 2008
Mr. B2B

What did you have in mind?


14 03 2008

Ivan, that’s lame…but let’s see where how far we can take this…

Yes, I will do anything!!!! However, I will not grovel.

14 03 2008

@Innocent: EYO NUGU! I happen to think Dante’s i-phone is really, really cool. You just have nugu with your wanna-be-touched-belly-rubbed Zed something. Oba zouk?
@B2B: Mine’s worth $11,855.34. So let’s liquidate this stuff and do something with our lives. Hm?

14 03 2008
…the words we don’t speak… « Back2Basics…

[…] out how much his blog is worth, then we can handle whatever!!! I will drop the continuation of ~How~Much~ in the next post… and do a brief about some […]

15 03 2008

@CHERI: i assure you,i had no intention of making you grovel…much.

18 03 2008

RBW was 44,598.66

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