Game-ish again

26 03 2008

The way the laws of attraction between any two people work is very similar to the simple laws of demand and supply…

Hear me out before you think just because I was a student of economics, and finance, I might get all technocrati on you’re a** and as such skip the plan of being a very basik blogger….

Be in my shoes…

I am walking down the corridor at the Dinghy_Hotel (D_H), and she is getting outta her hotel room (T’was Room 112, no that was mine, hers was room 202) and she was possibly the most shapely female I had seen in over a week and who really wasn’t bothered by my looking at her a**…

Anyways, she closes her door and turns the other way to walk to the elevator…

I took it like the usual drama and walked away, coz I had a date with me cousin who I hadn’t seen since she made the blooming decision to take the job with ABN Amro and live and work in Johannesburg…


We met at the Dinghy_Bar (D_B) and had a quick round of Jack Daniel’s and since it was early, we decided against ordering another round….

We chatted a bit before she asked me about how Momz was doing… If Dad was hustling with his new agricultural projects… and if my little bros were representing in the classroom…

Just when we’d made our orders for both the entrées and the main course, the shapely chic from the corridor turns up at our table and says a brief hello to my cousin… they didn’t dig too much into the jazz, but rather stopped at pleasantries…

She walked away (to my glee) and me and my cousin manage to put away enough helpings that would ashame any of our family members… We headed back to the bar and tucked away couple more rounds (ok, just two more Tandra) of JD’s and then continued to chuckle both amongst ourselves and the barman… (whattanice guy, espeshlee after thatfree last round) hehehehe


Fast forward a few weeks and I’m at a conference at the Whatever Hall at Hotel Equatorial… I had to get up early coz I had to do something for my side project…

It’s the second day and we’re expecting a guest speaker from South Africa… I heard she was very shapely, well according to one of my colleagues from Durban…

She turns up, and DAYUM!!!

It was the Miss_Killer_Shapely_Lady from the corridor at the dinghy hotel….

I knew it was time to bring back Game-ish from Unfinished_Bizness….

So I asked my colleague (Tandra, the one from Durban), and he reliably informed me she was single, just outta some crappy relationship…. And she was with us till the end…

In retrospect, I wonder how come he knew all that reliable information!!

Anyways, I sort of pretended that I had no idea who she was till the next day @ Lunch hour. I sauntered off to her lunch table, with the bigger dawgs (mbu sponsors)…

She told me it was her first time in Uganda, loved the Sun…. appreciated the welcome-ing people, and hated the mad jam at lunch hour, and evening time too…

She gave me her number, without me asking, coz she said I was the first Ugandan Guy to approach her… Mbu the rest all seemed innocent-ish…

I called he later that evening about hooking up tomorrow, and she said she wasn’t doing nada, so why don’t we head to watch a flick (yeah, Tandra, I know… who still uses this)

We headed to G-City but found all the nice(er) ones had already started…

We decided to grab a quick drink at The_Venue…

We chatted, and kicked back like we’d been buxom-buddies (Candy, is that the right word, or is it bosom??) since the PLE exams of 1990….

She didn’t do nada, but asked me to push her to her digs at the Better_Hotel…. I suggested we walk it to the B_H, and look at the stars… (sounds corny huh doesn’t it Duksey??) anyways, we walked to the Golf Course Apartments. Since it was early (again), we headed to the bar for a quick fix, and laugh with the Barman…

At the bar, our knees touched, and when my hand rubbed on her thigh, by accident, he didn’t flinch… she was handling her alkoholiks drama well enough, and I wasn’t worried about shyte…

When I ordered the JD’s, she winked at me…. Saying she had those little Mini-Bars they give you off of First Class in the aeroplane…. It had a few more rounds of JD’s that she could finish, and apparently needed help….

Free JD’s!!!

I walked her to her room (202 coincidentally again) and sat down… she went to the cupboard and pulled out the Mini-Bar!!

Then she leaned over to stretch and grab something, and cleverly sneaked a quick kiss on me cheek….

That was the end of the JD’s discussion…

Then she told me she remembers me “appreciating” her shapeliness in that D_B in Jo’burg

I denied ever having seeing her voluptuousness anywhere…


It was then that I knew that I had no_game….



25 responses

26 03 2008

mawe boots!

26 03 2008

Tandra where did you come from? Mawe, this shit has been rigged.

26 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Both of y’all
i just put this up!
like 30 seconds ago!


26 03 2008

lol… tandra & the intelligensia… are you guys competing?

mr. b2b, hmmm… no game?

26 03 2008

I have,as they say, ha-had

27 03 2008
Mr. B2B


What are you Ha-Ha-ring for?
Yeah, i know… The Jack in the Daniels…
I know the feeling!

27 03 2008

Mbu your hand rubbed her thigh by accident.


27 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Coincidence/ Fate/ Un-Intentional/ Random/ Unforeseeable

Work with me!

27 03 2008


27 03 2008
Mr. B2B

i hear you mate!

27 03 2008

hmmm.. qn. Iz u joshi’s hero coz u aint got game?? (just asking)

27 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Nice one..
i am guessing that you missed the part where i didn’t hit on Miss_Killer_Shapely!
none at all
she came onto me…
guessing that’s the No_Game component, and thus the complement!

27 03 2008

But you had to go and have conversations within your post. And who says you don’t have game? Wait, you did. So heee heee heee. You should come for some lessons on how to have game. And don’t mind about it after the girl has clearly kissed you and remembered your face from a while back. Clearly she could care less and wants progress. What happened next . . . ?

27 03 2008

now u see carlo…putting ideas in peoplez heads!!

27 03 2008

Mbu others seem what-ish?

27 03 2008

Dude, you got chipsed! Taken away. Tihii, she was running the show, you were in the front row. Need i say more?

27 03 2008

I think in your case it would have to be buxom buddies.
And there you were thinking you had game. 🙂

27 03 2008

Mr.B2B..don’t mind Tandra she thinks she can get preggers by kissing a guy..otherwise you can take Tandra for drinks and get your game on..Im payin the first round and the lashttt wwuuuwaannnn…

28 03 2008
Mr. B2B

You giving me lessons on getting game…
i’ll er think about it…
About what happened next….
Will do the wrap-up ASAP!



Finally someone understands game


Now i just have to wait for Candybox,Jasmine, Iwaya, PetezMomz, to say something

29 03 2008

iwaya & petezmom to comment?! uh huh… not going to happen soon…

but is this really fiction? i’m with carlo, then what happened?

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Well Well…
Curiousity got the better of someone else huh!

2 04 2008

Who said it has to always be you to take the first step?!!

She had game and took action… i wonder what would have happened if she had waited for you… no game indeed!

You both had game… seems to me she was just a tad bit faster than you, is all.

14 04 2008
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28 06 2008

I thought I was alone on Tandra, then Antichild chipped in now I see B2B is on it to.

26 07 2010
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