20 03 2008

As a question?

The question here is does money matter?

Well if you don’t have it and you really need some shyte, well….

Your guess is as good as mine…

It does matter…

Growing up as a kid, I used to think that parents used to go to their places of work just because we guys had to go to school… in basik English, I thought work was parents’ school…

This made me wonder why parents always had to exchange really shiny pieces of metal, and paper which would burn with a green flame…

When I finally realized it, I was dumbfounded to learn that the lottery was a source of all them green notes… Too bad when I tried, nothing really went my way… attempts to save and collect some greens to but more tickets taught me my first lesson about money not growing on trees…

Growing up later on made me realize through music, observation, and people’s attitudes…. Going to school late coz of a delay in school fees payments happening once off, watching Momz hustle by herself trying to “sketch a dime” was amazingly humbling

In retrospect, the whole issue of assuming that we just lay back and expect a dime to come to us is a long forgotten dream….

If only them guys at technocrati could find a way to cash that B2B amount of blog worth to my Standard Chartered Account…

And as an issue….

Taking care of one’s money is an issue that only hits peeps when they are forced to make the often under-rated transition from boy to man…

Decreased spending on alkoholiks anonymous, carefully avoiding certain cronies, or just saying NO!!

 Wondering how the Stock Exchange works, and also wondering how other peeps manage…. Noticing that whatshisname was sharper than the rest of us by slowly but steadily being cautious with his dimez at an earlier age made him light years ahead of time! Our Time that is….

Realising than money earned is not money saved…

This could take all Easter Weekend…

Shucks, I have to go to the ATM and get some moolah for….

Again, Biggie&Jigga’s track, i_love_the_dough keeps coming up!



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20 03 2008


20 03 2008

Ok, this is a plague, everywhere i go i find Cheri!

20 03 2008

Ok what did you just say in here? Ama because its “Friday” my brain’s gone AWOL.

21 03 2008

@313333333or something. seriously, do u ever sleep? i am longing for the day when i get to a post before you. dang!

22 03 2008

Antipop me dear, no sleep for the wicked!

25 03 2008
Mr. B2B


It’s all gravy!
Try RSS-Feed!

Oh, i was just talking about a dime!

try RSS-Feed


25 03 2008

this thing of leaving us hanging is becoming…

25 03 2008

… yes that.

money does matter, the thing is one shouldn’t let it take over your life and make it the most important thing.

25 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Well, er…
Got block in the middle

@Sy (again)
Well, you do have a strong point too
Thanks for that!

25 03 2008

Sigh. I want money. Lots and lots of it. But maybe I’m not dreaming big enough. Sigh.

26 03 2008

gimme, GIMME, I want!
question is, “Don’t we all?”

26 03 2008

am with carlo.Right now i want lots of money so about that account again b2b…
Its so annoying how when you are broke is when you need all the things only money can get you?
I miss the days i had to sit and wait for peros pocket money

26 03 2008

i can’t believe word press is picking on me.Chewed up ma commnent.So i was saying, i want lots of money like carlo.I miss the days when i had to sit back and wait for pocket money from zeyis

26 03 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

i hear you!

True True…

Mbu Peroz Pocket Dimezz…
That little moolah!

But i feel you on being broke with shyte that you need waiting for you to bring it!!

@Duksey (again)

it’s only blogger that trips, ask Heaven!!

26 03 2008

I wonder how the stock exchange mess works too…just so I could make more money… but in reality I really dont care how it works… funny huh?

2 04 2008

I agree with Sybella.

Let it not rule you and you can either walk away from it or use it.

My advise… have a ‘lassez faire’ attitude to it and you will do just fine!!.

@ Duksey… Those things that must be done… let them wait!! Its not the end of the world.

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