Try not to laugh!

8 04 2008

So anyways,

She said she wanted to bathe me…

I looked at her cheekily, and she said it was one of her fantasies…

I was surprised, but didn’t falter…

I removed my clothes…. Yes, all of them down to my basics….

She told me to step under the warm shower, and relax….

I looked around for any cameras….


I then relaxed, as she asked, and reminisced about the days way back when I was a little boi


So anyways, when she was rubbing my back, I asked her if she would allow me to reciprocate… she said it would be kewl….

She asked me about my life, and stuff….

I asked her about South Africa.

She told me about her really nice guy who disappointed her… I didn’t push her on this coz I wanted to see how far she could go!

She said that she needs some time before she can date again…

She needs someone to restore her faith in MEN!!

Incase she didn’t know, I told her my secret name is Mr. Back2Basics….


She chuckled along with me!

We talked a lot more, till she kissed me again, full on the lips….

I kissed her back, and asked her if we could go to the couch; she preferred the bedroom, and when she reached there, she told me she was nervous… a quick little hug, and tiny forehead kiss made her relax….

She then turned into a “wild” animal!

She commanded that I lie on the bed…

She pulled out a whip from nowhere!

That’s when I knew that the real basiks were a little more basik than most

To Be Continued…. [or maybe not]

Oh, anyone heard of Neomycin Cream?

And yeah, that track by Coldplay fits the bill, [The_Speed_Of_Sound], coz the way that whip came out of nowhere….

Now I know why Whats-His-Name split…

He wasn’t MAN enuff!



20 responses

8 04 2008

mawe!!! boooooooooots!!! sorry cheri

8 04 2008

r we trying not to laugh because she pulled out the whip? Or she got u suckered into thinking she was shy, nervous and didnt know her way around the…err…whip?? Or because u got played out???

these just be random qns…. u dig?

8 04 2008

so right tandra… so, mr.b2b, which one is it?

but you must have liked the ‘wildness’, n’est pas?

8 04 2008

hahahhahah…[breathe]…mwuuuuuuuuuuuahahahhahah..hahahaha hahahhahhahahaha [gasp]…hohohohohoo..[long panting pause]…hihihihihiihiiiii!!!!

Somebody got burned! 😀

8 04 2008

Peace told me about how she showered with her boy friend a few weeks but got scared when she saw his basics. Nothing happened after that and he was mad at her cheeky experiments that yield nothing.

8 04 2008

* a few weeks ago.

8 04 2008
Mr. B2B

Mbu Cheri!
Cheri has nada on you when it comes to boots socks and all!

@Tandra-licious again!
Just tell me what you almost laughed at?

Same thing
About the wildness…

8 04 2008

Well, Mudamuli. I love experiments but with my boy friend, I have learnt not to venture into things I cannot handle.

Now, Mr. Back to Basics, you do exaggerate about the whip from nowhere. That was your fantasy. Right?

8 04 2008
Mr. B2B

Rather Whipped! with a real live whip!
Ask Neomycin!

Chuckling to me’self!

8 04 2008
Mr. B2B

Not really
Whips ain’t never been my thing….
Had never tried them till,
now i don’t want to ever again!

8 04 2008

..’rem’ed about days when you were a lil boy? What is this …Oprah gone wild????

8 04 2008

Tandra, I wont take this lightly…I have taken this to heart…and I. WILL. REVENGE!

8 04 2008

ok, i get it….peace told mudamuli about how she showered with her boy friend…
now we know who the boyfriend is, its you mr.b2b.

8 04 2008

hauwu…I have laughed…a whip?????errrmmmm…okie..quite adventorous I must say…and you went with it???

what infection are you using the cream for?

9 04 2008
Mr. B2B


Lighten up

maybe you want Chris Baraka to beat me up!

Stop chuckling at me
ok, just playing…
a whip…
Neomycin helped soothe the lashes from the whip

9 04 2008

this is all very kinky…
tell me, how much is imagined and how much is real? 🙂

9 04 2008
Mr. B2B

all of it is imagined..
Thanks for asking!

9 04 2008

ME im here dying at the theory mbu u and Peace…literally picking myself off the assure us..did Peace give you kiboko???

9 04 2008

South Africa…that’s where she’s been? Is that CARLO? OOnly Kidding.

Neomycin Cream?? Was she THAT wild???

9 04 2008

Joshi & Eddsla, it was not I. In other words, I have a boyfriend who is not him.

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