…the words we don’t speak…

14 03 2008

I am up,


I am still up…

It’s 20 to 2 in the a.m

I am just going through the day as it has gone…

He walked up to me, he said he wanted to say hello

She walked up to me, She stopped in her tracks and wanted to ask where she’s seen my eyes!!

They all were waiting for their friend who had walked all the way back to ask how I was doing… I do not and I have never ever tried to stand out from the crowd… though there was this one time….

She somehow seemed to ask herself..

“I think I know this guy from somewhere..”

Whenever you are interacting with someone, do you ever notice from the way they actually do not pay attention when something comes out of the blue….

The way they actually smile back at you when you smile to them..

The way they push your hands away from them when you try to feel their body heat.

The way you do not hug them back when you are so pleased to see them…

The way you can’t be bothered to react at the way they wave to you when they want to come over and say a huge hello..

The way they react to the small things you don’t say..

It seems even weirder when you turn up somewhere and yet you’re mind is still on something that made you laugh at work, and then some one you’ve met a coupla times strolls over and says hello… asks if your day was as interesting as it shows on your face!


Truth be told that the way we act, react and behave shows a lot more than we ever do manage to say out of the corner of our mouths!

That essence is truly called language!!

Oops, I meant to say [Body_Language]

It means the way that one’s body is actually responding to certain actions… There are not many people who are aware of this, lest a few mothers I know and some really exceptional people-persons…

But on the whole, whenever you meet someone who doesn’t listen to themselves and their own bodies, then they need a little help adjusting to the basics…

I have devised two ways of helping such peeps.

1:If it is a she, tell her… Your hair looks nice….

2:If it is a he, tell him…. His hair looks nice too

The expected reaction for a She is always the same!

Thanks Then a lazy continued jazz about where she did it and the chap who has oh so nice hands, blah-zi-blah…

The trick here is notice the way she speaks about the salon, he upper body should be moving in certain ways….

If on the other hand if you say it looks lousy, well I’ma leave you to try that out

The expectation from a He is much different.

He will also say a very polite thanks, and explain that he does it on the regular at either “Mukasa’s” or “Johnnie’s” or even better, at er “Innocent’s”

Truth be told that he will be very calm in explaining all this, unless he is an arrogant fella who is gwan say “my barber has increased his prices from XXX to 15,000US$

Whatever! But after finding out how much his blog is worth, then we can handle whatever!!! I will drop the continuation of ~How~Much~ in the next post… and do a brief about some money



13 responses

14 03 2008

Thought i would bag these socks and boots, did i?

16 03 2008

It’s 16 to 4 in the am now and I’m still up…no sign of sleep in my eyes.

This blog worth biz really has me thinking big money… and there is a blog exhibition coming soon to these shores…maybe then I could put mine up for sale and them I’t be worth about $500 more.

17 03 2008
Lesi Lesi

Is this a competition on who can stay up latest??!!

You have not talked about the scene where there is this guy coming on to a chic who is not interested but is not rude enough to tell him so to his face!!

What is the body language like?

17 03 2008
Mr. B2B


Also ok…

@Lesi Lesi
No it is not a competition on who is trying to beat The Insomniac of Ugandan Origin at staying awake!

What you are asking for is a completely new post on GAME!!!

No biggie
Will drop the post sometime…

17 03 2008

hmmm… yeah, body language does give a lot more of the truth than what someone actually says… especially the eyes… unless you have the mastered the art like the ‘players’, like you?

17 03 2008

Body language is what i do to pass time when i find myself caught in boring situations.

17 03 2008

Aaaa, the magic of body language. I have studied it quite a bit and i find it quite easy to read and use mine to get the requisite reaction from the target, its totally evil but heck, no harm no foul!

18 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Especially the eyes..
Still on the humbling road to mastering the art of a player, Sy…
Need a little more time!

i hear you!

No harm done at all!

18 03 2008

lemme see.. body language is something that is defined by the person and what they plan to achieve or not achieve by acting whichever way they do.

SO im with Candy like 100%… and if you take my body language a tad too seriously, then its no ones fault but your own 😀

18 03 2008

B2B, I can’t believe I get to dispense knowledge on Tech stuff… ok here goes…when u get your amount-worth-of-log, there is a html code below it…it says u can paste it blah blah blah

Go to yo wordpress dashboard and find the presentation tab. Click it and then click widgets below on the options it gives u.

The go to the text tab (if u don’t have it…find it in the otions or available widgets at the bottom of the page and drag and drop it into yo sidebar. Then click on that 3 line corner it gives and that should open it. Paste the html code u got from technocrati and then click save changes..

Tada…it shd be in yo sidebar now.

Ndoza Dante and Ivan can’t believe that I also know tech stuff!!!!

B2B… I take payment in cash. I stopped thjose things of in-kind!!!!!

18 03 2008

@Cheri: You have learnt well little grasshopper, now you must fly…

20 03 2008

Try looking at the hands and legs too, they say alot.

20 03 2008

sometimes, the body language maybe misinterpreted. they say, crossing the arms means some one is not interested but i find myself crossing my arms just as posture not that am not interested in what the other person is saying.
holla back.

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