So Anyways, does GAME matter at all?

31 03 2008

So anyways,

She smiled at me and said it’s okay…

She had taken a peak at me shoulders in the Dinghy_Bar when I was chilling with her really good friend… (my cousin)

She also said she had been checking me out at the same bar…

She told me that she thought I was hitting on her friend and yet she had actually told her friend that she’d seen me first… the previous day  in the corridor


She also told me she liked dark brothers who seem to know themselves… are more patient than it actually shows, and also who don’t attempt to show that they are all that!

Hmmmn (again!)

Anyways, we kissed real slowly, and rubbed each other’s backs… she calmed down… (this I know-ticed) because her er…. Eyes and her heartbeat seemed to go more mellow as the games continued…

She told me she likes it when a guy takes the lead, just like I had without proving to be too much in charge, but just being a man about it.

She held my hand and took me to the bathroom for a nice warm shower…

She told me she wanted to bathe me…

Hmmm (again, and again)

This post is becoming a bit more basik than most.. we slowly undressed each other, and ….

Which brings me to the underlying question concerning GAME…

Does it matter who starts the discussion….

i.e. does it matter who hits on who??  who lets who’s feelings known??

This makes me feel like her on a random day huh! 

i haven’t put any songs up in a while… 

[I_got_game] by Public Enemy sounds relevant espeshlee when you listen to the chorus..

What is game?? who got game?? / Where’s the game??

In life_Behind the game_Behind the game

i got game/ She got game/ We got game/ They got game/ He got game

It might feel good/ it might sound a lil somethin/

Damn the game/ If it don’t mean nuttin


Makes me wonder how many of us actually read the tags under which which Tumwijuke puts her specific posts…




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31 03 2008

DO NOT PANIC! I am here.

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

i just put this up and went to the loo…
Just to come back and you’s telling me not to panic!


31 03 2008

yes it does matter… especailly about the feelings.

you guys like to do the chasing, at least the majority of guys prefer it… and i remember you talking about it in one of your older posts about not being amused about some chick ‘availing’ herself to you… right?

31 03 2008

I like this post.
It’s made me go, “hmmm.”
And yes, it does matter, ‘who hits on whom.’
for some of us trad people, anyway…it’s the guy who should do the hitting!

31 03 2008

OK first of all. I am extremely mad at you for not finishing that story. Right when it was just about to get good.

But anyway, I dont think it matters, and I dont even think its game. In this situation I think its just being assertive and going after you want. To have GAME means that you have some sort of underlying reasoning for approaching that person, or some sort of ulterior motive. Maybe there’s something you want from them. But in this situation I feel like she saw what she wanted and went after it. Men for the most part are rather slow. We would like for you to approach us but sometimes you just dont get all the hints that we are interested.

Sidenote – Why does your pic look like you were crying?

31 03 2008

umm yah- it does matter who hits on who- if a chick hits on you, 99% of the time she’s bound to rub the guy’s ego the wrong way but if de guy hits on de damsel – well that’s what’s expected-yeah!And game is simply the finess in putting the touches on the “hitting on” so that that is not what is seems like when it is going on….i think!

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

So, it does matter huh!
Will take notes slowly!
about that chic availing herself to me, she failed to read the non-existent signs that said i wasn’t feeling her

Welcome Back (again!)
Hmmmn-ing to yourself as well huh!
Still taking notes here!

Welcome By Girl…
Appreciate you dropping by!
Again, still taking major notes..
Thanks for the words…

I look like i am crying huh!
it was taking when i was rubbing my nose, and thus the “look”

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

@Eb (again)
Will complete that post separately!

@Kiganda Skunk (Whattaname??)
Taking so many notes, wish i could sit an exam for this?

31 03 2008

Fret not my brother it doesn’t matter who hits on who,as long as you keep the laws of attraction working in your favour you are going to get laid..RECURRENTLY!!! Now think about think about this chick puttin the moves on you..that doesn’t happen alot..matter of fact keep what you are doing..but seeing as you are scared of who puts the moves on who, I am going to give you the best advice ever..take a paper and pen and write the word YSSUW and go look in a slap urself repeatedly till ur man enough to realise ur going to lose access to that booty!!

Do twice a day and you shud be fine

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

Dawg, i thought i was your hero!

31 03 2008
Mr. B2B

@Joshi (Again)
Your blog thing has been protected since i wrote about Dimezz..
Hola Mate!

31 03 2008


It does not matter, not to me at least, what the score is matters?

1 04 2008

…I got game, u got game, we got game…It feel good, It might sound like something…but where is the game if u don’t feel nothing…(I hope I haven’t massacred those lyrics.)

1 04 2008

lol….wamma u didnt cheri (take no notice that tis fools day ofcos))

2 04 2008

Eh eh. But B2B, you can’t bathe yourself? You need someone to help you? :d
I wanted you to finish the story but hey . . .

2 04 2008

I go with Kigandaskunk… that is how most chics that got game do it.

So while you are still arguing whether it matters who makes the first move, the smart ones have been doing it already without seeming to be doing it!

LOL Mr.B2B,i almost thought i had stumbled on a “big” cite! Hahahaha!

3 04 2008

i would like to finish ur story for you. sup mr, doesnt matter who hits on who. but what matters is the type of person ur hitting on. if u get the traditional type like princess, in my case prince, he might misunderstand you. so its situational. my blog mojo is on holiday.holla back

3 04 2008

i hope as she was bathing u, when she got to your ass she gave it a good hard squeeze, or a nice soft/hard slap whichever tickles ur fancy. holla back

3 04 2008

Naye also you. Why didn’t you finish the story? Kwebuzaring us with your underlying question.

Reminds me of myself a few weeks back.

4 04 2008
Mr. B2B

the score matters a lot, but it depends on who wanted what…
Ok that’s crap…
The score matters



I thought you were giving free lessons on “Game” Carlo?
Well, sometime soon perhaps?
Willno doubt finish the story

Not many chics got Game Apparently
i was actually just debating this one out…
No Doubt i “still” got game….
ask Kyana from Downstairs…
and also Mrs B2B

ok… Finish it for me huh!
Go on then…

About prince tripping!!
Tuff Luck!

@Foxxy (again)
Chuckling to self…
Wink* Wink*

It’s been a while
Have a little patience!

4 04 2008

yes ! yes! yesssssss! game matters… a guy can want to just sleep with you but he does ont come up to you fondling your thighs and saying nasty stuff like he is soooooohot so , can we? and i allow! while anothernoe may be sooooo intersted in me and before i realise it was game for sex, i said yes! game does matter! but for the right reason, that was an example

4 04 2008

gosh game does matter….! a guy that wants to sleep with me and says it while fondling my thighs firsat moment is gameless yet a guy who is soooooo at least trying to be into me and taking his time is more believable such that by the time he leaves, i will have so said yes! GAME IS SOOOO IMPORTANT!

7 04 2008

Bambi Ssebo…tuyambe opostinge neera…Tukooye okulinda. Atte nze njagala SOCKS nne BOOTS!!!

7 04 2008
Mr. B2B


@Lulu (again)
I hear you too

Boys, pay attention to Lulu’s needs..


28 06 2008

I like this post. In fact this blog. This is what I have been meaning to read on blogs, not discussions on the price of eggs or the weather

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